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CNC milling prefabricated pieces steel/aluminium lumber

Circulation potentials + the risks

implied paths direction and form

Bicycle oriented space

Bike ramp >> upper level bike/skate board ramp >> continuation

bike racks + sitting area

<<Upper level << sittable deck << bike racks

Pedestrian oriented space

multi use covered space >> lower level

The Cyclist experience Geared towards bike traffic this space allows for the cyclist to view not only the parks but the neighbourhood from a vantage point normally reserved for tree canopies.

The Pedestrian experience the sequence of bike rack to sittable space slow down traffic for pedestrians and also give them a vantage point to both other bikes on the trail and eventually the green line.








The Panels The roofing panels will all be prefabricated off site. by keeping them to a module volume that never exceeds a 8’x 6’ x 8’ theses pieces can be transported on sight by an average sized trailor


Vbeams the sequence of bike rack to sittable space these beams joints provide a flexibility of different angles in 15* increments. the use of nominal wood sizes of lenght 6’ 8’ 10’ or 12’ allows for the flexibility in its post occupancy use.

Weaving through the monon  

A structure proposal for the Monon trail by Alexandre Mballa-Ekobena

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