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Museum Aims The main aims of the Museum are: 1. The continued preservation of the Caphouse Colliery site, the underground workings, and the adjacent Hope Pit site as a focus for interest and research into the coal industry and mining communities in England. 2. To collect, interpret, document and preserve the national collection of the English coalfields to Accreditation Standards 3. To widen access to the Museum and its collections through consultation and awareness of physical and intellectual barriers, by emphasising social inclusion, and having particular concern for the needs of coal-mining communities. 4. To develop provision for education and lifelong learning, as outlined in the Learning Policy, to facilitate an understanding of, and involvement with, coal mining and its history. 5. To provide guidance and support to other institutions, with special reference to coal mining, and taking on an advisory role where required. 6. To meet the expectations of visitors through the whole visitor experience, by considering their needs, responding to feedback and enabling the Museum teams to exceed these expectations. 7. To attract, develop and engage employees and create a climate where contributions of all staff and volunteers are valued and recognised, where all are motivated to deliver the Museum’s Aims and reach their full potential through effective training and development.


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