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ALL OR NOTHING Gemma Pound 2010 Collection

An Autumn/Winter 2010 sportswear inspired collection, derived from merging cricket protection with minimalist comfort of all protection or no protection. “All or Nothing� is based with the intention of function and purpose, through the use of sports influenced fabrics aimed to make the individual feel relaxed yet energetic in the collection. By applying the padding to specific areas, which appear to be under strain and require protection. For the individual theres an element of confidence and the feeling of safety. With the ability for parts of the collection to be removed, the result is this option for the individual to have all protection for their physical self or nothing.

Capped Sleeve Cotton Dress £175 Cotton Drill & Neoprene Padding Cuff Detailed Hooded Jacket £295 Jersey & Neoprene

Neoprene Hooded Coat ÂŁ435 Neoprene with a Jersey Lining.

Transparent Hooded Top ÂŁ75 Cotton Mull and Neoprene Jersey Panel Leggings ÂŁ165 Jersey & Neoprene

“Shape is all the geometrical information that remains when location, scale and rational effects are filtered out from an object� (Kendall, 1977 p.222)

Transparent Double Hooded Top ÂŁ85 Cotton Mull, Neoprene & Jersey. Padded Fire Retardant Trousers ÂŁ275 Fire Retardant, Neoprene & Cotton Drill

Cuff Detailed Jumpsuit ÂŁ290 Jersey, Fire Retardant & Neoprene

Removable Collared Top ÂŁ105 Jersey & Neoprene Assymetrical Skirt ÂŁ135 Fire Retardant, Cotton Drill & Neoprene

Gemma Pound Fashion Design and Pattern Cutting 07791331934 Alexandra Bucktin Look-book layout design 07753422983 Rob Wigman Photography 07729014244

Gemma Pound - Look Book  

A look-book for the autum/winter collection 'All or Nothing' designed by Gemma Pound

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