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Un week-end à Deauville with «Marcel & Cendrillon» Stripes Fitted Raceback Tank Tops On Albina - Eiffel Tower Top - $54 On Rachel - «Les Beaux Jours» Top - $54

Vegan Leather Pouches Gold Pouch Eiffel Tower - $39 Black Pouch Gabrielle - $39

Scarf Linen Scarf Emilie - $64

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Relaxed Fit Long Raceback Tank Tops On Albina - Deauville Top with Red Stripes in back - $54 On Rachel - Deauville Top with Blue Stripes in back - $54 On Danielle - White Top Eulalie - $54

Scarves Linen Striped Coral Scarf - $69 Modal striped Grey and Blue Scarf - Monica - $59 Modal Brown Scarf - $59

Bag Small Polka Dots Bag - $29

Escapade Ă Cannes

Black Polka Dots Mesh Top - $54 Lariat Necklace Silver with Feathers - $49 Black Pouch Gabrielle - $39

Lariat Necklace Brass with Hearts - $49 White Polka Dots Mesh Top -$54

MEET THE DESIGNER BEHIND THE BRAND MARCEL & CENDRILLON Marcel & Cendrillon, the French retro-glam-rock brand charms us each season. The name of the brand itself inspires intrigue with Marcel- a rugged and masculine side and Cendrillon elegant, sophisticated, and without a doubt always classy and in style. Opposites definitely attract in the name Marcel et Cendrillon, chosen by the designer for the uniqueness of combining the contrasting emotions each name gives, representing her brand. We see from her collections of scarves and women tops, Marcel & Cendrillon combines a mix of materials in order to create a timeless style each season. Some lace, few bows, pretty materials, a style easily recognized, all the creations are designed in France by their designer Madeleine. Madeleine Morelli is the creator of the brand Marcel & Cendrillon, installed in South of France, near Orange.

Exclusive Interview Marcel & Cendrillon Hello Madeleine, you are the creator of the brand “Marcel & Cendrillon,” why did you choose this name? I found it funny, the contrast of “Marcel,” very masculine and somewhat pejorative in regards to the name, and the princess, a total stamp of femininity. How long have you been designing for? Since 2008. Tell us a bit of your history, how did you get started and why? I had always been fascinated with old lace, fabrics, old photographs, old images and etching, dying fabric, combining them, setting free my imagination. I started this activity in creating t-shirts and vests with a romantic or bohemian spirit and developed it with in-season accessories, then scarves. Where are your products made? They’re made in our workshop in France for the most part. Tell us about your city, Orange. Orange is a very touristy city in the south of France on the outskirts of Provence. There, one can visit its famous ancient theater, it’s like visiting the Arc de Triomphe, both registered at UNESCO world patrimony, and remains of the Gallo-Romanian period. The ancient theater is the only theater in Europe in such a good state and is famous for its choral festivals.

What are your sources of inspiration for your creations? Old lace, the bohemian spirit. A fabric will equally inspire a model for me, which I will develop at the mercy of lace or images in my possession. What is your favorite place in France? A good restaurant with friends, an atmosphere in which one feels “well.” In the world? A deserted island, with shellfish and driftwood. What’s your favorite fashion brand? Chanel Your favorite store? There are quite a few of them…the boutique Repetto in Paris for example… Your favorite artist? Gothan project Have you already been to the United States? Yes, in Miami Florida and Key West as well as the Bahamas. What city in the United States attracts you the most? San Francisco. What do you envy about American women? Their beauty and their sophistication. What do you want to relay to American women? They have everything! My passion! What is your favorite café or your favorite restaurant? The café “La Durée” on the Champs Elysées in Paris. I love the 1900’s retro atmosphere, very cozy. It’s hushed and reassuring. Among collections, Marcel & Cendrillon try to satisfy their clients’ desires, staying truthful to their world, mixing classicism and modernity. The models that you will now appreciate are the result of the change of these three components. They have been created for your pleasure, as stated on the brand’s site, “…You are our inspiration, our privilege. Those for whom we create and recreate…for girls and for all girls.” Behind Marcel et Cendrillon, there is Madeleine, a talented designer in the world of romantic and ultra-feminine details. She envisions beautiful scarves, clutches, tank tops, t-shirts that she integrates with retro visuals and chic laces.

Linen Grey striped scarf with Sequins - $64

Large Polka Dots Bag - $49 Medium Polka Dots Bag - $39

Eté à Saint-Tropez with «Catherine Parra» Right Page Army Print Leather Tote Bag Rita Folie - $424 Army Print Leather Sneakers - $129

This Page Army Print Leather Zipped Bag Pepe Folie - $264 Army Print Leather Sneakers - $129

MEET THE DESIGNER BEHIND THE BRAND CATHERINE PARRA A desire to create from the very beginning, 
Catherine Parra spent her childhood in Paris where she developed a passion for sewing at a young age. Later on, she started a career in communications. She loved the bustling, oddball, but stimulating atmosphere of the creative department that she worked with at a major advertising agency. However, after the birth of her first child, she decided to devote more time to her family and moved to Aix-en-Provence, in the south of France. Passionate about decorating, she went bargain hunting at local garage sales and in retro flea markets, where she loved to find treasures from the past. Restoring and building furniture, sculpture and painting quickly became part of daily life. Catherine Parra then decided to pursue a career in her true love, designing. She started by going back to school in Marseille, at a school specializing in textile design. There, she learned the tricks of the trade: production techniques, materials and their properties.v She completed her training with an interior designer. At the same time, Catherine learned about small business management practices in the design field, along with marketing methods, and how to source suppliers. Yet, a seemingly insignificant event moved Catherine away from interior design.
 At a garage sale one day, she stumbled across a small lot of army blankets. She got the idea to use them to make a bag for herself. Shortly thereafter, when entering a clothing boutique in Aix-en-Provence with the bag on her shoulder, Catherine was approached by the shop’s owner, who had fallen completely in love with it. She immediately ordered several copies and convinced her customers would also fall in love. Catherine gave new life to old materials and came up with a series of handbags made from pretty old women’s corsets. They were quickly sold in several Provence boutiques.

Birth of a brand: Catherine started out with collaborations for several seasons, leaning to a colorful and offbeat look before finally creating her own brand signed with her name. Catherine Parra gradually became a brand in its own right, with exclusively designed, quality handcrafted pieces. In 2003, Catherine moved to Barcelona, allowing her to deepen her knowledge of manufacturing in Spanish leather goods workshops.

Always passionate about shoes, she decided to create some ballet flats, her first pair. Today, her collections include many other styles of shoes and boots. Since then, the designer has also started designing accessories (scarves, wallets, purses…), which reflect her cheerful style. Her designs are sold primarily in Western Europe, Japan and the United States.

Exclusive Interview with Catherine Parra Hello Catherine, you are the founder of the brand named after yourself. Yes, herself. What are your sources of inspiration? Everything…The road, thrift sales, looking at people…in order to do this job, one has to look and be curious and love it! What is your favorite place in France? There, where there are nice people…my friends…my family. What’s your favorite place in the world? I love New York, Paris, London, and Garraf, Spain. What’s your favorite fashion brand? Marni. Your favorite store? Where there are kind salespeople, smiling and who don’t annoy you! Have you already been to the United States? Yes, I’m returning from spending two weeks in California. What city in the Unites States do you like the most? Well, New York. What do you envy most about American girls? Nothing! Yeah their pancakes (haha), I don’t envy anything about anybody in general.

What do you want to bring to American girls? French taste…little details, which us Frenchies adore: the small buckle, the tilt of a flower, or the small ribbon that makes all the difference. The small writings in French on my bags…everything they don’t have at home I just want them to say, “…but this bag is so amazing!!!” (I love this expression, it makes me laugh a lot)! What’s your favorite café or restaurant? In Barcelona, “Chez Cornelia.” The décor is super, and the tapas..yum!

Promenade Ă Nice Grey Terry Vintage T-Shirt - $64 Modal Grey Scarf - $59 Leather and Palm Leaves Market Bag - $44

Ivory Tunic with Navy Polka Dots - $79 Lariat Necklace Brass with Hearts - $49 Earrings with Lace Medal - $39 Small Polka Dots Bag - $29

A la Plage Ă Biarritz

Sarong / Pareo Gingko Blue - $44 Scarf Gingko Blue in Hair- $29 Blue Beach Bag - $34

Sarong / Pareo Gingko Green - $44 Large Stripes Beach Bag - $59

Sarong / Pareo Hydrangeas Raspberry - $44 Scarf Hydrangeas Raspberry in Hair - $29 Bronze necklace with Turquoise Agathe - $69 Orange Beach Bag - $34

Orange Beach Bag - $34

Sarong / Pareo Dandelions Orange - $44 Scarf Dandelions Orange as Top - $29 Leather and Palm Leaves Market Bag - $44

MEET THE DESIGNER BEHIND THE BRAND AGATHE DE FILIPPI Agathe De Filippi started working with fabrics and materials a decade ago whilst still painting on canvas. “I have always loved fabrics, colors…it was therefore a logical continuation for me when I began working in that field,” Agathe says. She goes on explaining that while working for Cacharel as a fabric colorist she was still using gouache. “It was a great experience. I was in the fashion industry and I was learning how to use color in a different way.” Working in that environment helped, strangely, my painting to grow, to mature. As a consequence, it became less ornamental.” The bright colors of the fabrics display the color from her painter’s palette. ”I really enjoy this double aspect of the work. I feel that my “fabric painting” is the opposite of my “canvas work” but, at the same time, it sort of completes it. I would say that it is more gutsy and deeper on canvas and lighter-hearted on fabrics, even if it still is conceptual. I always draw on dreams, the imaginary. It definitely helps me to find a sense of balance.” Maybe it is because different sides of my personality coexist and are expressed in harmony through my designs.” She finds her inspiration in the music she listen to all the time, the exhibitions she goes to, the novels she reads and the landscapes she sees around her. Her universe is first and foremost a happy and colorful one, with a good dash of humor.

Exclusive Interview with Agathe De Filippi Hello Agathe, you are the creator of the brand Agathe De Filippi Yes, it is me and it is my name! How long have you been designing scarves and sarongs? I launched my brand 5 years ago Tell us a bit of your history, how did you get started and why? I am a textile designer and after creating designs for others (which is still do anyhow) I had the desire to design accessories to highlight my drawings. The scarf became quickly an evidence and I quickly found admirers of my patterns…The scarf enables the woman to change and personalize an outfit inexpensively!

Where are your products made? Right now they are made in India as a friend of mine took me there at the beginning and introduced me to suppliers. I would like to have my fabrics printed closer though, in Turkey for example. The “Made in France” is unfortunately excluded if I want to keep practicing affordable prices… What are your sources of inspiration for your creations? I am fortunate to have a very eclectic and diverse culture therefore about everything can inspire me: a hydrangea in my garden in Normandy, a small Japanese illustration or even The Beatles! What is your favorite place in France? The Cotentin, in the bay of Mont Saint Michel at the tip of the Hague. In the world? Right now, it is Greece, I think…I went there only once but I fall in love. And I dream to go back. But there are so many countries I don’t know yet! What is your favorite fashion brand? Agnes B., Muji and Ben Simon Agnes B. outfit You favorite store? In general flea markets and thrift stores. Who is you favorite artist? Impossible to name only one! Have you been in the US yet? Yes, 3 times in New York and once in Los Angeles. I loved it because each time I was staying with American friends and I was not just a tourist. What city in the United States attracts you the most? I could live in New York and I would love to discover San Francisco. What do you envy about American women? There super coolitude! The direct and optimistic relationships between people in general. What do you want to relay to American women? The French bohemian spirit What is your favorite patio in France? The restaurant “La Gazzetta” rue de Cotte in Paris and the Café “Chez Joseph” at the Halles Castellane in Montpellier

Sarong / Pareo Ethnic Lavender - $44 Scarf Ethnic Lavender in Hair- $29

Scarf Ethnic Turquoise on Alissia- $29 Pink Beach Bag - $34 Green Beach Bag - $34

Frenchitude offers fashion accessories and clothing from French designers. We are located in Los Gatos, California and ship items in the US within 24 hours.

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We were very pleased to work on this catalog with : Photographer: Roberto Ciacchella Make Up artist and Hairstylist: Fariba Reiisieh - Models: Albina Patou Chebykina, Rachel M. and Danielle Kolman.

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