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Address: 8676 Wuest Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45251 Phone: (513)212-0147 E-mail: LinkedIn: Education La Salle High Schoo, Cincinnati, OH Miami University, Oxford, OH B.A. in Architecture (in progress) Skills/Software (Windows OS) Adobe Photoshop Google SketchUp Autodesk AutoCAD Atuodesk Revit Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign Hand Drafting Hand Rendering

2012 - 2016 2016 - present

Contents: Page 1: Hueston Woods Nature Center Page 3: King CafĂŠ Page 5: Clifton Young Adult Library

Hueston Woods Nature Center ARC201 Final Project, Fall 2017 Professor: Mary Ben Bonham

This project is sited on the slope of the north shore of an inlet of Acton Lake, inside Hueston Woods State Park.


Hueston Woods is known around the world for fossils and one of the most common fossils in the area is the trilobite. A trilobite is an ancient aquatic arthropod. My concept is the trilobite, which has a central axis, symmetry, and an exoskeleton.



- Exhibit Space (~1000 square feet) - Research Space (~500 square feet) and two adjacent offices (~120 square feet each) - Classroom (~500 square feet) that can be divided into two halves - Male and Female Restroom (with handicapped stalls) - At least 75% of the building must interact with the slope - Maximum 60% Internal Circulation - Design Approach - Represent Vegetation - All spaces must be accessible


King Café

ARC202 Project, Spring 2018 Professor: Katherine Setser Addition to the exterior of King Café, on Miami’s campus, along a one way road.


• Access to the existing pathways • Renovation of an interior room.



Clifton Young Adult Library ARC202 Final Project, Spring 2018 Professor: Diane Fellows, Todd Yobi, and Katherine Setser

The concept for this library comes from a twisting that all converges to a point. The twisting is shown in the column, which expands over the entire structure, and in the elevator, which switches between metallic and glass panels as it twists upward. The facades are made of aluminum panels to contrast the dark glass betwen them. The shape is a very different shape than the surrounding buildings. Most of the buildings are made of brick, with some occasional painted plaster facades. Speaking to the local population revealed that they enjoyed the historicism, but would gladly welcome a new, modern design.





Alex bellman Portfolio  
Alex bellman Portfolio