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Important Tips For Website Promotion With DoFollow Links Perhaps the greatest things we go do for our website with regard to promotion is back linking. The simplest method to get back links is to use software such as Scrapebox, however if this is not used correctly it can have the opposite effect. A great way to get high page rank links toward your site is by having a regular schedule of adding profile links. It is easy to get these links and sometimes they can carry a lot of weight because they are such high page rank. You also need to find out if these links are dofollow type links, this is because the search engines will follow them and hopefully index your profile link. When you visit one of these forums, you need to first register and most times wait for an activation link to activate your account with them. Once this is done fill in basic information about yourself and add a signature link. It is always best to participate in a few forum discussions and let your account settle. By doing this your link has a lot more chance of sticking and this in turn will provide plenty of juice to your site. Try to add these types of profile links on a regular basis, this will ensure that your site will steadily climb in the search engine rankings. Adding regular unique content to your website is another important matter, search engines love good content and scrapebox can help a lot. Adding to many direct links to your site can do a lot of harm; think about indirectly linking to your main site. By this I mean, create hub pages or other blogs or even a Squidoo lens, make these link to your main site and then link to your new hub pages and others in turn. You could even create a hub page then link this to a Squidoo lens then link this to a blog and then to your main site. This will not carry as much weight as directly linking to your main site but it will protect it.

Important Tips For Website Promotion With DoFollow Links  

The simplest method to get back links is to use software such as Scrapebox.

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