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Alexander Charles Boase Professional Philosophy It is my belief that in any profession, talent is not born but made. Although the diversity of the human race allows for certain people to be born with aptitudes for certain skill sets, it is education that makes a true professional. I have learned much in college, but after graduating I have come to realize that the greatest lesson of all is not taught in a class. Rather, it is learned from the collective collegiate experience: I have learned how to learn. It is from this realization I have conceived my core philosophy: if life is indeed a lesson, one must then live to learn. One must love to learn about new things and must always be looking for ways to expand knowledge and better one’s self. It is essential also to always keep an open mind if one is to absorb the necessary eclectic set of life experiences in order to be truly creative. To always be learning is to always be seeking inspiration for imagination. My personal core competencies are aligned with this philosophy. They are creativity, innovation, and imagination. Working with the right attitude is just as crucial as working is itself. It can alter the creative process, influence group cohesiveness, and sway confidence. For these reasons, I place as much importance on optimism and passion as I do living to learn. Working under deadlines and pressure has never seemed to faze me. In fact, I thrive on it. I love getting excited about a project; getting on a roll and staying up all night working tirelessly until it meets full expectations. Managing stress of a group under pressure has come to me easily, regardless of my position or roll in the group. Remaining optimistic in a group setting especially under pressure is invaluable not only to the success of the work, but to the survival of the group. I choose also to remain optimistic in the face of criticism, eager to fix what could be better. Post critique resilience is absolutely necessary in any professional field, but especially in advertising. Remaining positive and personable not only benefits the self but to others surrounding. “Optimism is the faith that that leads to achievement.” –Helen Keller. Anyone can enjoy their job, but to truly love one’s work, to be passionate about one’s trade is the key to great successes. It took me four years of college to realize what career I have true passion for, and it shows in my dedication to my work. A mentor of mine told me once that each piece that he created was like watching his own children mature. To watch it develop and grow from nothing, and see it be released into publication brought back the same feelings he had when raising his own children. To be so dedicated to something that it gives one the feelings of parenthood must be the paramount of passion for one’s work. “Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.” – Hegel

Professional Philosophy  

A concise description of my core competencies, and the mindset I strive to bring to my work every day

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