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Habitats Trail

Activity 1

What is your Habitat?

Can you fill in this index card for yourself? Have a look at the index card for the collembola to help you.

Name of creature (your name!) Habitat Type of shelter Diet

Student Workbook

Predators (what eats you?) Oxygen needed for life? Light needed for life?

Activity 2

Activity 3

Habitat Hazards!

How many Habitats?

Can you answer these questions together? How do the horsekeepers look after the pit ponies?

How many different habitats can you find on the nature trail? Look for habitats of different sizes and write down what they are like. Think about what plants and animals live there. Habitat

What can you do to look after wildlife?

Can you think of a hazard in the stables?

What hazards are there where there is wildlife?

HAZARD means a chance of being injured or harmed.

Big or small?


Plants & Animals

Activity 4

Activity 5

Who eats who?

Insect Identification

Use this table to record your observations about your creature.

Can you write down or draw one of the food chains you made? Where did you find it? Does it have legs? What is its body like? Does it have wings? What colour is it? Other observations

My creature is ‌

Activity 6

Bird Groups

Activity 7

Nature Detective

The birds can be grouped by … Look at the clues in the box and see if you can work out what creature lives near Hope Pit.

I think that the creature is …

Draw or write some of your groups here.