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SERIEUROPA2008 stands for OFFICINE VOLTA’s international M A D E I N I TA LY




trade-mark, it is a contemporary and fundamental

creation for an advanced design production even though their size is standardized. It is a new project which traces the Officine Volta’s

tradition back to its origin of promoting the Italian

products worldwide. Officine Volta’s has fulfilled with particular attention the selection of its raw materials and component parts by means of a renewed industrial process, identifying the SERIEUROPA2008 grilles with an easy installation system and a high production quality. Its new rounded outline, gives to the product an appealing shape which characterizes the whole existing line. Therefore, the different models can easily be placed side by side in a uniform context and also gathered together in a single environment that one would like to make it more and more personalized.

Foglio 2  

Descrizione foglio 2

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