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Why branding should be the top factor in every company’s development plan

E D I T I O N 0 1 - 2 0 1 5 | T H E FI RST E D ITION


We celebrate the success of the past year, as we speed towards our goals for 2015


from russia with love

Mantra sets up office in the Russian capital, Moscow


Day One Media | |



We visited Heythrop Park in Oxford to discuss development and planning for the coming year.



Find out how our quarterly meetings are helping to drive our success.





OUR PEOPLE An interview with Appie Panwar as she talks about her recent promotion. 14

Discover what the top up-andcoming stars in the business are up to.



Horses, betting and champagne at Cheltenham Festival.



Mantra sets up office in the Russian capital, Moscow.



As our Spanish office Dabor revamps, we look at how they did it.

BUSINESS & PLEASURE Having recently opened our first office in Russia, we look at what makes Moscow the perfect city to do business.


Start building your entrepreneurial and leadership skills in a few simple steps.

Festive indulgence at No. 38 The Park in Cheltenham.



Ivor Phillips and Rob Cotterell jetted off to San Francisco, to celebrate Ivor’s recent development.

Seven actions to help us all succeed.






big welcome to this the first edition of the Mantra Magazine for 2015, showcasing the


successes of our teams over the past few months. 2014 has seen some great stories for both our offices in the UK and across Spain with some amazing growth and some of our owners now starting to build their own organisations. In the UK special congratulations to the team at Red Seven Marketing who are looking to open their first outside office over the next few months, and to Eagle Eye Worldwide who have had a fantastic start to 2015. In Spain, our organisation is growing stronger and stronger, with Dabor Marketing in particular one of the stand out offices here. 2015 has also seen expansion to a brand new continent – we have our very own partners now in Moscow. Russia offers huge opportunity for us as an organisation and we cant wait to see how our offices across the UK, Spain and now Russia develop into 2015. Our teams have also seen some great travel opportunities over the past few months. Our UK Premier Club enjoyed a great day out at the Cheltenham Races just before Christmas, which was followed by our fantastic Organisational Christmas Party. The beauty of our industry are the great travel opportunities that are available – over the past few months, our teams have visited Spain, Italy and San Francisco with a fantastic trip to Sydney, Australia coming up as well! 2015 looks set to be as an exciting and busy time for everyone and we look forward to you being part of our success this year.

James Buckley - Organisational Head - MMG


Managing Director of Fairview Advertising David Hebblethwaite and Jack Holmes at Heythrop Park



HEYTHROP PARK As the company’s top minds come together, we take a look at some of the topics they discussed.

Meeting of Minds - we run regular

what level. Here are just a few of the tips

Once you’ve determined what you want

Mantra organisational meetings, where

that came out of the day.

to achieve, write it down. Then, make an

everyone in the company gets together.

action plan and tackle everything piece

It’s a fantastic opportunity for our people

Setting goals - goal setting is crucial in

by piece. There could be more than one

to get acquainted and put faces to

business. It gives you a long-term vision

method to arrive at your goals, it’s up to

names, whilst hearing educational talks

and the motivation to achieve it. It also

you to decide which one suits you.

from the very best business people in

equips you to measure your progress.

the country. Last October, we headed to

Think long and hard, make a firm

Image & Branding - we live in an

Heythrop Park in Oxfordshire, a stunning

decision and then get all your priorities

image-driven society, and branding is

300-year old English country estate, now

in order. Things might get in your way

of the utmost importance. Think about

a world-class hotel and venue.

but there are no obstacles that can’t

what sets you and your business apart,

be overcome with a little hard work or

starting with a unique name. Make sure

lateral thinking. You’ll make it happen!

you have claimed it across all the social

Over the course of the event, we heard from a host of inspiring guest speakers,


networks – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook

who gave a range of educational talks

Having a plan - sounds obvious, but

and Instagram. Be consistent about

across topics that helped aid the

far too many people simply wing it in

everything from your photo to posting

development of all our people, no matter

business (and life) without a clear plan.

frequency.. The more you get stuck in,

the better your returns. Leadership - to coin a phrase, some people are born leaders, many are not. But everyone can improve their leadership skills. Make sure you always lead by example. Be punctual, professional and courteous to all. Communicate and listen effectively, don’t micromanage. Know your limits but do not be afraid to fail – all the best leaders have experienced failure and learned from it. A great leader never stops learning! How to keep intensity up - there’s a fine line between a work environment that is fun and motivating and one that’s distracting. On the whole, most people work better when they have some space and time to concentrate. Don’t schedule too many meetings and keep them short when you do. Making sure your team is strong and morale is high are key to keeping productivity levels up and targets hit. Networking and building relationships - widening your networks is so important, from building your own team to finding new opportunities. Networking basics include a good handshake, having a plentiful supply of business cards and listening as well as talking. Always follow up promptly. It takes time to develop relationships from first contact but persevere – after all, you’re in it for the long game.

Francis Colam COO of Mantra Marketing helped put togther this educational event and has been an instramental driving force in the development of the organisations improved structure.





Over the past two years, our quarterly meetings have been instrumental in driving the success of the company, by bringing together our core business minds. We obviously learn from our experiences, which is why it’s so important for us to look back at the previous quarter – and in doing so, plan for the next. As always, our senior people contributed invaluably to this meeting, commending our efforts, keeping everyone inspired, and providing a solid strategy to follow. The team from Day One Media also joined us to discuss design and branding. It was almost impossible not to reflect on our own strong corporate image, which, along with a first-class service, takes us to higher levels of success each year. Nothing helps us all progress better than a good plan. And that’s what our quarterly meetings prove. A good plan leads to better use of resources. It gets things done faster. It helps anticipate problems before they occur. A sound plan leaves more time to do other things, secure in the knowledge that projects and initiatives are on track. With that in mind, here are seven actions to help us all plan more effectively:



Lay out tasks and work - successful projects start

Define goals and measures - nothing keeps projects on time and on budget

with a structured plan. Most of them anyway. Ask

like goals and measures. Set goals for the entire project, as well as any secondary

yourself, what do I need to accomplish? What are

tasks. Plan for everything. Set measures so you and others can track progress

the goals? What’s the timescale? What resources

against your goals.

do I need? How many of the resources do I control? How do I get the rest of the resources –

Manage multiple plans - attempting to accomplish vast plans involves

people, funding, tools, materials, support – that I

managing multiple tasks at the same time. It helps if you have a master-plan.

need? Lay the work out from start to finish; from

Good planning abates the chance of losing control by spreading yourself too

A to Z. Manage budget - plan your budget and manage against it. Spend diligently and have a contingency plan in case the unexpected should happen. Implement a funding timescale so that you can track ongoing expenditures. Match people to tasks - people are different and have idiosyncratic talents. They have individual strengths and varying levels of knowledge and experience. Don’t think of everyone as the same, think of them as different, because in


Seven actions to help us all improve our planning


reality, equal treatment is tasking people to match their capacities. Visualise the plan in process - run scenarios in your mind. As much as possible, think along multiple paths and how they can produce different outcomes. Rank any potential problems and create a contingency plan for each. Take note of any weak links – typically components that you have the least experience or control over.

Get others to help - above all else, share your ideas with other people – ideally the people who’ll be supporting you during the project. Get their input on the plan. If possible, delegate the plan’s creation to people who may be better poised to execute it than you are. You set the goals, but let others fill in the detail.




Mantra’s Christmas Party took place at No. 38 The Park, Cheltenham, a beautiful Georgian Townhouse, which proved an idyllic setting for our festive bash. The venue is utterly picturesque and placid during the day, but turns into the perfect party house by night! Before the soiree could begin, however, a little housekeeping was in order, with a Q4 review and a Q1 planning session, all with the senior team. As with our quarterly meeting, it proved that there’s nothing better than a little reflection and some forward-thinking. With black ties and fabulous dresses in full force, the fun kicked off with a champagne reception and a chef’s open table, serving all kinds of yuletide fare, including gorgeous festive platters. The evening feast comprised lobster and steak – not entirely traditional, but far more delicious. It was a totally indulgent affair, with the backdrop of log fires and the crisp night sky. An altogether memorable celebration of 2014 and the success we made of it.





When you’ve risen so far that you’re the best performing person in your office, where’s left to go? We’ll tell you: The Premier Club. The members of the Premier Club are the top 10% up-and-coming stars in the business, people who have what it takes to be the next generation of owners. They are selected to join by the current managing directors of our five UK offices. But what makes them the best; the crème de a crème? 14

Managing Director of RedSeven Marketing and leader of the Premier Club Rob Cotterell enjoying his day at the races.

All the Premier Club members are keen and fast learners by nature. We therefore try to think outside the box, offering them coaching in areas that they are less likely to have experience in already. We help them build upon their basic sales and recruitment skills of course, but we also give them the tools to build their future businesses (even before they actually achieve promotion – they should always be aiming to reach higher!) and help them build their personal and business branding, especially through social media: LinkedIn pages, as well as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. It’s everything an entrepreneur needs to help them learn, grow, recruit other great people, and achieve better things all the time. And what about the events every eight weeks? The last meeting was an entirely fun one – we took the guys away for the weekend to Cheltenham Races, as a reward for all the hard work they did in the previous couple of months. Our most recent event was an educational one and took place on 7 March at the Belfry, a golf resort and hotel in the Midlands, which has had the honour of hosting the Ryder Cup more times than anywhere else in the world. The Premier Club listened to talks on educational business topics from our other MDs from around the UK, and also heard from other up-and-coming people from our other offices. It’s not all work though. They were also treated to dinner and drinks, a night out at the on-site nightclub (a lot better than it sounds), followed by a well-earned sleep at the luxury hotel. The day after was devoted to relaxing in the spa – the perfect reward for so much hard work. So, who’s joining us in the Premier Club next? Go above and beyond, and it could well be you.



HORSING AROUND “The Premier Club enjoy a day at Cheltenham Festival. �

Every eight weeks, we take top performers from the Premier Club away on a fun trip, to reward them for all their hard work and well-earned success in the previous months. In January, that meant whisking everyone away to enjoy a day at the historic Cheltenham Races. We kicked off the day in perfect style with a champagne breakfast at the luxury Hotel Du Vin in Cheltenham. Then, armed with our VIP tickets, we all headed off to the racecourse and made straight to the Champagne Bar to watch the races, accompanied by several glasses of bubbly and plenty of food. After the final furlong was run and all the winnings were collected (or not), our guys then parted ways to freshen up and change in the VIP accommodation they won for their aforementioned hard work. We were soon back together, this time for dinner at the renowned Montpellier Chapter Hotel in Cheltenham, whose restaurant menu changes with the seasons. We then rounded off the evening with more champagne and cocktails before everyone headed off into the night for a long and muchdeserved sleep in five-star surroundings. Roll on March!

Alex Collins enjoying himself at the Cheltenham races after having an incredible quarter in our Plymouth offices. The year is looking bright!



from russia with love

We recently launched the first chapter of Mantra in Moscow – our newest location outside of the UK and Spain. Heading to Russia next was an easy choice for us to make.




MOSCOW THE LARGEST CITY IN EUROPE Russia joined the World Trade Organisation in 2012, after eighteen long years of negotiations, granting greater access to European companies in the process. Obviously, it’s the largest country in the world in terms of total geographical area, and has a population of over 140 million people, which equates to a huge number of consumers. Combined with neighbouring markets, Russia has about 300 million consumers who are affluent, and a burgeoning middleclass that boosts the consumer goods business in the country. The low cost of housing and utility also put more money in the hands of the consumer, with a quite remarkable 70% of income earned by the average Russian being classified as disposable, which is even more staggering when you compare it to the average of around 40% disposable income for Western consumers. Their growing appetite for quality services and goods is fostering a very lucrative market for food and beverage products, luxury goods, as well as fast-moving consumer goods. On the flip side, Russia is lagging around fifteen years behind the UK, at least in the sales and marketing industries, meaning there’s a huge need for international expertise. Put simply, it’s an evolving market with huge potential, and our wealth of experience in our field means that we can take all of that hard-won knowledge we acquired building our business in the UK and Spain, and put it to work on building a presence in such a market. With a huge list of companies who want to work with us (the current focus being on fundraising for the charity sector; remember all that disposable income?) but without a full retinue of staff yet, our first step has been to launch a big Russian recruitment drive. James Buckley is out there right now, overseeing the new Moscow office and building up the salesforce. Moscow is ranked the largest city in Europe, topping London, but unemployment is fairly high in the city at the moment, so there’s a large pool of hungry local talent to draw from. There are also plenty of opportunities for our guys in the UK and Spain to come over to Russia and really get stuck in. Moscow is a really great place too – not unlike London in parts, actually – and while we’re operating from the outskirts right now, in six to eight weeks’ time, we’ll be opening our brand new office in the heart of the city. James is hard at work, building and training up our fresh and motivated team in the meantime.



dabor marketing

When starting or running a company, there’s one thing at the forefront of every business owner’s mind: money. There’s just so much to think about: premises, payroll, equipment, insurance, suppliers – the list is endless. However, one area that no business can afford to skimp on is branding. Dabor, one our Spanish offices, based in Logorono, La Rioja, has the right mindset. Realising the potential and importance to invest in themselves, the team have revamped everything from their website and social media, to their offices and equipment. To run a business effectively, branding is vital: it defines a business in the marketplace and distinguishes it from competitors. Branding is about giving a company an image that customers and clients can identify with. A brand should complement its target market and reflect the needs of its audience. If a company’s branding doesn’t meet these needs, sales will ultimately suffer.


Dabor knows that, to drive success, branding should be a top factor in every business’s development plan. But sadly, that’s not always the case. Companies often brush aside branding, assuming it’s the reserve of big businesses. Even worse, when they do venture into it, it’s often done cheaply or inexpertly, which can do more damage than good.

In the digital age, a brand’s voice has never been so important. With each website, blog and social media interaction, customers are looking to create stronger relationships with brands and the people behind them. Equally – and perhaps quite cynically – others are waiting for companies to make mistakes. So, when it comes to building a brand, retaining customers and winning new business, every word and every piece of online communication counts. Brands can’t pull the wool over the eyes of modern consumers. Nor should they want to. But many companies don’t realise that consumers now expect to be in the boardroom. It’s an unavoidable by-product of social media; the ultimate contemporary tool to foster a brand’s image – but also the ultimate democratic tool to make or break it. Therefore, the culture of all companies should be to encourage this relationship, by keeping in constant communication with consumers. Why? Because ultimately, customers are the sales force. If a company looks after its customers, the customers will look after the company. But branding is no longer just about customers – it’s about employees too. Big companies obviously have an edge when it comes to attracting top talent. These are businesses with employer brands that most people can only dream of being a part of. They weave compelling stories of opportunity and success to engage and seduce the job market. But any business that plays to its strengths should have something fresh and exciting to offer employees. It’s about educating people about the employer brand. That means developing a seductive brand story that demonstrates a company’s potential. Skilled and ambitious candidates are always looking to be inspired and join a company that has a promising vision. To develop an effective brand story, a business must sell itself as the best employer in its field; a company with unlimited potential. And it needs to believe it. A brand story encompasses clear objectives, an ambitious growth and revenue plan, new or improved products and services, and even a floatation or takeover strategy. So the power of a strong brand doesn’t lie in a logo or strapline. It lies in a company’s culture and relationships, and how it chooses to present itself to the marketplace. Just ask the guys at Dabor.



the perfect city for business and pleasure


We recently opened our first office in Russia – Moscow to be pre-

amazing places to visit. Here are just five places that should

cise. James Buckley is currently out there, managing the process

definitely be on everyone’s list: Top of the must-visit places

of building up the sales force, using motivated local talent who

in Moscow is the City Space Bar, on the 34th floor of Swissotel

have grabbed the opportunity to take on a new challenge. He’s

Krasnye Holmy. This retro-futuristic panoramic bar is shaped like

hoping to have some of the UK team join him there soon too.

a flying saucer and offers stunning 360º views of Moscow. It’s the

Even though Moscow is one of the most expensive cities in the

perfect place to sit inside at sunset and watch all the glittering

world, the cost of living is extremely low, and there are some truly

lights of the city come to life, while sipping cocktails from its

There are plenty more mainstream attractions in Moscow, like Gorky Park, the Bolshoi Ballet or the Pushkin Museum. But if you find art and dance a little dry, then the Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines has to be one of the more fun options. More of an old-school arcade than just a dull museum, it’s a little off the beaten track and some of the 30-plus-year-old machines will inevitably be out of commission at any one time – but it’s definitely worth a visit.

menu, comprising classics and molecular recipes, as well as

of St Basil’s is worth a look around if you have time, but pales in

hot cocktails. An excellent choice for such a chilly climate! On

comparison to the frankly breathtaking exterior. Whilst technically

the tourist side, heading to the Kremlin is the obvious choice for

part of Red Square, the Lenin Mausoleum in the centre deserves

any first-time Moscow visitor. The literal translation of Kremlin is

its own mention. The most famous attraction is the glass casket

‘fortress inside a city’, and this world-famous citadel includes no

containing the actual embalmed body of Russian communist

fewer than five palaces and four cathedrals to look inside. One

revolutionary and politician Vladimir Lenin (though who knows,

top tip is to go and gaze upon the Diamond Fund in the Armoury,

it could be a waxwork), who died in 1924 and has been on display

a collection of gems including the 189.62 carat Orlov Diamond

ever since. Entry is free although there are always queues to see

and the dazzling Imperial Crown of Russia, which is worth the

the famous corpse, so those of a ghoulish inclination should aim

entry alone. If looking inside churches doesn’t appeal, but you

to get there early!

want to visit what’s arguably the most famous site in Moscow, make sure you hit Red Square and look at the outside of one instead. St. Basil’s Cathedral is the marvel of architecture that has graced a million photos with its multicoloured, gilded domes.


THE GOLDEN GATE CITY We all know that hard work pays off, but sometimes it can have some unexpected extra benefits. Case in point: a short while ago, the managing director of RedSeven Marketing, Rob Cotterell jetted off to San Francisco with Ivor Phillips to celebrate Ivor’s recent development


The pair flew to North California to meet with one of the vice presidents of our supplier, the Appco Group, Steve Sapsford, who had flown over from Australia, bringing some Australian owners over with him. Steve is a Brit who joined the Appco Group during the recession. Within 14 months, he had opened his own marketing company, winning awards and expanding throughout the UK, before moving to Australia in 1998 and later climbing to vice president in 2006. An inspiring guy with a wealth of knowledge in his field. Rob and Ivor stayed for a week in the San Francisco Bay area, spending a day with Tony Fernandez, another VP, who’s been a key player in the global expansion of Appco and is another incredibly inspiring character. It was primarily a networking trip, of course, with owners over from Spain, as well as Australia and other locations in the States. In the UK, we tend to work a lot with charities, fundraising and selling services, but in other countries, they work in pro sales as well, selling physical products; so it was a good opportunity to learn a little about how international owners build up sales in these different areas. Steve and Tony imparted pearls of wisdom on managing and training different types of people, giving tips on everything from motivating teams to having critical conversations with individuals. Above all, it gave everyone in attendance a flavour of how the different divisions of the business work together worldwide, and most importantly, how many opportunities there are outside the UK. Aside from all the networking and shoulder-rubbing, there was also time for some fun. James and Ivor had an excursion out to Alcatraz for the day, and toured around the infamous island prison. They also travelled down to the south of the Bay Area, to the new Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, to watch the San Francisco 49ers battle the San Diego Chargers. The guys flew back after a busy but enjoyable week, full of renewed motivation. Who will be the next success story whisked away for an international adventure?



THE MAKEUP OF SUCCESS Are entrepreneurs born or made? This is perhaps the most deliberated and contentious question in the business world. But what makes an entrepreneur? Is it success? Ideas? Money to invest? Perhaps all of those things. But above all else, successful entrepreneurship is about strong leadership. Ideas of leadership have slowly crept back into the public consciousness, at a time when our politics, our businesses and our personal lives are mired in the chaos theory of finance. Strong leadership has never seemed so crucial for stability and survival. Issues of austerity and change are relevant on every socio-economic level, from the food on our table to the national debt. As Socrates said “Wisdom is knowing how little we know,” and most successful entrepreneurs would agree with that statement. Entrepreneurs, at all levels, realise that success and respect is steeped in personal development and self-improvement. It’s a perpetual process with no room for complacency. So, with that in mind, here’s how you can start building your entrepreneurial and leadership skills in a few simple steps. Learning - learning is an endless journey. To be a good business leader, it’s important to be self-aware and self-critical. Only then do we learn and improve. Consider the strengths and weaknesses of your behaviour and values, and how this affects the decisions you make, as well as the people around you.

Creativity - successful entrepreneurship is the ability to generate innovative solutions that not only achieve results, but also improve your performance and the performance of others too. Regularly reflect on your creativity. Are you producing successful results and performances?


Strategy - fail to plan, plan to fail. Strategy is essential to effective entrepreneurship. This means clearly setting out your objectives and instilling those objectives within others. With no clear strategy, there’s no strong leadership. In business, this means understanding market trends, making risk assessments, and developing flexible, realistic business plans. Goals - this is intrinsically linked to strategy: produce a plan for achieving your personal and business goals. These should be both short and long term objectives. Ask the people you lead to do the same thing. Identifying common and individual goals is essential for understanding how people operate and what motivates them. Time - it’s a lazy truism, but when it comes to business, time is money. Learn how to think and plan constructively. Simple prioritisation and (where appropriate) delegation will achieve better results and save precious time. Relationships - integral to being a successful leader and entrepreneur is having influence. You can influence others by managing your emotions, recognising emotions in others, and building good relationships. Keep level-headed at all times; anything else could be seen as a sign of weakness. Motivation - successful entrepreneurs set examples and encourage personal development. Motivate and inspire others to develop themselves. This is easily achieved by promoting initiative and autonomy in the workplace. Change - to take people from where you are to where you want to go, you need to make the right actions along the way. Change is a long-term goal with short-term steps. These steps should always be part of your business strategy. Communication - clear communication is essential at every level of business. Start to master your ability to present ideas and persuade people. This will ensure your messages and goals are understood with clarity and conviction. Responsibility - this is less about business and more about you – responsibility is managing the demands of everyday life more cleverly. Balance is vital for entrepreneurs. That includes understanding the importance of fitness and stress management.



I N T E R V I E W W I T H A P P I E PA N WA R “my future goal is to open my own marketing company in plymouth”

I came to England from India 6 years ago for higher education. I graduated in western music voice performance in Dartington university, spending £30k on a degree, which has very little use in the current music industry. I joined the company 3 years ago in hope to earn some money and pay off my debt, until I could find a job in the music industry. Gradually, as I started to understand the business better and saw other people getting promoted to run their own businesses, I realised that maybe building a team would be more fruitful financially. My biggest highlight in the company so far has been hitting my level 4 promotion and with a strong team around me I’ve managed to pay off 33.33% of my debt. I hoped to pay my £30k debt in approximately 15 years but now I’m likely to do that in the next 2 years. My future goal is to open my own marketing company in Plymouth by May and expand within the first year of ownership. By June 2016, I aim to start a marketing company in Cheltenham and buy a recording studio with professional equipment worth £30k (to start with).

The most appealing aspect of the business to me is wealth and freedom. I’ve never been satisfied with the idea of being ‘average’; like over 80% of the population. My dreams have always been big enough to make people laugh and this business has given me a head start to not be average; to be something more. My parents still don’t know what I do, but when they find out, they’ll be on an all expenses paid luxury cruise across Europe with me




Day One Media are a Bristol based design agency specialising in Digital construction, Consulting & Marketing strategies. Our philosophy is to craft exquisite experiences that build client, brand and consumer relationships. We believe distillation leads to true simplicity. True simplicity and understanding are the core to success. We design and create an exclusive customised range of digital products enabling clients to fulfil their business, brand and communication objectives. This can only start with fully understanding client’s needs and the markets they operate in. Our client relationship is paramount.



0117 244 9356 WEBSITE SOCIAL

instagram: @dayonemedia twitter: @ dayonemedia

We are a small team of designers, developers and cinematographers, who passionately work together to create better experiences and strengthening the relationship between brand and consumer. We understand that the interaction and exchange between brand and consumer is ever-changing in this digital age. We work to build relationships with our clients, ensuring that we maximise efficiency and are always ready for what is coming next. Design defines so much of our experience. It brings order to complexity and inspires real connection between brand and consumer. To achieve something great we believe you need to build partnerships through clear communication and understanding.






0117 920 9291 WEBSITE

Starting in 2000, Mantra Marketing is an international group of direct sales and marketing companies. Spreading throughout the UK, Spain and Russia. Mantra provides bespoke sales solutions to some of the world’s most respected brands including NGO’s, Telecommunications, Energy Providers & Financial Services sectors. With over £30 million generated per year for our clients and partners, Mantra Marketing provides a professional sales solution to any business wanting to increase their customer base. Consumers are exposed to over 3,000 advertising messages every day! A more direct, person-to-person approach is required. That’s why the Mantra Marketing Group exists. We engage directly with consumers - face to face. We call it ‘The Human Commercial’.



Francis Colam - editor Fran is Chief Operations Officer for Mantra Marketing working with people and companies to help their business become more profitable and efficient. Fran has now joined the editorial team of the Mantra Magazine.

Alex Rae - designer Alex Rae is a Creative Director at Bristol based media company Day One Media. He has worked as a web designer/developer for a number of years before moving into more visual based mediums.

Laith Al-Kaisy - copywriter Laith Al-Kaisy is a London-based writer and editor. He has written for national publications, such as The Independent, as well as some of the UK’s top brands. Laith is also managing director of By the Word, a print and digital copywriting agency.

Paris Penny - photographer Paris is a Bristol-based photographer specialising in the commercial, events and fitness sectors. Paris works closely with Day One Media on projects ranging from product shoots to commercial events.


We’re really excited for the launch of the first edition of the Mantra Magazine. We’ve worked hard collating and capturing content and imagery showcasing the best of what Mantra has to offer. It’s been a highly enjoyable process and we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed making it. We’re looking forward to the next edition where we will be showcasing some exciting new ideas and expanding on what we have achieved so far.


As a collective group the Mantra Marketing organisation are proud to say for charities in the UK alone in 2014 we have raised

ÂŁ5,484,182,63 A huge thankyou to everyone involved and may the positive work continue.



OFFICE LIST Our UK and Spanish office list. Please check out the websites accesible through the links provided. Also please be sure to visit and follow our social media channels for future development and updates.

01. Mantra Marketing Group James Buckley / Francis Colam

02. Red Seven Marketing

03. 1to1 Advertising

04. Eagle Eye Worldwide

05. Fairview Advertising

Robert Cotterell Swindon

Mark Twitchin Bristol

Lee Coxon Plymouth

David Hebblethwaite Ipswich

06. Yellow Monkey Marketing

07. Skyline Marketing

08. Cozar Group

09. Dabor Marketing

Ben Sutherland Bristol

Óscar Martínez Alicante

Jose Rodrigo Cozar Zaragoza

David Borras Logroño

10. Skyline Marketing 2

11. Grupo TNT

12. Cozar Group 2

13. Force SP

Daniel Machuca Santander

Manuel Marco Castellón

Luis Perez Valladolid

Rebeca Pérez Madrid

14. JR Marketing

15. Connectta Marketing

16. Infinity Marketing

17. Altair Marketing

Jaime Rodriguez Reus

Gaspar Sellés Pamplona

Raque Hernández Valencia

Eduardo Higueras Valencia


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” Leonardo Da Vinci