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BEYOND BORING Part 15 By Angela Nunscunt on Saturday, 04 June 2011 at 15:52 I finished roughly an hour and a half of meditation. It was a tough one to break on through to the other side. So many issues flying around my head: JOBLESS HOMELESS PENNILESS WOMANLESS. Still. Nothing to lose. Somehow it all disappeared and I hit the happy darkness, some colour, shapes, and then tears flowing from the sides of each eye. Tears of joy. Tears of love. I could feel everyone around me, all my friends, all the people I bumped into last week and the week before that. Like DMT only without the 3 month depression. I saw people I've never met. Somewhere out there I heard my inner voice calling, "LOVE EVERYONE, HATE DOES NOT EXIST ANYMORE". But not in that order, it was telepathic; it came in waves of emotion. I'd spent most of the last two weeks trying to move any physical sensations/reactions from my belly to my heart, conscious of the current masculine to feminine changes of the earth. Groundwork for today's lesson. I practiced a little of the earth healing exercise, I wasn’t prepared. Way too much of everything last weekend and a Thursday new Friday to finish it off had taken it's toll. So I bowed out. Happy with the love thang. Happy without hate. I made some green tea and watched LANDSCAPE IN THE MIST by Theo Angelopoulos. It was always going to get heavy; the war in Greece fucked him that way. He took me once again to that special place. A billion light years from hollyjood. The long shot artist, the master. Running away is not a crime; it's nature taking its course. Two films in one week with a child rape scene; (TWO WOMEN by VITTORIO DE SICCA, 1961). What did I do to deserve this? Or are we missing something? War continues as you sip your tea. Children cry not for the latest app or fresh pamper. Death is as important as life. Pain and suffering is more important than happiness and vitality. If we conquer these things first, only then can we be truly happy. If you were a fish, which fish would you be? A whale? A fucking dolphin? Oh look at me I’m soooooo intelligent. Or a shark? Survival of the fittest. Get out your I-phone and fire someone because you can. Someone else’s downfall is your success. I don't know where the fuck I’m going with this? Have a great weekend, the sun is shining and it's free. P.S. I remember! So I had the big love thing going on with the meditation, LOVE EVERYONE ETC.

Then I got on facebook and noticed an old friend on the 2 suggested friends icon, so happily added them. I then scrolled down the list of all the faces, spotting him, her, this and that face. Slowly editing them out of any potential liaison. Nah, nup, née! Refusing to add, pre-empting knock backs, preempting ill comments on my blog. ill-ing out my virtual world. LOVE EVERYONE? C'mon! Who are you kidding?

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LOVE gets in the way of boredom , it changes the way we think. The negative does not exist anymore for the picture to be developed, now that...