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Marriage Tips for American Women The Marriage Academy helps couples to have an outstanding, supporting and loving relationship, so they can enjoy their marriage to the fullest extent possible. The method that we use in all of our programs is couching, which is radically different than couples therapy. The focus in couching is on wellness and on the present to change the future, while the focus of traditional couple’s therapy is on illness and in the past to change the present.

Has it ever happened to you? Are you feeling that your marriage is dull, boring and without any excitement? Are you, your spouse or both losing interest, commitment or motivation to staying together? Is there a lack of sexual desire in you or a decline in intimacy and passion from your spouse, or in both? Do you have times when you think that your marriage is hopeless and that the only way out is getting a separation or a divorce? Are you or your spouse having a problem with infidelity? Is drinking, doing drugs, financial problems or all of the above, a significant problem in your marriage? If you have answered yes to any of the above questions you should definitively seriously

consider getting all of the benefits of our highly successful coaching programs to turn around your marriage, today! For more details visit us at marriage tips toronto, marriage tips for american women and marriage advice dallas.

Marriage Tips for American Women  

In over forty years as a practicing Psychiatrist, Doctor Jose Gomez has helped many troubled couples to change their marriages and start liv...

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