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1.0 What are Chimeras? 2.0 Who are Chimeras? 3.0 Is Chimera a Task Force? 4.0 How are Chimeras made? 5.0 How do I become a Chimera? 6.0 Can I lose my Chimera Status? 7.0 Chimera Certification Requirements What are Chimeras? Put simply, Chimeras are armored jack-of-all-trades. Like the creature of legends, they are multi-faced and can adapt to any situation, at any given time. They thrive by inducing fear into the heart of their enemies. They are able to master all vehicles piloting and armored infantry warfare. Through the use of vehicles and max units, they neutralize all imminent threats to the Empire and to the Black Widow Company. They can fly, they can roll, they can turtle up. Very mobile, using airborne and ground vehicles, they can move from one staging area to another in a blink of an eye. In the heat of battle, they can stick together to maximize the punch needed to stop the enemy advance before they know what hits them. They can also merge with other task forces or divisions to help garnish their ranks, when needed. They can pull any vehicles or armors needed at any time; Liberators, Prowlers, Harassers, Lightnings and Max Units are usually what you will find them in. Who are Chimeras? Chimeras are veterans who can pilot any kind of vehicle and are unwilling to restrict themselves to one form only. They are the armored counterpart to the Windowmakers. They all got what it takes to evaluate a battlefield and pull the right vehicle for the right job. They are all competent squad leaders and veteran players. They are willing to pool their certifications where is needed to constantly armor up. They are people that know what is needed. They are willing to punch through enemy lines without fear for their vehicle or their life. They are the fear inducing spearhead of the company. They are willing to give all applause to other division that specialize into one form of combat, by bolstering their ranks, and take none of the credit for themselves. They do not worry about base capture certification points and are willing to always push the front line further into enemy territory. Is Chimera a Task Force? Well... yes and no. The Task Force programs are very specialized at what they do. Chimeras often overlaps with their specializations for a specific objective. The difference is that once the mission is accomplished, Chimeras will most likely adopt a new form of combat, for a new objective. They can also very well be absorbed by other divisions for the time of an operation, as per the operation leader will. During Operations, Chimeras will squad with other Chimeras in the S.H.A.D.O.W. battalion, and be lead by L.E.A.D., or Chimeras. How are Chimeras made? Through extensive training and everyday playing. Only very active and quick witted veteran can dream of being a Chimera. Squad leading for a few hours every week is mandatory and will be evaluated by fellow Chimeras. Required Trainings BTI 1- 3 Advanced Liberator Piloting (Solo) Expert Max/Engi Emplacement and Breaching Galaxy Drop Piloting Basic and Combat Armored Warfare Harasser Blitzkrieg Training

How do I become a Chimera? You must want to modify your playstyle to whatever is needed at the moment. You must have 75% of all Chimera Certifications with proof via Screenshot You must take, and PASS, all required training You must be a Specialist You must be Battle Rank 50 or above. You cannot be actively serving in a Task Force. Can I lose my Chimera Status? If you meet any of the following conditions: Bringing shame onto the BWC Refusing to follow orders from the Chimera Squad Leader Becoming pink name or being removed from the outfit Chimera Certification Requirements (12471) Medic (690) Medical Applicator 6 (690) Engineer (1800) Utility Pouch 2 (600) Nano Armor Kit 6 (740) Ammunition Package 3 (160) Tank Mines 2 (300) MAX (941) Acquisition Timer 8 (941) Dual Bursters Dual Anti Infantry Dual Fractures Flash (1041) Acquisition Timer 5 (191) Scout Radar 4 (850) M40 Fury Liberator (1641) Acquisition Timer 8 (941) CAS30 Tank Buster Magazine Size 3 (700) Lightning (1142) Acquisition Timer 8 (941) L100 Python AP Zoom Optics 3 (201)

Harasser (1842) Acquisition Timer 8 (941) M40 Fury or P525 Marauder-H Magazine Size 3 (700) E540 Halberd Zoom Optics 3 (201) Prowler (3374) Acquisition Timer 8 (941) Nanite Auto Repair System 4 (380) Anchored Mode 3 (800) P2-120 HEAT Zoom Optic 3 (201) P2-120 AP Zoom Optic 3 (201) P525 Marauder Magazine Size 3 (700) Night Vision Optic (50) E540 Halberd Zoom Optics 3 (201)

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