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Prestige Electrical, Inc. 1800 Willie Mays Plaza San Francisco, CA 94107 Phone: 415-559-1847 Web:

February 9, 2012 Cupertino Electric, Inc. 1132 N. Seventh Street San Jose, CA 95112 Re: Pre-Qualification Submittal Package Cupertino Electric: Please accept this electrical pre-qualification proposal on your untitled project from Prestige Electrical. We appreciate your confidence in our company by allowing us to submit this package. We believe our company is distinctly qualified for building your project for the following reasons: 1. High Density Residential Experience— Prestige Electrical has extensive experience in highdensity residential buildings in the San Francisco Bay Area, and have excellent relationships with our local electrical vendors. We are confident in our versatility and ability to best meet the needs of every party within your project team. 2. Specialized Project Team—With experience in many different building types, we stress the importance of providing a project team that meets the needs of Cupertino Electric. For this project, we have assembled a team that has collectively managed over 20 high-rise residential projects in the State of California. 3. Reputation— Prestige Electrical has been furnishing Electrical systems in California for over 42 years. We pride ourselves on our ability to create lasting business relationships with each one of our trade partners, from General Contractors, down to our vendors and material suppliers. Our focus is squarely pointed at furnishing the highest quality electrical systems while incorporating our company-wide commitment to ethics and fair treatment into our every day business. We are looking forward to continuing the bidding process. If you have any questions or need to discuss this pre-qualification proposal, please contact Alex Behringer with Prestige Electrical at (561) 6623432. We appreciate your sincere consideration, Prestige Electrical, Inc.

Kelly Kennamer Kelly Kennamer President


Prestige History Founding In 1970, Ray Kennamer founded our company with $30,000 and a dream to build one of the most respected electrical contractors in the nation. From Prestige’s humble beginnings managing the electrical scope on small tenant fit outs and grade schools, the company has established a pattern of high quality work, on-time and under budget. Mr. Kennamer’s vision and dedication to quality installations drove the company until his retirement in the late 1980’s. His daughter succeeded him as President of the company after working for the company for 12 years.

Ray Kennamer performing final inspection on a telecom battery room.

Present Day

Rapid Growth

With our main office centrally located in the SoMa district in San Francisco, Prestige currently provides electrical services in the following states: Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, and Arizona. While annually grossing revenues of over $80 million, we have established relationships with vendors, suppliers, and specialized electrical subcontractors around the pacific coast. We have been able to leverage our backlog with our conHer leadership and overall foresight allowed Pres- nections to provide our contractors/owners with tige to develop into a lean company with the ver- materials and services on-time, every time. We satility to build electrical systems all along the Pa- have worked hard to retain our salaried associates because we believe one of our greatest strengths cific coast. While stressing technology, Prestige was one of the first electrical companies to devel- is the expertise generated through these experienced associates. Prestige always strives to hire op a BIM department to handle the modeling and retain the most qualified employees. needs of our general contractors. By 1995, Prestige had accumulated projects around the pacific region in an array of markets. While specializing in high-rise commercial and residential projects, Prestige also added mission critical, education, and unique interior projects to its list. Mrs. Kennamer had taken the company from projects under one million dollars in electrical scope to projects over five million dollars.




Company Founded

1980 Revenue Triples From Startup

Move to Larger Office




New President Named

Company Size Doubles

We take pride in our employees for their cumulative experience in delivering the highest quality projects in creative ways to best serve our customers. Our people have completed over 450 substantial electrical projects in our diverse history. Our field team members are constantly participating in electrical expertise training provided by Prestige and outside instructors to continue to sharpen the skills of some of the brightest minds in the industry. Our supervisory personnel have risen from numerous proven successfully delivered projects to manage all of our specialized labor. By providing the most talented employees that have paced the leading edge of the electrical industry for over 42 years, we strongly believe we can provide the very best team to help you meet all of your electrical goals. We work hard to maintain a constant workload that is balanced, responsible, and effective. Customers can expect their project team’s undivided




Major Office Expansion

1st +$5 Million Project Completed

Highest Year-to-Date Profit

attention through the life of the construction project. We take great lengths to keep the same management personnel on-site on your project from the beginning of the electrical work through the warranty phase to ensure continuity. Prestige currently employs the following full-time salaried and hourly associates:

Full Time Labor - 490 Project Managers - 25 Superintendents - 37 Estimators - 9 While Prestige works strenuously to earn a conservative profit, we also take time to give back to the San Francisco community that hosts our business. We are extremely active in charity organizations through out the city , as well as local schools and universities to help ensure our local youth have the academic opportunities they deserve.

Our Mission Steady growth through commitment, high-quality projects, and unmatched client relations. When our associates face decisions in the field, we empower them with the tools to make the best choice for the company. Everyone in our organization is taught to work day-to-day while considering our mission statement. Through understanding this statement, our associates are able to make decisions and take action to accomplish our purpose as an organization.

executed at the highest level. We ensure everyone in this organization finishes every activity in a way our customers would envision and respect.

High-Quality Projects When our organization begins work on a project, a great amount of thought is put into how our scope can better interact with the entire project in an effort to deliver a building that every stakeholder can be proud of. We are in the business of executing the dreams of our clients and taking great measures to get them right the first time. Our associates take no greater pride than construction their piece of a beautiful building that they can bring into the community.

Steady Growth As a private organization, our main goal is to build a stronger workforce every single day. The executive founders of Prestige were taught construction fundamentals at some of the most respected organizations around the country before forming a diverse team filled with field and business experience. Our experience is passed down at every opportunity to the younger generation in an effort to create a environment of associates that understand how to deliver projects effectively in order to maximize output.

Unmatched Client Relations

At Prestige, we understand the construction industry is a client-driven industry. We have been fortunate enough to hire some of the best personalities in the business to represent our interests in every facet of our work. We take every chance to imCommitment prove our client’s experience. Our culture revolves Our organization takes immense pride in the “do around the belief that every project should be exewhat it takes” attitude that our associates display cuted in a way that will have us building every proin every facet of their duties. In our industry, a ject our client’s contract anywhere in the country. company’s construction schedule, cost projections, We take our client’s opinions to heart because at safety protocol, and strategic plans are not worth Prestige, our customer’s perception is our reality. the paper they are printed on if they cannot be


Woman-Owned Business Enterprise

Prestige Electrical is proud of our status as a Woman Owned Business Enterprise (WBE). Our organization has been nationally certified by the largest third party certifying agency, the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). Additionally, we have numerous other certifications from local and state agencies. Being a woman-owned business, our owner and associates understand and appreciate the value that small, minority-owned and women-owned firms bring to our industry and economy. We are committed to including these diverse groups in our workforce and vendor purchasing. We believe that a proactive approach to addressing diverse participation will result in a better company, community and country. Our owner, Kelly Kennamer, participates in all aspects of our construction processes. Her strong leadership has set a firm example for all companies that claim minority statuses around the nation.


WBENC 1120 Connecticut Avenue, NW Suite 1000 Washington, DC 20036 Tel: 202-872-5515 Fax: 202-872-5505

November 07, 2000 Kelly Kennamer President Prestige Electric Inc. 1800 Willie Mays Plaza San Francisco, CA 94107 Dear Mrs. Kennamer, Congratulations! The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) has certified Prestige Electrical, Inc. of California as a WBE pursuant in the United States of America. WBENC provides and manages the development, enforcement and implementation of its world-class of certification, which is nationally accepted by thousands of major corporations and a select group of government entities. Our certification is a rigorous, multi-faceted business application and review process that is conducted by a trained Certification Review Committee to ensure that women -owned businesses applying for certification are 51 percent owned, operated, and controlled by a woman or group of women. This stipulation is a requirement on which WBENC was founded as a key service to Corporate Members interested in doing business with women-owned businesses. Please visit our company’s website at to take full advantage of your exciting new federal classification. Sincerely,

Pamela Prince-Eason President & CEO


Grand Treviso Apartments Palladium Group USA

Oakland, CA

“From the first day of the preconstruction phase, Prestige brought BIM services unmatched by any trade contractor that I have contracted. Their overall expertise translated to a measurable value adding to the bottom line. At the end of the day, Prestige provided the highest quality management and installation.� Jason Sudakis Turner Construction

General Contractor Turner Construction

Architect Womack + Hampton Irving, TX

Date Completed August 201

Square Footage 350,000

Electrical Scope $5.3 Million


Mission Place Apartments Cattellus Urban Development

San Francisco, CA

General Contractor Webcor Builders

Architect HKS Architects Orlando, FL

Date Completed June 2011

Square Footage 750,000

Electrical Scope $9 million

“Prestige Electrical exceeded our wildest expectations while working on the Mission Place. By the time PE had mobilized to our project site, our building was a full month behind schedule. Prestige rallied around our team and was able to help us get back as electricians began to populate our project.� Don Johnson Webcor Builders


St. Regis Hotel SF Museum Tower, LLC

San Francisco, CA General Contractor Whiting-Turner

Architect Skidmore, Owings, & Merrill, LLP

“From the minute Prestige entered the picture, our job became immensely easier. They have proven time, and time again, that builders expertise and motivated personnel can take the subcontractor experience to new heights.� Allison Stanley Whiting-Turner

Chicago, IL

Date Completed June 2008

Square Footage 750,000

Electrical Scope $11.2 Million


Cobalt Condominiums Exeter Realty Company Lunds

San Francisco, CA “Lean Construction at its finest. We were able to follow through with our promises to the client of pre-fabrication with the help of Prestige’s superior management and field staff.” Ray Todd Hunt Group

General Contractor Hunt Group

Architect Pope & Associates Las Vegas, NV

Date Completed January 2010

Square Footage 550,000

Electrical Scope $7.2 Million


One Hawthorne Condominiums Jackson Pacific Ventures

San Francisco, CA

General Contractor Webcor Builders

Architect EHDD Architects San Francisco, CA

Date Completed May 2010

Square Footage 290,000

Electrical Scope $3.5 Million

“Prestige was truly a partner on our project. They developed, priced, planned, and constructed the entire electrical system on our project. Their in-house design team is truly superb and extremely willing to make proactive changes early in the construction process.� James Spire Webcor Builders



Safety Program Description It is the our policy to provide a workplace free of all recognized safety and health hazards. Our Safety Program presents a strong emphasis on attitude, education, commitment, accountability, and reinforcement, under the direction of a dedicated safety Management team. Lead by our Corporate Safety Director and Area Safety Directors, each level of management and labor is trained accordingly in First Aid/CPR, OSHA’s 30 and 10 hour Occupational Safety and Health Training Course for the Construction Industry, Specialized Training, such as High Voltage Training, Competent Person Training in every area of work that we are involved as a company and as often as needed.

Our knowledge of and commitment to safety practices is then internally audited and reinforced by a series of written inspections by Safety Directors, Safety Officers, Division managers, and Project Managers. These inspections identify hazards and provide accountability to see each deficiency addressed. Each employee is also required to daily inspect his or her work environment, tools, equipment, and safety practices of others. Deficiencies are reported to the Job Manager immediately.

Our commitment and safety attitude is reinforced through an evolving safety incentive program that promotes accountability and proactive resolution. Every employee has a voice in the recognition and Additional training is also provided at weekly control of hazards associated with our industry jobsite safety meetings. Lead by the Job Manager and we are firmly committed to providing all emand/or Safety Officer, the safety meetings identify ployees with a safe and healthy work place. site specific hazards for that week and provide specific methods or instruction to work safely. As our performance demonstrates below, safety is top priority for Prestige Electrical.


Experience Modification Rate Prestige’s Workers Compensation Experience Modification Rate (EMR) for the past five (5) years: 2011 EMR - 0.70 2010 EMR - 0.82 2009 EMR - 0.88 2008 EMR - 0.94 2007 EMR - 1.01

Prestige’s Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) for the past five (5) years: 2011 TRIR - 0.8 2010 TRIR - 1.2 2009 TRIR - 2.6 2008 TRIR - 3.6 2007 TRIR - 4.2

Prestige’s total number of man hours worked for the past five (5) years: 2011 Total Man Hours - 1,023,934 2010 Total Man Hours - 801,542 2009 Total Man Hours - 620,393 2008 Total Man Hours - 560,836 2007 Total Man Hours - 550,960


OSHA Citations In our 42 year history, Prestige has never received a single OSHA violation. We pride ourselves on our flawless record when it comes to OSHA regulations and overall employee safety. Our #1 goal is to make sure every associate makes it home safely at the end on the day.






BACKGROUND After working for Prestige for 12 years, Kelly took over for her father as President of Prestige Electrical. With an eye for talent and excellent leadership skills, she has enable her company to flourish over the past 22 years.


Stanford University Palo Alto, California Master of Business Administration , 1988 University of California—Berkley Berkley, California Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, 1981

WORK EXPERIENCE Prestige Electrical President, 1989 - Present Project Executive, 1984 - 1989 Project Manager, 1982 - 1984 Office Engineer, 1981 - 1982 Office Engineer/Intern, 1977 - 1981


Six Sigma - Black Belt Project Manager Professional (PMP)


National Electrical Contractors Assoc. Women's Business Enterprise National Council Lean Construction Institute Professional Women in Construction

While managing the day-to-day construction aspects of the company, Kelly has developed multiple builder expertise training programs targeting the office staff at PE. These programs allow Kelly to share her 34 years of experience with associates who can benefit from her vast range of project exposure.

LEADERSHIP With over 71 salaried employees, Kelly and her management team are focused on keeping Prestige’s associates motivated. In addition to being responsible for planning and administration, her duties include project staffing, strategically pursuing profitable construction projects, customer service, associate professional development, and executive leadership. She has driven Prestige to a 7% growth in yearly profit over the past year in an economic climate that has seen many electrical subcontractors unable to sustain business, and has our company positioned to sustain consistent future growth.



BACKGROUND As Project Executive, Alex provides Executive support to the project from planning and programming, through design and preconstruction, to final completion. Being located at our main office, Alex manages all day-to-day prefabrication efforts for this project.


University of California — Berkley Berkley, California Master of Engineering and Project Management , 1992 University of California — San Diego San Diego, California Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, 1984

WORK EXPERIENCE Prestige Electrical Project Executive, 2002 - Current Project Manager, 1992 - 2002 Turner Construction Company MEP Manager, 1986 - 1992 MEP Engineer, 1982 - 1986 Field Engineer, 1981 - 1982 CSI Electrical Contractors Field Coordinator/Intern, 1981 - 1984


LEED Accredited Professional Lean Construction Practitioner (LCP) Six Sigma Green Belt


Associated Builders and Contractors

He is ultimately responsible for delivery of the electrical project and works closely with the Project Team ensuring the full resources of the company are available to this project. Alex takes a hands-on approach to all projects he oversees and will be in attendance for all formal meetings with the general contractor and/or owner that requires PE’s presence.

RECENT PROJECT EXPERIENCE Mission Place Apartments San Francisco, CA - 750,000 SF - $9 Million St. Regis Hotel San Francisco, CA - 750,000 SF - $11.2 Million One Hawthorne Condominiums San Francisco, CA - 290,000 SF - $3.5 Million Cobalt Condominiums San Francisco, CA - 550,000 SF - $7.2 Million Grand Treviso Apartments Oakland, CA - 350,000 SF - $5.3 Million



BACKGROUND As Chief Estimator, Bentley works closely with Prestige’s project team on all budgeting, scheduling, and project coordination tasks. His responsibilities are focused on the preconstruction phase including estimating, value engineering, scheduling, and design coordination.


University of Washington Seattle, Washington Master of Business Administration , 1995 Arizona State University Tempe, Arizona Bachelor of Science in Construction Management, 1988

WORK EXPERIENCE Prestige Electrical Chief Estimator, 2003 - Current Estimating Manager 1997 - 2003 Estimating Engineer, 1995 - 1997 Bass Electric Estimating Engineer, 1988 - 1995 Estimating Intern, 1986 - 1988


Bentley collaborates with our design engineers and preconstruction and project management team to solicit and evaluate proposals from the electrical systems vendors. He evaluates delivery durations, performs options analysis, and makes recommendations to the team to support the design.

RECENT PROJECT EXPERIENCE St. Regis Hotel San Francisco, CA - 750,000 SF - $11.2 Million Hermitage Plaza San Jose, CA - 825,000 SF - $10.6 Million

LEED Accredited Professional Project Management Professional (PMP) Certified Construction Manager (CCM)

One Hawthorne Condominiums San Francisco, CA - 290,000 SF - $3.5 Million


Hilton Parc Soliel — Hilton Vacation Club San Diego, CA - 360,000 - $4.5 Million

USGBC Lean Construction Institute Associated Builders and Contractors Kiwanis International




EDUCATION Washington State University Pullman, Washington Bachelor of Science in Construction Management, 1994

WORK EXPERIENCE Prestige Electrical Project Manager, 2001 - Current Office Engineer, 1996 – 2001 Field Engineer, 1994 - 1996 Rosendin Electric Project Management Intern, 1991-1994


As Project Manager, Drew manages our team throughout preconstruction and construction and is the daily, on-site associate. He serves as the focal point for all communications. During preconstruction, he works closely with the general contractor and architect to ensure timely completion of all estimating and value engineering and scheduling services. During construction, he provides daily on-site management from electrical kick-off through final completion of the project. Drew is responsible for all administrative functions and works closely with the project superintendent. He is the point man for all project related issues during all phases of the construction project.

RECENT PROJECT EXPERIENCE Tuntex Tower San Francisco, CA - 600,000 SF - $7.8 Million

LEED Accredited Professional Lean Construction Practitioner (LCP) Certified Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP) Construction Hazard Prevention Certification

St. Regis Hotel San Francisco, CA - 750,000 SF - $11.2 Million


Cobalt Condominiums San Francisco, CA - 550,000 SF - $7.2 Million

USGBC Lean Construction Institute Associated Builders and Contractors Knights of Columbus - San Francisco

South City Square Condominiums San Francisco, CA - 375,000 SF - $4.9 Million



BACKGROUND After 18 proven years in the electrical engineering field, Wesley has developed numerous successful electrical design tasks. As our in-house engineer, in addition to any job tasks, he assists Prestige with any work that requires an Professional Engineer.


Stanford University Palo Alto, California Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering , 1995

WORK EXPERIENCE Prestige Electrical Project Engineer, 2003 - Current Senior Engineering Assistant, 1999 - 2003 Engineering Assistant, 1998 - 1999 Bergelectric Corporation Engineering Assistant, 1995 - 1998 Engineering Intern, 1993 - 1995


Professional Electrical Engineer (PE)


American Society of Electrical Engineers California Engineering Society Pacific Engineers Alliance Lions Club International

When on-site, Wesley provides conceptual design reviews and schedule development, oversees the MEP system estimating, value analysis, life cycle review and cost benefit analysis. Upon completion of the electrical installation, Wesley supports the commissioning and close-out process and confirms the building’s electrical performance. He will sit in all electrical design meetings to ensure continuity on the project’s installation.

RECENT PROJECT EXPERIENCE Hermitage Plaza San Jose, CA - 825,000 SF - $10.6 Million Hilton Parc Soliel — Hilton Vacation Club San Diego, CA - 360,000 - $4.5 Million One South Dearborn Apartments Oakland, CA - 285,000 - $3.5 Million Candlestick Apartments Renovation San Francisco, CA - 450,000 SF - $4.1 Million




EDUCATION Oregon State University Corvallis, Oregon Bachelor of Science in Construction Management, 1994

WORK EXPERIENCE Prestige Electrical Project Superintendent, 1989 - Current Assistant Superintendent, 1996 - 1999 Field Engineer, 1995 - 1996 Office Engineer, 1994 - 1995 Helix Electric Electrical Journeyman 1985 - 1990


As Superintendent, Bradley provides leadership to the project team in the field. He is the field manager for quality and safety assurance, as well as maintaining adherence to the general contractor’s project schedule. It is his responsibility to coordinate our work forces and labor on-site. He is responsible for inspecting work in progress to ensure the work conforms to specifications. With over 25 years of experience, Bradley has demonstrated a track record of delivering projects on schedule, within budget, safely, and with the highest level of quality while providing leadership and direction to the entire project team.

RECENT PROJECT EXPERIENCE Tuntex Tower San Francisco, CA - 600,000 SF - $7.8 Million St. Regis Hotel San Francisco, CA - 750,000 SF - $11.2 Million

LEED Green Associate OSHA Outreach 30 Hour Trainer First Aid/CPR Certified Trainer Scaffolding/Fall Protection Training Crisis Management Training

Cobalt Condominiums San Francisco, CA - 550,000 SF - $7.2 Million


Grand Treviso Apartments Oakland, CA - 350,000 SF - $5.3 Million

Associated Builders and Contractors Oregon State University Industry Advisory Council

One South Dearborn Apartments Oakland, CA - 285,000 - $3.5 Million



Kelly E Kennamer|500 Webster Road Lot 531|Auburn, AL 36832|256.264.5786 Objective To obtain a job in construction following graduation in May 2012. Education Auburn University| Auburn, AL GPA: 3.47 Bachelor of Science in Building Construction|May 2012 Professional Experience Auburn University Career Center | Auburn, AL Peer Career Advisor| Aug. 2011-Present · Review and critique students’ résumé ·

Assist students with interview preparations

Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine Library| Auburn, AL Student Assistant| Aug. 2009-Present · Organize bookshelves ·

Clean study areas

Hardin Construction Company| Orlando, FL Intern| May 2011-July 2011 · Process Requests for Information ·

Process and submit specification submittals


Collaborate with subcontractors

Eastbrook Homes| Auburn, AL Maintenance Staff | Aug. 2010-Dec. 2010 · Remove trash from residential development sites ·

Maintain clean interior work spaces

Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board | Montgomery, AL Intern| May 2010- July 2011 · Convert paper files into electronic files ·

File licensure paperwork

Ray Kennamer Construction, Inc.| Albertville, AL Laborer/Office Assistant| Jan. 2006-July 2010 · Record vendor invoices electronically and hard files ·

Maintain clean work areas


Purchase materials for jobs

Activities/Honors · Member of the Electrical Competition team 2012 ·

Member of Auburn University student chapter of the Associated General Contractors Builders Guild- 3 years; Vice President of Academics and New Initiatives- 1 year


Received the Alabama Home Builders Foundation Scholarship, the B.L. Harbert International Scholarship, and the National Association of Women In Construction scholarship

Alex Behringer Continued

Drew Scott Continued


Bradley Clark Continued


Builders Mutual Insurance Company P.O. Box 150005 Raleigh, NC 27624-0005 Toll-Free: (800) 809-4859

December 15, 2011 Kelly Kennamer President Prestige Electric Inc. 1800 Willie Mays Plaza San Francisco, CA 94107 Dear Ms. Kennamer: It is my opinion, as commercial insurance provider for Prestige Electric Inc., that based on their current financial condition, we would have no problem obtaining the commercial insurance coverage's required in Cupertino Electric’ outline of coverage. The insurer, American International Group, Inc., a licensed insurer in the state of California, has received an AM best rating of A with a financial size category of IX. Should you require any additional financial information, please feel free to call me at (919) 845-1976. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. Sincerely,

Gina Schwitzgebel, CPCU, CIC, ARM, AIC Assistant Vice President of Underwriting




General Contractor References At Prestige, we understand our future is brokered on the relationships we keep with our general contractors. We believe it is important to treat every subcontract as a partnership in an effort to furnish the best quality products with the most reasonable prices. Please feel free to contact one of our many general contractor references for a review of our best in class quality. Webcor Builders Steve Linkins Regional Superintendent, Residential Division (415) 792-0600 207 King St. SE Suite 300 San Francisco, California 94107

“Your dedication to fully carrying out not only the large aspects of the construction process, but also to the absolute minutia of business and professionalism, is exciting to see and encourages us to also maintain the high standards that we hold for our own company.” - Steve Linkins

Turner Construction Joshua Billings Senior PM, Commercial Division (415) 705-7900 343 Sansome Street Suite 500 San Francisco, CA 94104

“Prestige brought a ‘what can we do to improve this project everyday’ mentality to heart on every single building that we have contracted with them as trade partners. They set a perfect example for the lot of subcontractors that we work with on a daily basis.” - Joshua Billings

Holder Construction Scott Breitkreutz Senior MEP Manager (602) 224-5050 4222 East Thomas Road Suite 230 Phoenix, AZ 85018

“Prestige Electrical has always been one of my favorite companies to work with for all of our electrical needs. They have always done a superb job at coordinating with us and our vendors at the earliest stage possible to deliver seamless continuity throughout the electrical installation.” - Scott Breitkreutz


Steve Linkins 207 King St. SE, Suite 300 San Francisco, California 94107

September 16, 2003 Ms. Kelly Kennamer President Prestige Electrical 1800 Willie Mays Plaza San Francisco, CA 94107

Dear Mrs. Kennamer: Upon reflection of the success of our recent project, the second phase of construction on the Viera Condominiums, it would be impossible to not thank Prestige Electrical for its outstanding performance and execution of the project. I speak for the whole project team when I say that your definition of “high quality� covers far more than the installation of materials and equipment. Your dedication to fully carrying out not only the large aspects of the construction process, but also to the absolute minutia of business and professionalism, is exciting to see and encourages us to also maintain the high standards that we hold for our own company. Webcor looks forward to working alongside Prestige Electrical on future projects and growing the camaraderie between two entities that both strive for excellence and perfection in the field of construction. We wish you and your company continued success and prosperity. Sincerely,

Steve Linkins Steve Linkins Regional Superintendent

Webcor is committed to building projects of superior quality and value by provid-ing services with integrity, using the innovation of skilled people to achieve client satisfaction.

Owner References Our most important objective is to provide the highest quality electrical systems to our general contractor’s clients, and ultimately the owners. Prestige’s expertise and communication makes us uniquely qualified to please the most discerning of tenants. Please feel free to contact some of our owner references to hear stories of some of our typical construction experiences. Aberdeen Condominiums James Watson Facility Manager (415) 334-0820 1800 Barry Bonds Way San Francisco, California 94107

“Your field team was my first line of defense against future issues that I may have with the equipment. I have never had a more thorough round of training in my 30 year career of being a facilities manager. I know if I ever have a problem, Prestige will quickly help my team with thorough information every time.” - James Watson

Almaden Tower Venture Hideo Nomo VP, Building Division (408) 795-1218 38 N. Almaden Blvd. San Jose, CA 95110

“Prestige’s use of Building Information Modeling on the job was estimated to have saved Almaden over one million dollars due to the existing conditions of the building. Their experience and insight with integrated project delivery was essential to the overall success of our project.” - Hideo Nomo

“PE’s entire team brought extensive knowledge and field experience in every discussion. Their ability to safely and effectively value-engineer our electrical system to fit within our budget is one of the factors that allowed us to build our newest line of towers in Downtown San Francisco.” - Preston Cope

Jackson Pacific Ventures Preston Cope PM, New Construction (415) 371-1308 1 Hawthorne Street San Francisco, CA 94105


Andy Ball 1800 Duvall Street, Suite 850 San Francisco, California 94118

March 23, 2009

Ms. Kelly Kennamer President Prestige Electrical 1800 Willie Mays Plaza San Francisco, CA 94107

Dear Ms. Kennamer: Hilton Grand Vacations thanks you for the excellence exhibited by your company, Prestige Electrical, and writes to show how grateful we are for the manner in which Prestige performs work. I personally have heard from our project managers and account representatives on how pleasant and easy it was to work with men such as your superintendent, Bradley Clark. Mr. Clark’s eagerness to tackle the task of upgrading an already completed project and the ingenuity displayed by how he, along with the rest of the Prestige team, solved the multiple issues we encountered, yet successfully arriving under -budget and on-time is an example Hilton will use to teach and train our own employees. As you are aware, Hilton Parc Soliel in San Diego, CA recently received the Best Hospitality Project of California Construction’s Best of 2008, and I assure you that Prestige Electrical was integral to our success. We congratulate you for the notoriety your efforts have received. We appreciate your dedication to our business,

Andy Ball Andy Ball Vice President, Building Division

Hilton Worldwide offers business and leisure travelers the finest in accommodations, service, amenities and value.

Vendor References Since our first day of operation, we have had some of the best business relationships in the construction industry with our suppliers. In our history, we have never had a claim filed against one of our projects. We believe that treating our vendors and suppliers with respect is one of the first steps in being a successful contractor. Simplex Grinnell Jeremy Taylor Senior Sales Supervisor (561) 988-3600 1501 Yamato Rd San Francisco, California 94107

“Prestige has always treated my team with the utmost respect. They know our products like the backs of their hands. They have been one of my most important business contacts for over 25+ years and continue to treat us like people with every interaction.” - Jeremy Taylor

Independent Electric Supply Susan Walker Operations Manager (415) 966-1218 1575 Burke Avenue San Francisco, CA 94124

“Every time that we receive an order form signed by Prestige, we know that we are in good hands. They have always paid us promptly and had the knowledge to get the products that they need from us correctly on the first try.” - Susan Walker

Universal Electrical Supply Dwayne Johnson Sales Team Leader (415) 621-1888 438 8th Street San Francisco, CA 94103

“Prestige has been on of our neighbors and trade partners in the SOMA district for over 30 years. We began doing business with the PE when Kelly’s father Ray was still running the show. We have been happy to supply PE ever since.” - Dwayne Johnson


Peter Lemman 2468 6th Avenue North Seattle, Washington 98134 P: 206.555.9898

August 22, 2009 Ms. Kelly Kennamer President Prestige Electrical 1800 Willie Mays Plaza San Francisco, CA 94107 Mrs. Kelly Kennamer, When asked by industry associates and acquaintances as to with whom we most enjoy working, Prestige Electrical is invariably listed first. In our experience with your company, we have multiple reasons for the high praises. The foremost being the dedication to your clients as seen through the tireless efforts of your company to complete One South Park. Having an assistant project manager drive to Seattle in order to pick up specialty equipment to insure the timely arrival of that equipment is impressive. As Prestige continues to grow, North Coast Electric Company hopes that you will consider us for whatever a job requires. We say that not merely for the desire of business, but as a want to continue with relations to Prestige. North Coast Electric Company looks to provide quality service and equipment “on time, the first time, every time,� and when we find a fellow company that not only says that, but proves that, we look to stay connected with that company. I hope that Prestige Electrical continues to experience success in all of its efforts. Sincerely,

Peter Lemman Peter Lemman CEO North Coast Electric Company


Claims and Litigation History Through our ability, and desire, to negotiate any and all problems to reach the most positive resolution possible even at our own cost at times, Prestige has avoided filing litigation and claims against any clients, general contractors, or subcontractors. Prestige Electrical desires, above all else, to maintain amiable relationships with anyone with whom we interact with in the business environment. A spotless litigation record speaks to our hopes to serve to a degree that exceeds the optimism of anyone with whom we do business. In our 42 year history, Prestige has never had a claim or any litigation directed at our company. We are very proud of our clean court record and we firmly believe that this is the correct way to do business.



Quality Management Overview At Prestige Electrical, our company goal and expectation of all employees is to provide our clients with the highest quality installation and experience possible. The size or complexity of the project has no influence on the expectations we have towards quality.

To ensure the highest quality work in the field, we inspect work on a regular basis. We document all work inspected to provide an accurate quality control record for the owner and other parties. From the very beginning of the project, we discuss our quality expectations again and again to our electricians.

Quality is our corporate mindset. For Prestige to meet the highest quality standards and meet our expectations, it is important for quality to be Prestige’s formal quality assurance program applied throughout all operations of the company. addresses important project issues such as: In other words, quality is not just something we are concerned about during the construction  Reviewing construction documents for coordiphase. nation and completion as well as constructability prior to beginning work. Prestige Electrical’s goal is to deliver Electrical Construction Management and Construction Ser-  Attending trade contractor pre-award scope vices in ways that best satisfy each customers meetings that specifically cover the subconneeds and requirements. This mission requires tractor’s scope of work and construction that Prestige Electrical meet all expressed or immeans and methods to ensure we are preplied customer needs. Our success in this mission pared to preform our scope of work from day will be evidenced by the quality of construction one. and the quality of our customer’s experiences prior to, during and following the construction phase.  Lower tier contractors will be under the daily monitoring and surveillance of the Prestige QC Staff to ensure continuing compliance with the contract requirements. Prestige will witness, review, survey, perform, or have performed by third party organizations, inspections and tests of all work performed by Prestige Electric and lower tier contractors.

One of Prestige’s Superintendents preforming a pre-functional inspection.


Quality Management Overview Prestige monitors our workforce to ensure they are meeting the highest standards set forth by our leadership. Our project management staff conducts various jobsite walks to monitor work in progress and to address quality issues on a daily basis. One of the fundamentals to our quality management plan is our dedication to identifying installation and management issues very early-on in the construction process. With our in house building information modeling services, Prestige has the capabilities and drive to isolate constructability and logistic issues to our electrical installation and other interacting trades that can make the every party’s supervision more effective

Facilities of offsite fabricators and suppliers will be surveyed as required to assure all requirements of the contract drawings and specifications are met and maintained and to assure delivery of quality products. The fabricator or supplier will be notified of any deficiencies and will be required to submit a report of corrective actions taken.

Our Superintendent will manage a complete quality assurance process prior to inspections by building officials to ensure that inspections pass the first time, every time.

We understand our clients expect and deserve the best for their financial investment, and that is why at Prestige, we treat everyday as if it were final inspection.

Superintendent Bradley Clark will be responsible for QC of the day-to-day construction activities. He will inspect the work as it’s preformed and immediately address items that do not meet the requirements of the contract documents and/or Prestige’s above industry standards. Work that does not comply with our standards of quality will be rejected and corrected. Our team will address all quality control issues directly to ensure all work conforms with the requirements set forth in the contract documents. This process includes but is not limited to the following: 

Conducting weekly meetings with our electricians that include quality concerns as well as coordination issues that impact quality.



Financial Position Production: Return on Investment: 35% Current Ratio: 1.7 Quick Ratio: 1.6

Over the past 42 years, Prestige has steadily grown into a extremely stable and upwardly trending electrical contractor. Our company has grown into a business entity that can continue to steadily and cautiously grow over the foreseeable future.

Capital Structure: Debt to Equity: 1.2

Efficiency: Average Age of A/R: 42.0 Days Average Age of A/P: 7.6 Days 5 Year Annual Volume Prestige Electrical’s value of work in the past five years has totaled over $313 million dollars. We are projecting a 10% growth in revenue for the year 2012.

2010 - 2011 Balance Statements 2011: $ 84,550,000 Over the past five years, the company has purchased various assets in the forms of office equipment, construction equipment, and company vehicles for various personnel.

2010: $ 78,431,539 2009: $ 58,823,654

2010 - 2011 Income Statements

2008: $ 45,529,508

Prestige has various expenses that contribute to the construction workflow of the company. With jobs spread around the Pacific region, various expenses occur yearly ,and Prestige’s services to be properly managed and executed including communication and travel expenses for upper management to inspect ongoing projects. One of Prestige’s highest expenses is the salaries we pay to our employees. Because this is an employee driven industry, we understand that our people need to be paid at a premium to produce the highest quality projects.

2007: $ 41,158,676 YTD:


$ 4,679,958

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Contract Review Overview At Prestige Electrical, we believe that every project should begin with both parties being equally protected against future litigation. We pride ourselves on zero filed claims or litigation in our 42 year history. We believe that with a contract that treats all parties fairly is the basis for a successful partnership and ultimately the most successful project experiences.

We have put together the following color codes to identify our proposed modifications to the following subcontract issued by Cupertino Electric, Inc.: Selected Item is Additional Language to the Original Proposed Subcontract Selected Item is Deleted from the Original Proposed Subcontract Selected Item is Flagged for Commentary (Selected Item is Commentary/Notes)


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