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Alexandre Giordani

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Alexandre Giordani italiana 08.11.1989 (Barcelona) +34 634634272

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Lengua materna Lengua materna Lengua materna Nivel alto, hablado fluido y escrito fluido Nivel medio, hablado fluido.

formación_ 2009.2014 titulo de cualificación Licenciatura y Master en Arquitectura, Politecnico de Milán Con honores

experiencia profesional_ 02.2015 / act.

A3D Consulting BIM Consultants _Structure metro Doha, Katar _Coordinación tiendas Bershka, Europa _McLaren Box, Idiada _Mini Estadi F.C.Barcelona _Sede Oficial Contraloria, Lima _Tanatori Viladecans, Barcelona _Viviendas y esapacio público, A.M.Barcelona

09.2014 / 12.2014 Asistente universitario, Politecnico de Génova Profesor Lorenzo degli Esposti ProyectosII _ “DeepGENOVA” 02.2014 / 07.2014 Asistente universitario, Politecnico de Milán Profesor Lorenzo degli Esposti ProyectosIV _ “RE-CYCLING SLUMS” 09.2012 / 03.2013 Voluntariado en Lima, Perú con la ONG Cesal en el departamento de arquitectura _Diseño y construcción de recorrido paisajistico. (premiados por la Municipalidad de Lima, “Lima Verde”). Documentación gráfica y seguimiento de la obra. _Seguimiento de la construcción de módulos de viviendas de habitabilidad basica en Huachipa, Lima. 01.2012 / 03.2012 Prácticas universitarias en “El temple expiatori de la Sagrada Familia de Barcelona” _Toma de medidas de las torres de la pasión y redibujado ejecutivo de las mismas.

concursos_ 09.2013 AUFO “11palazzi x 11gruppi x 11mentori” mención de honor Miembros del jurado: Stefano Antoneli, Peter Eisenmann, Marco Biraghi, Ernesto d’Alfonso, Lorenzo degli Esposti, Franco Purini, Ilaria Valente, Daniele Vitale. 10.2013 “Reinterpretación de la silla de Rietveld” Politecnico de Milán. Segundo Premio 01.2012 ARCHMEDIUM.

PMKLT “Paris Market Lab” Paris, France

workshops_ 02.2014 / 07.2014 Curso de fotografía “Milano dopo Milano” 07.2013 / 09.2013 Participación en “DEEPmilano. Composizione architettonica.”

exposiciones_ 07.2014/ 08.2014 RI-FORMARE MILANO, Triennale di Milano. Exposición de los trabajos realizados en “re-cycling slums” 08.2008/2009/2010/2012 Colaboración para diseño y realización de exposiciones efimeras en la feria “Meeting di Rimini”, italia

conocimientos informáticos_ CAD Autocad 2D/3D, SketchUp, Rinho Graphics Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Ilustrator, InDesign) BIM Software Autodesk Revit Architecture Structure MEP Familias Otros Microsoft Office, (windows & mac)

aboutme información personal_ nombre nacionalidad fecha de nacimiento contacto email

Alexandre Giordani italiana 08.11.1989 (Barcelona) +34 634634272


EXER(GAR) SĂƒO PAULO Master Degree Project

ENXER(GAR) SĂƒO PAULO is a work that aims to propose a project of urban completion in the eastern outskirts of Sao Paulo, that, in a virtuous way, intends to solve the problem of the informal extension - a growing phenomenon in all big cities of South America - proposing a new form of settlement where the forces that normally cause the transformation of the urban pattern, are directed according to a specific design. This new intervention wants that all realities, rich and poor, coexist within an urban design capable of bringing development and urban quality.

Relator _Lorenzo degli esposti Co-author _Michele Reggiori, Nicola Guercilena

urban study / green study / Urban growth historiographical

urban development program

current favela density / new proposals for low density sistem


We went to design a new extension in the city of Sao paulo, composed by: 1. Techinological favela. New low density living pattern that introduces a new way of non-abusive settlement that allows not to loose the essence of the favela. 2. Enclosure. Protection of the natural areas from the abusive settlement, as parts of the comune good. 3. Pattern. Preservation of the informal city from the construction speculations throught the installation of public services in the whole area. 4. High density landmark. Megastructural element of 1,2 km that receives all realities capable of carrying economical growth and public spaces missing from the current context. The form was defined by the need to improve the infrastructural elements (highways, new metro line that connects the airport and the city) in order to bring development and improve quality of life in the city.



Landmark high density


New living patterns

Enclosure of natural areas with new controled system for abusive settlement


Enclosure internal view. Belvedere

Enclosure external view. New abusive settlement system


Technological favela. New control expansion system.


Technological favela

mirror model.


Integration of the


new technological favela


high density building internal view


Exploded high density building




high density building models




DEEP Milano Workshop

Architectural composition. Reinterpretation of one of the most important buildings of modernism in Milan. Creation of a new temporary settlement for immigrants and war refugees, composed by a scaffolding (which will accommodate the temporary housing units) that dominates not only the building, but also it crosses the adjacent main road that serves as Landmark. The building’s interior is designed so that it could accomodate the necessary services for new inhabitants of this system and, in addition, create new open and cultural spaces of public interest.



faรงade / standard floor plan


freehand sketches






exploded / expansion



Museum Contemporary Art Design

Design of a museum of contemporary art inserted in the historical fabric of Milan, in front of the canal Naviglio Grande. The area is located in a very limited space, stretched between two firewalls. The two small exits lead to a pedestrian street where it is not possible to create a resting space. The project aims to create a new pedestrian flow connecting the canal with the interior area, it wants to create an interior open space able to exploit the best natural light leading it to all the floors.



1rst floor

2nd floor

3rd floor


Top view


Estern front section

Model top view

Render views


Section / South front-section


Model / North front-section



Paris Market Lab Contest

Design of a new idea of contemporary market based in the fusion of traditional market and a a space that hosts a combination of food design, catering, expositions and workshops to create a new gastronomic experience. The project was divided in dinamic spaces in order to transform depending on the needs of the mutating visitors and exhibitors. The simplicity of the external volume inserted in the Parisian context, contrasts with the game of heights and squared spaces in the interior of the building.







Roof bar






Sagrada Familia Internship

Intership of two months in the Design Studio of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Digitization of the interiors of the towers of the Faรงade of the Passion.

freehand sketches passion faรงade

Interiors digitization


freehand plant draw



PerĂş, Lima. ONG Cesal. Volunteer Designer

Design and implementation of linear park (300 m) in the outskirt of Lima, Huachipa. The request was to cover the irrigation canal that crossed the shacks of this area, in order to improve the ecological conditions and the quality of life. The design of this park was conditioned by the demand to complete a project at no cost. For this reason we needed to find alternative and creative solutions for all the elements that compose a real park. The recycling of these industrial materials allowed us to realize the project of our park: tires, bricks coming from demolished buildings, industrial pallets. The park was divided into two parts: succulent plants and dry plants with botanical area. All these had been received in donation.


project proposal

work in progress




Graduating in architecture, I wanted to add an item to all my knowledge acquired at the Politecnico di Milano, and this is the Revit platform that is growing around the international scene. I embarked on this two-year experience in which, working with a great team of young architects entrepreneurs, we did consulting to several studies of the national and international scene by providing a quality processed to competing projects and running, making me grow in the knowledge of this program. Allowing me to evolve also in the expertive of executive projects, which in university is often overlooked.



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Alexandre Giordani 08.11.1989 C/ Santa Teresa T-41, Sant Cugat, Barcelona alex.giordani at hotmail dot com