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Alex Frisch - A Creative Director and VFX Supervisor Alex Frisch, VFX pro and former managing director of method studios had joined the creative studio and digital agency imaginary forces (IF) as a creative director and VFX supervisor in 2010. This was the true example of two such creative powerhouses is a move that will exponentially increase the potential for high-end storytelling across every platform with a global network of the best talent in the world. Before this association both, Alex Frisch VFX and imaginary forces sometimes collaborated, sometimes competed, but they always respected each other’s work. After Alex left Method, they finally found an opportunity to formally work together again. For IF and Alex, the union means to broaden their ability to tell stories, which has always been the main creative force for both of them. It is important to note that the idea is not to become a VFX studio but to harness what is going on online and across every platform right now. Alex, one of the most respected and sought after artists in the VFX industry is known for his work with high-end commercials, feature films and music videos. In 1998, he co-founded Method Studios where he specialized in creating VFX for commercials. He became the managing director in 2002. After leaving Method in 2009, Alex spent a year focusing on building a global network consisting of the best digital artists in the world. The idea with the network is to set up a pipeline to create high-end productions with lower overhead costs and to utilize handpicked top artists on a per project basis. Then, in August 2010, after having produced three projects with his new network, Alex quietly began working on commercial projects with IF. Alex had a great run for ten years at Method; it was the golden age of VFX. However, the industry has changed dramatically and being a top VFX studio is not enough anymore. Alex identified IF as a team that sees beyond any one way of telling a story and the perfect place for him to develop highly creative projects. They have great creative power that has always impressed all, and at IF, the same essential values of excellence and love for the work is present. For more information about Alex Frisch USA visit -

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