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330 Wythe Avenue Williamsburg Apart-

This modern and luxurious apartment located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is perfect for anyone that is looking to live in a stylish atmosphere with a great location. The surrounding area has easily accessible public transportation and is close to many shopping as well as dining spots. The building is located on the waterfront within walking distance of the L train at Bedford Ave. The building is fitted with elevator and is sized to fit your life and style. The cross streets are 1st St and 2nd St The apartment is 1,600 sq. ft. and has high ceilings with beautiful views from each of the rooms. It boasts a spacious layout with 1 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, an office, living room, dining room and a loft.

330 Wythe Ave Brooklyn, N.Y. Direct: (212)345-4524 Office:(212)968-4623


The spacious and open kitchen has a state of the art design with the walls and other structures at various angels that make the kitchen appealing to the eye and efficient overall. Besides the angels, the kitchen has a glossy look due to the white tiles. In the kitchen there is also a bar and space for various modern appliances, such as a microwave, dishwashing machine, and refrigerator.

Living Room The living room will contain a space saving television stand, a bookshelf and storage as one hanging assembly. The colors are contrasting from the ceiling to the floor as lighter to darker shades of mainly beige. The walls are light beige, while the floors are brown color. The sofa and arm chairs are specially placed to be able to keep eye contact amongst the others in the room and simultaneously be able to watch the television.

Dining Room The dining room is one level up and is very commodious containing a computer table at the corner and a dining table at the center. The large windows, which are 10 feet high, have a fascinating view of the city.

Office The office also has a beautiful view of the city and a computer desk at the corner, with unique bookshelves that hang on walls to save space, extending at the left side to partially close off the space that separates the office from the living room.

Bedroom The master bedroom has room for a king size bed, wardrobe and a dresser. The view from the windows is looking at the city. The colors of the walls are cherry. On both sides of the bedroom, the walls are made out of glass with designs inside of them, which are held by metal cables all the way to the top. The glass walls are not completely transparent; hence only shadows are faintly visible from the other side of the walls. The other two sides of the walls in the bedroom are made of Venetian plaster. The floor has a glossy finish.

Stair The stairs to the loft is solid and wide. It bends perpendicularly at midpoint. The loft has an area that can act as a 2nd bedroom for kids.


In the loft, there is study and chill out areas, while on the other side of has a sliding doors closet. The angle storages actually have glass on one side and mirrors on the other. To block the bedroom view, there is a computer table with the glass wall for privacy that is not fully transparent making only faint shadows visible. Next to the loft, there is a seating area that is looking over loft through the windows looking down to the dining room and office. Next to the kids’ area is a bathroom that has the sink on one side and the toilet with the shower on the other.

Bathrooms Next to the kids’ area is a bathroom that has the sink on one side and the toilet with the shower on the other. ADA accessible bathroom on the first level is roomy and unlike the second level bathroom has the shower, sink and toilet all next to each other. The floor is white color and the walls are light green.

Property Particulars Borough: Brooklyn Block: 2403 Lot: 7501 Address, ZIP Code: 330 WYTHE AVENUE , 11211 Lot Area: 24250 sq. feet Lot Frontage: 139 feet Lot Depth: 200.25 feet Number of buildings: 1 Year built: 1914 Number of floors: 8 Building Gross Area: 118705 sq. feet Residential Units: 75 Total # of Units: 77 Landuse: Mixed Residential and Commercial Buildings Zoning: M1-2/R6 : Manufacturing

ADA Bathroom


Living Room

Dining Room



First Floor Plan


Loft/ Children Bedroom

Bedroom Below

Loft Floor Plan

Main Living Area Below

Architect: Alexandra Aronova Email: Phone: (646) 549-5575 Prof. King Fall 2009 Arch 511

Loft Apartment  

Task was to renovate Loft Apartment for family of four in Willamsburg, NYC.

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