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Quality vs. Quantity

For Debt Relief TODAY, Call: 800.656.6204 Wants Versus Needs Unfortunately, when there’s an abundance of goods and services it often creates a cultural attitude of “wants” seeming more like “needs.” This recent cultural world view has resulted in many Americans living in financial bondage. Often when it’s too late, they realize extravagance doesn’t bring happiness they hoped it would. Instead, all of their possessions and bills bring added stress, insecurity and a heavy financial burden. Sadly, the loss of their financial security often leads to a loss of self-confidence, bankruptcy, divorce, and the end of their hopes and dreams.

disillusioned consumers are finding greater satisfaction and fulfillment from a quality of life, not a quantity of things. Instead of working more hours, to buy more things, they have less time to enjoy - they’re taking charge of their lives. You can make conscious choices to spend precious time and money in worthwhile activities with people you care about, bringing yourself and others lasting fulfillment.

Look to Your Future Careful use of your resources, regardless of the current economic condition, helps you stay financially stable and better prepared for an unforeseen situation. In times of prosperity you can remain fiscally responsible and build your wealth.

Time for a World View Adjustment The earth is filled with many world views and you may not even notice its affect on you. A change in your personal world view can be an incredibly important event. It happens when you consciously decide to look at your environment in a new way — to see things in a new light.

High-Consumption Lifestyle is Less Fulfilling Many people are not enjoying their fast-paced lifestyle, expensive home, cars, and gadgets as much as marketers claimed they would. Numerous

Quantity-of-Things Lifestyle has Negative Impact Spending money for the sake of keeping up with the neighbors comes with a high price tag. Instead of owning your possessions, their upkeep and your debt starts to own you. Working for, maintaining, storing and protecting your belongings, consumers time and energy that you could have shared with your loved ones enjoying life. The easy-credit policies that entice people into buying more than they can afford or need, has greatly increased the average person’s debt, and decreased their freedom.

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Quality vs. Quantity

For Debt Relief TODAY, Call: 800.656.6204 How to Improve Your Quality of Life Only you can decide how you feel about your lifestyle and if there are things you want to change or improve. Consider the following areas:

“If we want that nicer home, we’ll work double time and little johnny can just spend more time in daycare.”

Your Family Step back and take stock of your family’s quality of life and briefly answer these questions. 1. Describe your family:

Food & Health 2. What do you feel is a quality family life?

3. Explain whether or not you feel you currently have a quality family life:

The average family spends around 10% of their monthly budget on food: 12% on food eaten at home, and more than 7% on eating out. It’s no wonder careful planning and greater care in how you spend money for food can have a major financial impact.

Simpler is better

Often the simpler, less processed foods are more nutritious and economical.

Get the family’s opinion 4. What circumstances may be keeping you from having a higher quality family life?

Find out what best suit’s you and your family’s tastes and interests. If you don’t enjoy your food, you may not stick to your plan.

Develop menus and compare costs 5. How can you change these circumstances in order to improve the quality of your family life?

After taking everyone into consideration, build a collection of possible menus based on nutrition, preference, and cost.

It’s within your control. Choose the best quality of life for you and your loved ones.

Men and women, young and old, do not “live by bread alone” but...without it for sandwiches, french toast, blueberry muffins, etc., life can get very dull! Read magazines, TV, cookbooks, the internet and other sources for new and innovative ideas.

Keep it interesting

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Tips on How to Improve your Quality of Life?  
Tips on How to Improve your Quality of Life?  

Only you can decide how you feel about your lifestyle and the things you want to do to improve. Assess the quality of life of your family wi...