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Mul:ple sketch  models  I  created,   in  order    determine  the  shape  of   the  façade  and  also  to  get  a  beAer   sense  of  how  the  spaces  would   look.  As  seeing  them  in  3d  makes   them  more  real  and  habitable  or   not  in  some  cases.    

Various sketches  looking  first  at  the  spaces  I  wanted  to  create,  then  how  the     requirements  of  the  spaces  dictate  the  loca:ons  within  the  building,  along  with  

the  climate  requirements  of   the  rooms  and  how  these   would  factor  into  there   loca:on  within  the  building   complex.  The  plan  ended  up   being  manipulated  many  :mes   in  order  for  the  flow  of  the   building  to  work  much  beAer.  

Plans and  Perspec:ves  

The plans  have  been  render  to   show  the  quality  of  light   experienced  within  the  spaces,   with  some  of  my  already  included   climate  strategies.  Solar  stacks   that  also  bounce  light  into  the   spaces.       The  light  quality  is  also     shown  in  the  interior     perspec:ves,  in  order  to  show     a  more  realis:c  idea  image  of  how   the  internal  spaces  will  look.  

Plans sec:ons  and  eleva:ons,  showing  again  light   quali:es  to  some  extent  in  the  interior  spaces.  But   more  showing  how  the  outside  spaces  will  be   habited,  also  the  lay  of  the  land  in  terms  of  the   gradients  produced  by  the  manipula:on  of  the   contours.  Plus  some  basic  construc:on  details,   which  show  the  floors  and  ceilings,  being  made   out  of  concrete  to  act  as  a  high  thermal  mass   (climate)  and  the  walls  being  breeze  blocks  with  a   wooden  cladding  inside  and  out.  

Landscape Plan:  Showing  the  paths  and  exterior  spaces,  which  follow  the  same  experience  to  the   par:cipant  as  that  found  when  exploring  the  rest  of  the  site.  As  many  of  the  original  trees  will  be   kept  even  though  the  ground  level  will  be  reduced  in  places  by  using  tree  wells  (diagram  leO).  This   allows  the  trees  to  remain  and  slowly  become  use  to  the  change  in  level.  This  will  result  in  a  healthier   looking  surrounding  to  the  building  much  quicker  than  if  it  was  all  cut  down  and  then  re  planted.   Some  trees  will  be  replanted,  especially  the  types  which  a  listed  below  in  the  key  as  they  draw  in   birds  and  insects,  which  help  to  give  the  idea  of  health  and  wellness  to  the  garden.   Which  will  help  to  bond  the  garden  landscape  to  the  purpose  of  the  building.  

Pictures of Model

Approach to garden villa View from 1st floor veranda, looking at wood garden space.

Overall model

View at front of building

Approach to contemplation space View from 1st floor veranda, looking at sound garden space and the contemplation space in the background

View from the top roof, looking at the yoga space, which is defined by a clearing and 2 slabs of red brick mosaic. With the garden villa in the back ground.

View from garden villa to building Boardwalk that connects all levels together. My landscape  concept,  features  lots  of  small  spaces,  that  are  surrounded  by  heavy  woodland.  This  is  to  simulate  the  same  experience  you  get  with  the  rest  of   the  site.  You  explore  the  woodland  and  find  small  ruins  and  spaces,  this  is  hopefully  the  same  experience  that  will  be  felt  in  these  gardens.  

Landscape Presentation  
Landscape Presentation  

This was the first design module i under took during my Second year of study. The brief asked us to design a Wellness centre in a local area...