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February 5, 2012 Small Group Discussion Questions


In Line with the Gospel


– Galatians 2:11-14

the Big idea:

We all face pressure that can cause us to do something out of line with our convictions, don’t let it happen with the truth of the gospel.


• Think of the pressures that you have faced or are facing. What pressures would you consider good? What pressures would you consider bad? • Review the pressure that Paul was continually facing from these false teachers from Jerusalem.


Read Galatians 2:11-14 • What was the pressure that Peter was facing? • Peter gave in to the pressure out of fear. How might this reflect a character flaw in Peter? Matthew 16:16-28, Matthew 26:69-75 (Think about what Peter said just prior to this; verse 33) • What might have been the fear that these men from Jerusalem caused in Peter? • What was the result of Peter’s fear? Paul saw this as hypocrisy. Explain. • Hypocrisy means to impart to others, by expression or outward actions a favorable opinion of his principles or intentions while in reality these qualities are wanting in him. Does this describe Peter? How so? • What was the effect Peter’s hypocrisy had on others? • Why mention Barnabas? What do you think Paul must have felt about this happening to Barnabas? • Have you experienced something like that with a true friend? • What effect did Jesus indicate hypocrisy had on others? Luke 12:1, Matthew 23:13; 23:15 • What did Peter teach about hypocrisy? 1 Peter 2:1 • What was Paul’s response to Peter’s actions? o Verse 11, “I withstood him to the fact because he was to be blamed.” “Withstood” is to set oneself against. Not an offense word and defensive word. Paul was on the defense, Peter was on the offense. o What was Peter doing that was offensive? o “Blamed” he stood condemned. The idea is that he was condemning himself by his actions. We say it like this, “he knew better”. • Verse 14, What was Paul’s interpretation of what happened? o The line of the gospel is straight, it doesn’t veer. o Our job is to walk the line of the gospel. • Paul confronted Peter in front of them all. Who was the all that he was referring to? • Why didn’t Paul confront him in private? Look up 1 Timothy 5:20 • Could this confrontation by Paul have effected Peter’s decision in Acts 15:7-11


What might Peter’s actions tell you about what can happen to any of us when it comes to not walking in line with the gospel?