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January Workshop’s 9th: 7pm-9pm, £15.00 Crochet (simple bags and purses). 13th: 11am-2pm, £20.00 Crochet (Introduction for beginners). 20th: 2pm-5pm, £20.00 Knitting sock techniques, bedsocks. 23rd: 7pm-9pm, £15.00 Crochet (Granny and other squares). 25th: 7-9pm, £10.00 Button Carft

February Workshop’s 6th: 7pm-9pm, £15.00 Crochet Crochet (Working in the round, beginners). 10th: 11am-2pm, £20.00 Crochet (Introduction for beginners). 13th: 7pm-9pm, £15.00 Knitting, finishing techniques 20th: 7pm-9pm, £15.00 Crochet (Bobbles and textured stitches). 24th: 7pm-9pm, £15.00 Knitting socks (Heel techniques). 28th: 7pm-9pm, £10.00 Button Workshop

March Workshop’s 6th: 7pm-9pm, £15.00 Crochet (Flowers for all simple - advanced). 10th: 11am-2pm, £20.00 Crochet (Introduction for beginners). 17th: 2pm-5pm, £20.00 Knitting socks, finishing techniques. 20th: 7pm-9pm, £15.00 Chrochet Shell stitch (Making shell wristwarmers). 21st: 7pm-9pm, £10.00 Button Workshop

Wool Palette Workshops  

January - March dates and prices.