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1.10 1.20 1.30 1.40 1.50 1.60

Wide: kitchen Pan: kitchen to front door Wide: kitchen Close: kitchen drawer Close: Spoon Wide pan: kitchen

2.10 2.20 2.30 2.40 2.50 2.60 2.70 2.80 2.90 2.11 2.21 2.31 2.41 2.51 2.61 2.71 2.81 2.91 2.12 2.22 2.32 2.42 2.52 3.10

Wide: kitchen Medium: Dishwasher and Oven Close: Dishwasher Close: Oven Medium: upper kitchen cabinets Close: Plates Close: Glasses Close: Plates Medium overhead: silverware drawer Close: Forks Close: Spoons Close: Knives Medium: silverware drawer Wide: kitchen Close: Phone Wide: kitchen Medium: Fridge Close: Dishwasher Medium: Fridge Medium: silverware drawer Medium: Fridge Close: Plates Wide overhead: kitchen Medium overhead: sink

3.20 3.30 3.40

Medium low: Fridge Medium: sink Medium: countertop near sink

3.50 3.60

Medium: Dishwasher Close: Dishwasher


Close: upper section of Dishwasher

3.80 3.90

Close overhead: sink Close low: Fridge

Man standing Man leaves and shuts door Nothing moves in kitchen Spoon emerges from drawer Spoon gives a signal Cabinets and drawers open, utensils and dishes reveal themselves Characters talk amongst themselves Dishwasher and Oven talk Dishwasher talks Oven talks Various dishes talk Plates talk to Glasses Glasses respond to Plates Plates talk again Silverware talks Forks talk Spoons talk Knives talk Silverware talks Characters talk Phone talks Fridge can be heard Fridge insults dishwasher Dishwasher does not respond Fridge insults silverware Silverware stops talking Fridge insults dishes Plates rattle and shake Kitchen is silent Sink is full of dirty dishes, Fridge begins to speak Fridge continues to speak Dishes begin to move out of sink Dishes move across counter to Dishwasher Dishes begin to enter dishwasher Dishes enter lower section of Dishwasher Glasses enter upper section of Dishwasher One Red Cup remains in sink Fridge commands last cup to enter Dishwasher

3.11 3.21

Close overhead: Cup in Sink Medium overhead: Cup on countertop


Close overhead: Cup

4.10 4.20 4.30 4.40 4.50 4.60 4.70 4.80 4.90 4.11 4.21 4.31

Medium: Dishwasher Close overhead: Dishwasher Wide: kitchen Close zoom: top rack of Dishwasher Close overhead: Cup Medium low: Cup Close pan: Cup Close overhead: remains of Cup Wide: kitchen Medium: Fridge Medium low: Fridge Wide: kitchen

4.41 4.51 4.61 5.10 5.20

Close: Spatula Medium: Spatula Wide overhead: kitchen Close: interior Dishwasher Medium: interior Dishwasher

5.30 5.40 5.50 5.60 5.70 5.80 5.90 5.11 5.21 5.31 5.41 5.51 5.61 5.71 6.10 6.20 6.30 6.40 6.50 6.60

Medium: interior Dishwasher Close: Serving Platter Close: Serving Platter Close: silverware Close: dishes Close: Serving Platter Medium: dishes Medium: Serving Platter Medium: silverware Long: interior Dishwasher Long: interior Dishwasher Close: Serving platter Close: Serving Platter Long: interior Dishwasher Wide: kitchen Medium: Dishwasher Medium: Oven Medium: Fridge Medium: Dishwasher and Oven Close low: Fridge

Cup pleads for its life Cup moves along countertop to Dishwasher, pauses, pleads again Cup drops into top rack of Dishwasher Focus on Dishwasher Dishwasher opens, smoke comes out Smoke enters kitchen, silence Red Cup visible in rack Cup squirming, moaning Cup begins to drip out of Dishwasher Cup drops onto kitchen floor Splattered cup visible No movement or noise in kitchen Fridge insults cup Fridge continues to insult cup Fridge orders Spatula to clean up mess Spatula looks apprehensive Spatula begins to clean up mess Spatula finishes cleaning up mess Dishwasher interior is dark and wet Dishes and silverware can barely be seen Serving Platter begins to speak Serving Platter continues to speak Other voices join Serving Platter’s Silverware speaks Dishes speak Serving Platter speaks Dishes speak Serving platter speaks again Silverware speaks again All characters speak Dishwasher speaks Serving Platter speaks Dishwasher speaks to Serving Platter Dishwasher speaks Dishwasher begins to talk to Fridge Dishwasher continues to speak Oven speaks Fridge speaks Dishwasher and Oven speak Fridge responds

6.70 6.80 6.90 6.11 6.21 6.31 6.41 6.51

Close: Oven Close: Dishwasher Close: Phone Medium: Dishwasher and Oven Medium overhead: Phone Close: Dishwasher Medium: Fridge Wide: kitchen

6.61 6.71 6.81 6.91 6.12 6.22 6.32 6.42 6.52 6.62 6.72

Medium: interior Dishwasher Medium: interior Dishwasher Close: Serving Platter Close: Glasses Close: Dishes Close: Forks Close: Spoons Close: Knives Long: interior Dishwasher Close: Dishwasher Wide: kitchen

Oven disappointed Dishwasher disappointed Phone insults Dishwasher and Oven Dishwasher and Oven respond Phone responds to Dishwasher Dishwasher becomes angry Fridge speaks Dishwasher and oven become silent and still Dishwasher begins to speak Dishes speak Serving Platter speaks Glasses speak Plates speak Forks speak Spoons speak Knives speak All dishes speak Dishwasher speaks to dishes inside Kitchen fades to black

shot list  

This is the shot list almost in its entirety save the last scene.

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