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Victoria’s Secret PINK & Brunette Barbies Accessory Collection Alexandria Angel

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Introduction Objective Victoria’s Secret Victoria’s Secret PINK Brunette Barbies Mutual Target Customer Product Comparisons New Product Assortment


Taking a look at the product assortment in Victoria’s Secret, I found a niche that has a great opportunity to expand on. The company has created jewelry here and there but has not taken full advantage of their potential.

Solution: I have an accessories business, “Brunette Barbies� that is looking to grow. My business has a similar aesthetic to V.S. PINK, and I think that we could collaborate in order to create the perfect accessories line for their brand.


Brunette Barbies will collaborate with Victoria’s Secret to create an exclusive jewelry line for their PINK brand.

Victoria’s Secret Overview

Company History -Established in San Francisco in 1977 -Bought out by Limited Brands in 1982 -Largest subsidary of Limited Brands (over 40% of sales) -North America’s number one specialty retailer of women’s intimate apparel Overview Leading specialty retailer of lingerie and beauty products Target Customer: 15 to 60 yearold, middle to upper class, working woman

Victoria’s Secret PINK

October 16, 2002- Victoria’s Secret announced the launch of Pink, a new lingerie line targeted to 15-to-22 year olds. The strategy driving this launch is to introduce the teenage girls to Victoria’s Secret stores. PINK is now a billion-dollar loungewear brand that is under the umbrella of the $10 billion conglomerate, Limited Brands. PINK sells underwear, sleewear, loungewear, beauty products, and accessories.

Brunette Barbies

Overview Brunette Barbies is my up-and-coming, online accessories brand looking to expand. My company is targeted to young girls. The overall aesthetic is bright, fun, and primarily pink. Each piece is made ‘for everyone’s favorite girly-girl.’

Mutual Target Customer

Both targeted to young girls PINK:15-to-22 year olds Brunette Barbies: Young feminine girls Perfect combination of pink and sparkle

Product Comparisons

Victoria’s Secret

When taking a look at Victoria’s Secret’s jewelry, there is definitely a need for expansion. Their current website showcases very few jewelry pieces. Their accessories mainly focus on phone cases, water bottes, and beach gear. Although they have a similarly girly aesthetics, there is not much of a jewelry assortment for PINK. That is where Brunette Barbies comes in.

Brunette Barbies

Brunette Barbies is a perfect match for PINK to collaborate with. Both brands not only have similar target customers, but also aesthetics. Brunette Barbies has a bigger variety of accessories, and is constantly growing. Therefore, my company can work with Victoria’s Secret to create a whole new line to add to the PINK brand.


New Product Line

“Everyone wants a piece of pink!” -Chloe Hart California “Pink is a girl’s favorite accessory!” -Holly English Maryland

“I want to rock pink from head to toe.” -Callie Sars New Jersey

“What’s next for Victoria’s Secret?” -Katie Day Maryland

Brunette Barbies for Victoria’s Secret Summer 2015 Collection

Style :


#0001 #0002

Charming Chain Necklace Tickled Pink Tassel Bracelet

#0003 #0004

Puppy Polka Necklace Victoria’s Sparkle Bracelet

#0005 #0006

Party in Pink Necklace Puppy Love Earrings

#0007 #0008

Think Pink Necklace Think Pink Charm Bracelet

Victoria's Secret & Brunette Barbies Accessory Collection  
Victoria's Secret & Brunette Barbies Accessory Collection