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Dealership Services Increasing your dealership profitability with every agreement written Whilst we understand every garage would like to be able to have a dedicated Finance and Insurance Manager, the cost is often too much of a burden. We see ourselves as providing this service for you at no additional cost, which lets you get on with selling cars and takes away the hassle of having to sort out the finance side. Due to our relationship with the UK's largest funding houses we genuinely believe that we can help increase your profit potential. We can offer you the following: Uncompromising levels of service and professionalism Attractive terms for you and your client Flexible and Innovative finance packages As we are totally independent we are working in your best interests to help Bridford Finance your bottom line rather than growing the profits for the finance house. We see our services as an extension to your business without any additional cost to you and allows you to be totally up to date with any developments in the market. The vehicle finance market is complex which makes selecting the most appropriate finance product increasingly difficult and this is in addition to trying to get a client commitment to actually buy the car. Using our service you can pass the responsibility to Bridford giving your clients total confidence that they are speaking to the professional. In summary our services are a unique solution to your business as an expert, independent finance resource that supports your sales process end-to-end with a commission share paid to your business on every agreement written.

Dealership Services  
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