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Enhance your Productivity and Income For Debt Relief TODAY, Call: 800.656.6204 You Can Be More Productive & Successful! Being wealthy doesn’t particularly mean you are productive or successful. True Success comes from honest, hard work and a sense of accomplishment.

What direction are you headed?

them down, along with your thoughts, your feelings and figures. There’s no substitute for the power of writing to clarify your feelings and ideas. Taking the time to reflect and record your thoughts can be an invaluable tool in understanding your motivation, strengths and weaknesses. It’s instrumental to making lasting changes.

When you’re being productive you are proactive, not

Basics of Goal Setting:

reactive. Proactive meaning you’re making plans, de-


veloping goals, being creative, and actively working.

Goals have to be your own If you are only persuaded to make a goal you will lack the power of true commitment. Make goals you honestly believe in and you’ll find yourself more motivated and less frustrated, as you work to achieve them.

Being reactive or coasting, just waiting for things to improve, doesn’t lift you up. In fact, coasting usually only allows you to fall downhill. w

Goals must benefit you Goals must have a real benefit for you and your family. If only for enjoyment, you will likely loose interest when things get tough. Goals must have a real value or mark a positive step or improvement.


Goals need to be flexible, allowing for fine-tuning. Your priorities may change and become clearer as you progress down your path. As this happens, be ready to make course adjustments and recommit yourself in writing to your newly fine-tuned goal.

Lance Armstrong - “I’ve read that I flew up the hills and mountains of France. But you don’t fly up a hill. You Struggle slowly and painfully up a hill, and maybe, if you work very hard, you get to the top ahead of everybody else.” w

Goal Setting Goals must be in writing. Goals not written down are merely dreams or wishes, and easily forgotten. When setting your goals it is important to write

Goals need to allow for change

Goals need deadlines

Without a deadline, you really don’t have a goal. If your journey has no planned “time of arrival,” where are you aiming for? If you do need to adjust your deadline as difficulties arise, be sure to commit yourself to a new one.

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Enhance your Income & Productivity  
Enhance your Income & Productivity  

Enhance your income and productivity with helpful financial tips from DebtBurst. We provide you with helpful basic goal setting tips that wi...