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BEYOND BORING Part 13 By Angela Nunscunt on Tuesday, 24 May 2011 at 17:44 I woke up this afternoon. Not this morning. I didn’t get myself a beer. I had asparagus soup. I thought of band practice last night. How fucking exciting it sounded and why I never want to play in a band ever again in my fucking life. I like to do things the wrong way around, or so it seems. It’s never really intentional. It just happens. It always works out. I’m always satisfied with the end result. It always teaches me things, surprises me. Takes me somewhere I’ve never been before. People want control. I had a girlfriend once who said that being out of control is also a form of control. The sex pistols were far from anarchy, they were a tight band. They had a fucking great sound. Great chords. Great characters. Ultimate rock n roll. Anger and satisfaction. Too perfect even. Making a noise is easy. But why? What’s the point? Sometimes we just do things to get attention. We push people, nudge them, scream in their ear or ignore them. Silence can be louder than any Marshall amp. My ego died years ago. I sing because it feels good. No one tells me to shut up. I take this as a sign that I must be doing something good. So I keep on doing it. Talking on the other hand gets me into trouble, I monologue, go off in tangents, aim to finish my story eventually and get to the point. People attempt to break the flow and sometimes do. In a song no one can fuck with the flow, the music keeps his or her distance. In small venues, there's even a gap between the stage and the audience, made by the crowd, or not made by them. The best art is not something you've never seen before, it's a combination of what has passed in certain elite circles and what the public can accept now as new. The real new is something people can't accept. How can you accept something you don't understand? *JUST ADD MONEY I remember a guy from Glasgow art school who said that he was pissed off that R.E.M. were becoming mainstream with that orange crush song. He’d been a big fan of their music up until that point. Hearing it on prime time radio one was too much for him. He wanted it to live permanently in john peel's record collection and his. Woe betide anyone UNCOOL living in mainstream society listening to HIS band.

If self-righteousness was a crime. Who would be qualified to judge such behavior? I can think of some people in my facebook friend’s list who would qualify for this position easily. They do it everyday. (There we go, I just qualified) But seriously I’m just having a laugh. Killing time. Waiting on someone or something to bite me on the arse. And I’ll keep doing it till that happens. Or get deleted for profanity Or gang raped intellectually by mass idiocy (is that how you spell it?) I don't wonder what I’m going to think when I wake up tomorrow.

NOTE: My words are becoming less in numbers and my openness regarding personal detail has been affected by something external but I’m not quite sure where it's coming from. I managed to get back to drinking alcohol again in a nice steady sociable manner, this in turn calmed down my joint smoking. I met someone I haven’t seen in 16 years, it was like putting on an old pair of shoes, I kissed a beautiful girl for the first time in a year and I’m still homeless and annoying the fuck out of my friends. I was going to cancel MyDadsMateAlan @friekfest on Saturday but the airline sponsored ash cloud has stopped all flights in and out of Scotland, so we're gonna play anyway, with or without the ideal amount of practice required. See you there this weekend if you fancy a trip to Amsterdam noord and the smell of patchouli, tequila and speed. Like · · Share · Delete Simone Galstaun, Peter Suyderhoud and Ingrid Smit like this. Isse Li Asaro very boring indeed24 May at 17:45 · Unlike · 1 person Angela Nunscunt ultra boring even24 May at 17:48 · Like Isse Li Asaro paraller-boring-universes are only few steps away, waiting for you angela nunscunt24 May at 17:51 · Like Isse Li Asaro v=9uJdlONFLqY&playnext=1&list=PLD70F3A448AB2F32624 May at 17:56 · Like Angela Nunscunt a love song for britain's 4million

unemployed circa 1980something. sweet isse x24 May at 17:59 · Like Jude Taylor Good luck at Friekies, knock their blooming socks off mate!24 May at 19:25 · Unlike · 1 person

Angela Nunscunt aye jude, gonna friek them oot! your connect mate, chee-urs.24 May at 19:30 · Like · 1 person Write a comment...


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