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With a minimum of four pages, the sample edition of the NEW Vallenian Gazette showcases article about last S.Y. 2013-2014 school activities; a summarized articles of last school year’s highlights as part of the project of the new Valley High Academy Student Council (S.Y. 2014-2015) for the upcoming school year. In addition, our writers have provided mind-boggling games and poems for your leisure. We hope that with this sample edition, we will encourage students to support and join the Gazette and open up to the idea of improving their writing skills. - ALYSSA MAE CLARIN


ers of this raw material into the ideal mold. For this process, many more activities, other than vroom ones are needed to fulfill the purpose. A young pupil might have a participation in our school program s that our school been engaged where we can also get some trivia that we might not know.

cademics are an important part of each student's high school years, especially since high school grades play an integral role in college acceptance. Parents spend a lot of time encouraging their teens to study more and play less in the pursuit of this goal. They believe that devoting a great deal of Valley High Academy also held one of time to studying guarantees success in future the biggest event that is what we called United college applications. Nations Day or UN. This is not a typical proHowever, there is another more playful gram that has different activities, it only celecomponent of a well-rounded education outside brates by use of a pageant with the participation the regular academic program that may posi- of different section’s representatives. We also tively impact students' success. It is the extra- celebrate our school’s Foundation Day and lastcurricular activities, such as sports, student gov- ly the Valentine’s Ball or Valentine’s Party this ernment, clubs and etc.. can round out students' was just for fun so that the students can feel the academic careers to great effect. atmosphere of love. These activities will help An ideal school gives to students the students to think and also to study with the scope and the spirit of healthy competition to blend of having fun. As a student we should alexcel at all levels. Class work and the home so be part of these activities because we also work given by teachers have their academic im- have time in having fun. portance. The Principal, the teachers are mold-



oing to school is the most fun and memorable part of our lives as an individual. This is where we experience finding our true friends, socializing with our fellow schoolmates and teachers, learning new lessons and ideas, or being a part of a basketball team. When we are asked to describe what is the best thing you want about going to school, we will mostly answer that it’s our friends, the dismissals or breaks that we have, or maybe even just our crushes; but what really is the importance of education? Education is the act or process of imparting or acquiring knowledge, knowing new ideas, and implying ourselves the discipline and development by means of study and learning. The importance of education is where the word “perseverance” and “determination” takes in, wherein the ones who are the most determined and disciplined are the ones who excels; because they don’t just study, they strive for the highest dreams. They don’t waste their time of those nonsense things. For example, professionals became successful because they dreamed a certain dream, and not just a simple one, but a very extravagant one. They don't just hold a book, but instead, they explore the thoughts on the book, using it to make themselves a more intelligent person. As a student, you must not just be an “ordinary” student and just mix with the crowd. You must be an outstanding one and achieve your goals. Be an extraordinary one who will show everyone that you can make a change not just to yourself, but also for others and being just a smart student is not enough, you must also help the ones who are less capable than you to grow to be a great student just like you. Some of us may not start to appreciate the thought of it, but just learning the idea that we are one of those who are given the opportunity to learn and to share will do. So why just sit down there, if you can be one of the heroes our community will know. - ELINEAH NUADA

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