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<STREET PHOTOGRAPHY> Un-posed, unstaged photography which captures, explores or questions contemporary society and the relationships between individuals and their surroundings. In simpler words: People in candid situations in public places. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a genre of photography that comes from reportage, specifically from straight photography that was a kind of documentary photography. We can affirm street photography is part of documentary photography, but different from photojournalism for motivations and aesthetics. 1

About this book As the creator and publisher of THE STREET PHOTOGRAPHER NOTEBOOK, the monthly ebook magazine I am spreading the culture on street photography by offering inspiration to photographers from around the world through the selected work of worldwide street photographers. The editorial project counts already with pages on tumblr, facebook, flickr. On Facebook we have also a private group where we share ideas and projects. The success of THE STREET PHOTOGRAPHER NOTEBOOK was immediately explosive and today I can affirm the electronic magazine is a wonderful reality and inspiration for many street photographers around the world. Street Photography is social documentary. Starting from this statement and with absolute conviction that today as yesterday the street photographers from around the world are documenting the life and social evolution of man I decided to launch this project to the end of 2014 and finally published the first issue on January 2015. A notebook for street photographers where they can get real inspiration, avoiding reviews or interviews that you can find on the internet and space to considerations, thoughts and statements about Street Photography. But overall a space for the images, offered through a pdf e-book on a monthly basis. Not a unique model of Street Photography, no homologation. What I want to show through the magazine is the variety of and the different identities of Street Photographers around the world.


A year is passed by and I can affirm the main goal has been achieved. But then I started getting requests of hard copy of the magazine: currently this is not possible due to the high costs that such a choice would imply, from printing to distribution, so I launched late last year the idea of self financing a printed book to the photographers already published and members of our private group. The response was immediately enthusiastic. All the photographers involved in this book joined forces and today we have finally this product: a book dedicated to street photography made by street photographers.As publisher and editor I am particularly proud and thankful to all the talented street photographers published in this book. I am sure we made something important through this book, presenting a collective project, sharing our passion and our commitment of documenting the human condition around the world. To those who have decided to buy this book I would like to wish that the following pages may inspire you, enjoying the stories captured by the 27 photographers featured here, and maybe to grab a camera and going out to document our world.



Achim Katzberg is working in the Rhein Main Region since the early 90s and now lives in Mainz. Since his early youth he has taken photos with analog cameras. He has even collected some experience with analog image editing in his own darkroom. After a work related break as a photographer, since the turn of the century, he is shooting with digital cameras. Going digital the darkroom was replaced by Lightroom and, in some exceptions, by Photoshop. Achim Katzberg is a photographer specialized in street and documentary photography as well as weddings, events and architecture. Achimâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s street photography reflects his great love for people and life in general, as well as his fascination for architecture. He loves to show people in the urban environment in strong compositions. With the support of the choreography of coincidence Achim is composing people, architecture and city-landscapes.






Born in Rome (Italy), Alex Coghe is a photojournalist,   publisher,  writer and street photographer, currently based in Mexico. He started taking photographs at age 10, with cheap point & shoots, photographing urban landscapes, but his inclination was for documentary and social photography and started in 2009 to get serious thanks to street photography. Since 2010 he moved to Mexico where he began photographing a new and surreal world in Mexico City, but always through a documentary eye. In those years he collaborated with several newspapers, online magazines and agencies. Some articles from politics to culture were published for La Stampa, Il Giornale, and he was correspondent from Mexico for Prisma News and L’Indro. He has published among others on Lens Culture, Witness Journal, Il Messaggero, Doc!, Photowoa, The Phoblographer, Cuartoscuro,  and Excelsior. His work so far was exhibited in several collective shows from Los Angeles to Miami, from Barcelona to Hamburg arriving to exhibit his work also in a theater in Rome.






Born and raised in Bari, Italy, I belong to my city as much as the world. I'm a humanist taught with deep cultural bases, and photography is one my languages. Angela Accarrino, Angie for everyone, strong feelings and manifold interests: the perfect balance to reveal myself as a curious, tearaway, untamed soul. After a masterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s degree in Literature & Arts, two books and countless clues, photography decided to draw attention with the urge to wander and give consistency to my vision . I've been part of several projects in street photography field, proud to challenge myself chasing beauty in common life.






Musician, street and documentary photographer. His work has been published in different media such as, Fusion Magazine, Variety, DOMUS, JUS, Bex and EyeEm Magazine; Specialized web sites like Reportage by Getty, PetaPixel and Fstoppers and, also, in print projects like Photosmartphone Book_II, La Prensa, The Panama America and The Panama Star newspapers and, in the mobile app, Live Walk PTY. In 2015 he made his first solo exhibition named as "Senderos Habituales". He also participated in group exhibitions in the United States, Spain, United Kingdom, Egypt, Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, Panama and the 24 Hour Project. Agrazal has worked as a staff photographer for multiple NGO's and international music and film festivals in Panama. He is currently ambassador for the Panamanian EyeEm Community, freelance photographer for API news agency, for Danilo Perez Foundation and the Danilo's Jazz Club. He is also a member of the international collective X100C, a collaborator for the Everyday Latin America project, a Getty Images contributor and head of the photography department at the Panama Jazz Festival.






Christian Robotti is an American fine art and wedding photographer residing in Miami, Florida. He owns and operates, C.F. Robotti Fine Art Photography, where he is the head photographer for Weddings, Engagements, Portraits, and Fashion. He has been internationally published in both his Street Photography work as well as his Fashion work. His recent accomplishment was winning the Street Photography category as well as People's Choice Award curated by Maggie Steber, John B. Gynell, and J. Brian King, for the Coral Gables Museum's 4th annual contest, "Capturing Coral Gables." In 2012 he won the prestigious title, Miami Photographer of the Year with the RAW Artist organization. Christian graduated w/ honors from Savannah College of Art & Design in 1999 with a B.F.A in Photography and a minor in Art History. He taught children and adults photography and alternative process printing at the Art Center of South Florida in Miami Beach. He has been interviewed by Eye Photo Magazine, Street Photographer Blog, Creative Feature, and Chellea Magazine as well as been published by The Street Photographer’s Notebook, Noupe, WHERE, Vieworld, Flawless, and Elite B/W magazines. “I approach my craft on the street as an observer. My objective is to capture society as players on the proverbial stage of life; creating a surreal story in which I am the viewer. I attempt to be invisible, allowing the ‘actors’ to improvise without my direction, as I frame the moment and click the shutter. “ 20





Nato a Casarano, citta dell'estremo sud Italia, nel 1990. Attratto, sin dalla tenera eta, dal panorama fotografico, nel 2011 intraprendo un percorso formativo parallelamente agli studi universitari. Dopo il diploma in fotografia e vari workshop che mi hanno permesso di confrontarmi con figure del calibro di Cecilia Mangini, Francesco Zizola, Valerio Bispuri, inizio ad affinare il mio linguaggio fotografico avendopredilezione per la figura umana Nel 2013, parallelamente al lavoro di fotografo di scena presso una compagnia teatrale leccese, pubblico il mio primo lavoro, Hommage, un reportage sulla figura dell'orologiaio, nel quale analizzo la sua manualita, ma anche il vivere quotidiano del soggetto in relazione al suo lavoro. Ne seguiranno una presentazione presso la galleria Whitephotogallery di Lecce ed altri spazi espositivi del basso Salento. Nel 2014 pubblico e presento, presso la su citata galleria, il mio secondo lavoro, Hospital, un reportage sociale sul neuro-behcet, una malattia autoimmune, che coinvolge e racconta la storia di una persona a me cara.Nel 2015 prendo parte ad una collettiva presso la galleria Classic Camera di Lecce con un progetto sul paesaggio urbano di cui ne seguira un libro, frutto del lavoro collettivo svolto durante il corso bimestrale tenuto presso la medesima galleria.Ricerco il quotidiano, quel mondo popolato da volti dalle emozioni autentiche, fatto di condivisione, ma anche di solitudine. Un mondo reale, alla portata di tutti, spesso non percepito o ignorato. Una sorta di riscoperta di quello che ci circonda fatta con occhi nuovi. 24





David Goldstein is a 37 years old franco-israeli photographer. Through photography he does his best to answer a simple question : how to find its place in this world? Therefore, urban life and human's place in the cities are his main issues. He takes inspirations from great photographers (Joel Meyerowitz or Sergio Larrain for example), but also from film makers where he finds a kind of poetry (as Wong Kar Wai or Xavier Dolan).






I was born in Paris in 1956, and I live there now. For all these years, I have had many lives, many places of lives, that would be take too long to explore it all here. Today is definitely the most important moment. Street photography is inside me and enriched me (not financially, for that I have a job on TV!). Street photography is the spice of my life, it allows me to live with joy, to keep some form of youth. Despite being Parisian, it's not Henri Cartier Bresson who inspires me but Daido Moriyama, Anders Petersen, Bruce Gilden, Sergio LarraĂ­n and others. Humanistic photography, that's my passion.






I was born in July 12 1983. I base in Italy. I'm a active selected member of World Street Photography , a member of Romagna Street Photography Collective, and founder and curator of my blog People_Are_Strangers. These photos come from my three project: FREEZE, Summer Attitude and a preview of my new project BARBARBAR, I'm working on now. This is a project about gamble.






H. Severin was born in 1966, lives and works in Hannover/Germany. He started taking digital photography in Paris and London in 2006. His first photographic focus was in areas of architecture and still-/tabletop-photography. Since 2010 he photographed almost exclusively in digital street photography, for some time again in analog photography. He describes himself as a self-taught amateur photographer. In some photo communities of the World Wide Web he occurs under the pseudonym 'KurzstreckenTicket Photography'.






Ignacio Vara, Seville 1960 (Spain). I propose a street photography that do not focus exclusively on capturing the decisive moment, the spectacle of the unusual, the surprising coincidence, the profusion of shadows, Alternatively, I prefer to explore human nature in its most simple, everyday gestures and even in the absence of them. I love street photography because it mixes two elements that fascinates me: the observation of people and light. I see the street as an unique space where human beings are forced to interact, although most of the time, we behave pretending to ignore other people. I believe that photography always tells about reality, our perception of it and the relationship between both in a way that allows us to understand people while knowing ourselves better. I always work with a Leica M9 using the same unique fix lens a Leica summicron 35 mm f 2,0. asph. I process photos with Adobe Lightroom trying just to optimize the original raw shot.






started taking pictures years ago, but just recently I decided that Street Photography would be something more than just a passion or an hobby. I use to spend a lot of time in the streets and I really like to observe people and their behaviors. At the same time, what people do in the street surprise me every time. This is one of the reasons I really enjoy every moment spent taking pictures in the street. When I started taking pictures I didn't have a specific project or a goal. I didn't have a good camera as well. I was just walking in the streets and taking pictures. There wasn't a style and there wasn't a theme. It was just my instinct. Every time I watched something that in my mind was looking ok I â&#x20AC;&#x153;pushed the buttonâ&#x20AC;?. Now everything Is changed: I'm still going up and down in the streets of London but just looking for a story or a particular situation that could be perfect for one of my projects. I don't like to tell what I see just with one photograph. I think it's much more interesting to do that with a series of pictures. I hate snapshots. Black and White is simply part of my style and my vision of photography. I always try to be intimate and personal in my pictures and that's why in the 90% of situations I use a black and white preset or film. I think that colors give another kind of soul to the picture; different to what I'm trying to tell. I'm using a Fujifilm X Series for my digital shoots and a Russian rangefinder for my film photography. 28, 35 and 50mm are my favorites lenses 48





Street photographer from Malmö in southern Sweden. Member of the Full Frontal (Flash) Collective. I came to street photography through music and I keep comparing the two. Sure there’s the improvisations of jazz, but I see more of a connection in the urban element and the attitude of genres like Punk and Hip-Hop. A really great street photograph has that punch, wit and attitude. And when you’re out shooting, knowing you got that captured, It gives you a certain swag after pressing the shutter.






I am a free lance photographer living in Mexico as of the year 2000. Photography has become a means that reminds me how like me are the individuals I encounter through my journey in this cityscape of contrasts, some subtle and others harsh. Mexico has taught me how truly fragile and futile is an identity wrapped up in a nationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s flag, a townâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s name, or in a perceived sense of self defined by hollow social constructs.






I am a photographer currently based in Paris. My work is the result of the interaction between me and the world I come across walking the streets on a daily basis.






Born in 1976 in Palermo, Sicily, a place full of cultural influences and artistic symbols, he develops an innate curiosity about the artistic expressions. Prior to test them in street photography, he explores different genres of photography: portrait, reportage, reaching expressions results of contamination of gender and visual layers, through reflections and shadows. The images he puts out beautifully capture the world as he sees it, from photography on the streets of Italy, to stunning shots of his pets, to double exposures that fuse different meaningful images together. This path leads him to live the streets and observe the small details of everyday life, whether they are surreal, bitter taste or curious.






Mattâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s photographs are in the permanent collections of The Brooklyn Museum, The Museum of the City of New York and The New York Public Library. He has exhibited extensively. Les Editions du Zaporogue released a portfolio of his work entitled MORE THAN YOU KNOW. In addition, Matt has published 11 volumes of poetry and is an acclaimed watercolor landscape painter.






Mike Lee is a writer and photographer based in New York City and Managing Editor of Public Employee Press, the voice of District Council 37, AFSCME. Fiction publications include The Ampersand Review, Paraphilia, Sensitive Skin, Visions Libres, Glossolalia and The Potomac Journal. His stories are also featured in several anthologies, including Forbidden Acts (Avon) and Pawn of Chaos (White Wolf). A collection of photos, Le miroir invisible (The Invisible Mirror), was published in France by Corridor Elephant and a short story collection, titled All Your Ambition, is published in Germany by VL Editions. His photography is featured in ArtPhotoFeature Magazine, Aspect: Ratio, Black & White in Color Magazine, Visions Libres, Street Photographer Notebook, Viewworld, SHOT! Magazine, Inspired Eye and in the books Black and White Street Photography, World Street Photography (Kujaja Press, Austria). Online galleries at Art + Commerce PhotoVogue Collection and PhotoVogue, as well as National Geographic Your Shot. LensCulture, Black and White Street and Streets in Color.







„Straight from the heart“ Nicole’s photographic work focuses on candid street photography and geometric and minimalistic compositions. Her photographs are a testimony to her eye for form, composition and the observation of contemporary life.






I'm from Northern Ireland. Now I live in Paris. Every day is a blank memory card and a full battery. Photography is my diary, my confession, my drug, my compulsion, my Zen practice, my dog to walk, my rock to roll, my poetry & prose and my favourite game.






Full Time Bachelor Degree student. From the North West of England.  I carry a camera everywhere, sometimes I make photos.  I find therapy in making photos, not entirely sure why I shoot street.  I just find if there's something happening, it deserves a capture.  Photography is hard.  Street photography is the most rewarding thing I've embarked on.






Robert Herman has been a street photographer since his days as an NYU film student back in the late 70's. His love of light and color, and making images that find the transcendent in the seemingly mundane, continues with the release of his newest collection of photographs filmed throughout the globe, on his iPhone using the Hipstamatic app, THE PHONE BOOK. His photos of New York City shot between the years 1978-2005 on Kodachrome are featured in his first monograph: “THE NEW YORKERS.”  His work is part of the permanent collections of the George Eastman House and the Telfair Museum in Savannah, GA. His photographs are also in many private collections including Westin and Marriott Hotels.  In 2011, images from The New Yorkers were exhibited at the Istanbul Photography Museum. In 2013 his solo exhibit "A Waking Dream,” was presented at the Museum of Modern Art in Cartagena, Columbia. He has a BFA in Filmmaking from the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University and received his Masters in Digital Photography from the School of Visual Arts in NYC.











Aspiring visual artist and crafter based in Singapore whose work is mainly on â&#x20AC;&#x153;streetphotogaphyâ&#x20AC;? using traditional medium and processes.






Born in 1965 in Tokyo. Based at Tokyo today. Started shooting in 2008. My aim to shoot the street is to show how the world is beautiful, interesting, wonderful and cruel. By means of photography and through my own eyes with my gear,Fuji X100T. I am so glad when someone feels some emotion when they see my shots.






My name is Wilson Chong and I live in Hong Kong and love photography. I shot both film and digital, colour and monochrome.   I love street photography and travel photography. I love shooting people.   Photography - Love, Life & Images.






Thomas Leuthard once said… “Street Photography is like fishing. Catching the fish is more exiting than eating it…” I work as marketing manager at the one of the fastest growing money transfer companies in the world, based in London but I am really passionate about Street Photography. I moved to London almost nine years ago from small town not far from Krakow in southern Poland. Here in the UK I have found real friends whom he is grateful as they introduced me into photography. I have been photographing for more than 7 years now – architecture, wild life but for last three years mainly people and streets of London and other European cities. ‘My passion and love for Street Photography came really unexpectedly when one January day I went to London’s Chinatown to see the Chinese New Year celebrations. I started capturing candid moments, got back home, looked at the photos on my laptop and then instantly knew that this is the style of photography I want to develop. I love the feeling when your brain starts to think what you would like to capture on that day, faces, hands, movement, shadows. I love being out there with my camera. I relax, switch off, forget about the hustle and bustle of everyday life – it’s just me, the camera and the moment.’





THE STREET PHOTOGRAPHER BOOK If your street photographs aren’t good enough, you’re not living the street enough. © All rights reserved - ALEX COGHE 2015 © 2015 The Street Photographer Notebook - AN IDEA BY ALEX COGHE - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © 2015, ALEX COGHE Publishing contact: The copyright of the images are of the individual authors. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. This book contains material protected under International and Federal Copyright Laws and Treaties. Any unauthorized reprint or use of this material is prohibited. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system without express written permission from the author / publisher. To those interested to join the project: You are welcome to be part of our community of worldwide street photographers 112


27 worldwide photographer in the e-book edition of this collective project.


27 worldwide photographer in the e-book edition of this collective project.