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My Chosen Wedding Venue Selecting the right wedding venue for our wedding was a much longer, harder and a more stressful process then I imagined it would be. During this time two of my best girl friends have also got engaged and are having their weddings this year. I know what you are thinking and no, it has not turned in to bride wars…yet! My dream since I was a little girl was to get married in the Cotswold’s near where I am from. I pictured returning to my roots and spending the weekend around my wedding relaxing and really feeling at home. Having searched high and low in the area I call home and places nearby I was finding a lot of the venues we looked at wouldn’t fit the numbers. There was only one venue my fiancé and I fell in love with…Barnsley House. Yet still it wasn’t practical for the amount of people we wanted and our preferred date was not available – typical! This to us was a sign that it was not the one.

After seeing Barnsley House it was very hard to find somewhere we liked just as much and the venue search had to be put on hold for a while as I was comparing everything to Barnsley House. We decided if we couldn’t find our dream venue in the Cotswold’s then we were going to look further afield changing the wedding from just a day of celebrations to a weekend – this way I thought everyone gets real break, especially those traveling from London and further afield.

After months of looking online and going completely dizzy searching through website after website we decided on the venue, Axnoller in Dorset.

From the moment my fiancé and I walked through the door we both knew this was the one, we just had ‘that’ feeling and it completely took my breathe away. Set in the heart of the countryside with nothing else around, it was perfect! We are planning on having the ceremony in the courtyard and reception in a marquee onsite with a brunch on the Sunday after the wedding for a selected number of guests to finish off the celebrations and to top it off; we were able to get our desired date, 24 th May 2014. I like to believe that things happen for a reason and this was certainly the case for us and our wedding venue! After so much searching online and driving around various potential venues we are very happy to have finally found the perfect wedding venue. Let the planning commence!!! The save the date is going out this week. What do you think? Also follow the links to get more information about this: Sound for Weddings, Sound for Weddings England, Wedding Themes London, Wedding Staging, Wedding Staging England and Wedding Dancefloors London.

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