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Svc Corporate Communication class plays golf to improve communication skills Latrobe,  Pennsylvania-­‐  28  September  2009      Saint  Vincent  College  students  in  the   McKenna  School’s  Corporate  Communication  class  have  the  chance  to  improve  their   communication  skills  in  an  unusual  way.    Most  students  give  public  speeches  and   present  oral  reports  but  not  the  students  in  Jennifer  Miele’s  class.      On  Wednesday,   September  30  at  7:00  PM,  they  have  to  play  a  round  of  golf  blindfolded!     Before  the  golf  game  begins,  the  class,  made  up  of  twenty  students  of  various   majors,  will  take  a  personality  quiz.    This  quiz  will  determine  which  of  two  groups  they   will  join—“The  Introverts”  or  “The  Extroverts.”    The  extroverted  students  find  it  easy  to   verbalize  their  thoughts  and  are  well  suited  for  interpersonal  communication.    The   introverted  students  are  those  students  who  are  more  comfortable  with  writing  rather   than  speaking.    Each  member  of  the  Extroverts  will  be  paired  with  a  member  of  the   Introverts  to  play  golf.     During  the  round  of  golf,  the  Extroverts  will  putt  first.    Since  they  will  be   blindfolded,  their  Introvert  partner  will  have  to  verbalize  instructions  on  how  to  putt  the   ball.  In  addition,  the  Introverts  have  to  putt  too,  but  when  they  are  blindfolded,  the   rules  reverse.    The  Extroverts  have  to  lead  them  to  make  the  putt,  but  they  are  not   permitted  to  speak.    They  have  to  physically  move  and  guide  their  partner  to  making  the   putt.  The  team  with  the  best  of  three  tries  wins.     The  goal  of  the  exercise  is  to  improve  communication  skills  and  it  will  not  be  easy   for  those  students  who  rely  on  their  normal  strength.  The  student  must  improve  his  or   her  weaker  communication  skills  to  become  an  overall  successful  communicator,  since   successful  communicators  are  successful  business  people.       Jennifer  Miele  is  an  adjunct  professor  in  the  McKenna  School  at  Saint  Vincent   College  in  addition  to  being  WTAE’s  Westmoreland  County  Bureau  Chief.    Saint  Vincent   College  is  a  Liberal  Arts  College  located  in  Latrobe,  Pennsylvania.  The  McKenna  School   provides  a  challenging  curriculum  that  addresses  contemporary  issues  and  professional   needs  as  well  as  the  enduring  concerns  of  human  experience.        

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Press Release written for Corporate Communication Course at Saint Vincent College