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Alex Korhely-Day Dr. Pearson Applied Journalism 16 January 2014 Freelance 1 For my first freelancing project, I chose to do as my target to see how this all works. So once I went on, I made an account with them in order to really get into the swing of things. I noticed that you could search freelancing jobs for various jobs and industries including journalism, pr, marketing, finance, etc. I found that to be quite interesting seeing as how open and versatile it was for the person looking for work. Also, there is so much out there that I had no idea about. Once making the account for the website, I had to basically pitch myself to my fellow employers as to why I would be a prime and the right candidate for them. I know that I have to say the right things that highlight the best part of my knowledge and experience that would make them want to hire me. Next, I had to write what skills I had. Luckily, you would begin to type in the word and a drop down box would come with countless options which made it really easy to decide what I was going to add to it. From there, my account was made and I was ready to dive into the freelancing world of So once I completed my account, I was then able to go on and search for different freelancing jobs that needed assistance. What I came to notice was all the countless people trying to do the exact same thing that I am. Noticing this, I realized that I really need to get it together and figure out what is going to set me apart from them, especially being only 21 and just average experience within this industry. So I initially just typed in journalism and up popped out tons of dif-

ferent options that I could apply to. So I chose one that seemed to be something I had a slight chance for. So in this instance, I bid for a freelancing job which was writing for HR executives for a job in Asia. For this job I would be creating an article in either an editorial or opinion article for my choice. The process overall was fairly easy and something that makes it very attainable for a very busy working individual to get extra jobs on the side. I suppose that is the point behind a website such as this, for that exact purpose. It was clear, precise and I knew exactly what I was going for in the process which was nice. From this experience, I learned what to look for and how to pitch myself. I now know what I need to be looking for and how to better represent myself for my future endeavors.

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