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BEYOND BORING Part 9 By Angela Nunscunt on Monday, 25 April 2011 at 04:01 To note or not to note? That is now no longer the question. Getting results does not necessarily mean you have to play the game. Would you consider yourself to be a rogue virus? "eh aye." BANG! One shot See this?

This is this.

See this?

I don't always like an end at a beginning. I find it mildly patronizing. What gives man? Ugh...local community centre’ stuff like that...your Oxfam. "Aye! But they’re on the make." How do you know? "Ay.... ah gist ken no? A gist dae right."

THIS IS AN EXPRIMENT IN MARAJUANA Please stop staring at this page, it's rude and makes me feel uncomfortable. P.S. I WAS ONCE CALLED A NELLYFAG FOR WEARING PINK TROUSERS. I just love that word. In the same 12 hours girls danced around me like they watched too much sex and the city, literally living parallel lives but as real slaves in real time with similar bad timing. I got scared and ran away to the toilets to talk with the toilet lady. Found a half-gram of coke left in the toilet. Then annoyed fuck out of the toilet lady till the place shut. OUTSIDE/INSIDE IS A BALANCE. I witnessed a row of three pairs of crows kissing today at the lake by osdorp, as I was spraying my bike gold. That was reality. Like · · Share · Delete

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