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October Newsletter

Division 39 North, Another month has sped on by us too soon! Hopefully homecoming traditions, mixed with a little bit of homework and a lot of socializing with friends, haven’t gotten in the way of your Key Clubbing! In addition to Key Club, I have been busy with another club I am involved with, Model UN, which at my school hosted out first ever conference of about 170 people- a large feat for a club with only about 10 active members! I have also been avidly watching the RANGERS win the Division Series against the Rays! Let’s see if they can make it to the World Series again this year—wouldn’t that be something! Thank you to the 8 schools that made the journey to come out the Fall Training Conference on September 17th; it ran wonderfully and I hope everyone was able to take something away from it! Don’t forget, our next PCM will be on October 22nd from 12pm until 1pm at La Hacienda Ranch in Colleyville, TX. Don’t forget to keep staying active in your communities and volunteering whenever you can, your help is always appreciated! Besides, who doesn’t like making someone else’s life just a little bit easier?

In this issue! LTG Letter ......................... 1 Upcoming Events ........... 1 Mighty Fine Division 39N2 What is an LTG? .............. 4 Officer Reminders! ......... 5 SECRETARY REMINDERS .. 6 District Contact Info ....... 7

Keep on Keepin’ On,

Alexandra Yauch 2011-2012 Lt. Governor Division 39N Texas-Oklahoma District Key Club Ever since I was about 6 years old, I have been a huge Texas Rangers baseball fan. At Fan Appreciation Day on Sept. 25th, 2011, I won a signed, game worn jersey from 1st baseman/catcher Mike Napoli! UPCOMING EVENTS! 

Back-to-School LTG Club Visit Tour! Coming to YOUR school this September, October or November; this is one “concert” your club can’t miss! This may take place at a meeting, service event or even at a social. Your Lieutenant Governor (that’s me!) is your link to the Texas-Oklahoma District and this is a very special time to meet her (me) and ask questions. Kiwanis Zone Conference: Saturday, October 8th, 2011—from ~8:30AM to 3PM at Oak View Baptist Church//1004 S.Story Rd.//Irving, TX; cost is $12 for refreshments and lunch (ask your Kiwanis club to sponsor you!). Great way to learn more about the K-Family. For more information, ask me or your Sponsoring Kiwanis Club OCTOBER PCM: Saturday, October 22nd from 12PM-1PM at La Hacienda Ranch in Colleyville, TX. Important things will be brought up and there may very well just be a costume contest! AT LEAST ONE REPRESENTATIVE FROM YOUR SCHOOL MUST COME.

Trick-Or-Treat for UNICEF- ALL MONTH (especially on Oct. 31st): Dress up, go trick or treating, and collect donations!


Mighty Fine

“After Dark in the Park” at River Legacy is this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Have fun Lamar HS and Sam Houston HS at this fun event!


A Sadie Hawkins Dance at Krum High School on October 15th—proceeds will go towards supporting the troops for the Governor’s Project! At Liberty Christian School’s last meeting on October 4th, members got to write letters to the troops to get involved with this year’s Governor’s Project. Also LCS is taking part in Trick-Or-Treat for UNICEF this year! (Pics to the right) Arlington High School greets troops at the airport on September 10th to honor American soldiers and get involved in the Governor’s Project. (Pic to the left)

Arlington High School also has lots of activities planned to keep their members active, including a Buddy Walk for children with Down syndrome on October 15th and a walk for JDRF on October 22nd. Great job staying active AHS!

In order to promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October), at Sam Houston’s last meeting on October 4th, officers and members stayed after to make awareness posters to hang around the school. Thank for letting me be a part of this during my Club Visit SHHS!

A part of the proceeds from the sale of the Grapevine’s Key Club shirts will go towards this year’s Divisional Project, Charity: Water!

Clubs in Division 39N - Arlington HS - Carroll Senior HS - Colleyville Heritage - Denton HS -Grapevine HS - Guyer HS - Krum HS - Lamar HS - Liberty Christian HS - Martin HS - Ryan HS 2 - Sam Houston HS

Denton High School

Congratulations for raising over $1,700 on September 17th and 18th at the National Drag Boat Races by selling t-shirts and sodas to attendees!


Is this worth all the time and effort? I won’t lie to you; this position is more time consuming than any other officer position, but that’s just it, this isn’t your regular old officer position. This is something new, something exciting, something Key Club. Look around at the other clubs in your school and I can almost guarantee you NO OTHER club at your school has a LTG position or a hierarchy quite like Key Club International. You can meet so many new people as you grow as a lead; colleges love it when they see you immersed in your community and helping out; the scholarships are plentiful; and you can see the impact you can make from all the hours of service you’ve done! Besides that, as an LTG you will get that feeling of being fulfilled almost weekly—let me tell you from personal experience, it’s one of the best feelings of all. Did I forget to mention that this is the best decision I’ve made throughout high school and I’ve never regretted it one bit? Yeah, it’s definitely worth it.

Duties:  Organize and put together the district convention  Create a Monthly Newsletter to send out to all clubs in your Division  Hold PCM(Presidential Council Meetings) throughout the year  Have an FTC(Fall Training Conference) in order to train all the officers within your division  Hold a DEC to elect the next Lieutenant Governor  Visit EACH club in your division  Contact clubs weekly and monthly in your division and help them with anything they may need

What is an LTG? (Lieutenant Governor) How can I run? At the DEC (Division Election Conference) in January or February. Your club MUST be in good standing so make sure that you’ve paid dues and your club has submitted them—THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. All candidates MUST be non-seniors (8th graders, freshman, sophomores, and juniors are all eligible to run for LTG; seniors cannot run since they will be graduating). Closer to the DEC, a LTG Candidacy Form will be sent out via. E-mail and you must fill it out and bring it to the meeting. You must either be endorsed by your club (each club can only endorse one candidate) OR you can run off the floor- you must get a second for this. EACH club in good standing in the Division can bring as many people as they would like to the DEC, but only 4 members can vote as delegates, so make sure to have your posse of supporters.

Are you thinking about running for the Lieutenant Governor position of Division 39N next year? Or do you have questions, comments, or concerns?

Talk to me! 4

Historians: Don’t forget to take pictures of everything, including meetings!

Presidents: Guyer, Krum, Lamar, Ryan still need their Resource CDs. Schedule a time I can meet up with you at a meeting or service event to get these! Carroll, Denton, Guyer, Liberty, Martin, and Ryan MUST all schedule a Club Visit with me either during a meeting or at a service event. THIS IS A MUST.


DUES: $12.50 + club dues. Total CANNOT exceed $19.00 -Early Bird Deadline= Nov. 1st -On-Time Deadline= Dec. 1st

Youth Opportunity Fund deadline is October 15th! Look at the July Newsletter (page 5) if you don’t remember what this is or e-mail me!

EDITORS: Make sure to talk with the president, it’s your job to make the agenda for the meetings and the Club newsletter!

Secretaries, please see page 6 for your reminders! Don’t forget to write articles for the Tex-O-Key! Send them in via e-mail to (Kaitlyn is our District Editor). ALL MEMBERS CAN DO THIS, NOT JUST OFFICERS. PLEASE ENCOURAGE YOUR MEMBERS TO DO THIS!


SECRETARIES REMINDERS E-mail reports to: - - - Your sponsoring Kiwanis club president.

Mail Reports to the District Secretary: Ryan Nava 14819 Chetland Place Dr. Houston, TX 77095 ***POSTMARK ENVELOPES BY THE 5TH OF THE MONTH. The September report is due by October 5th.***

PLEASE try to fill out all your reports (even ones from PAST months), you still get points for them! Let’s try to have the least amount of RED on here as possible. MR= Monthly Report PCM=Presidential Council Meeting



Contact Information District Governor- Megan Iselin (713) 449-4150

15211 Wisteria Springs Drive Cypress, TX 77433

District Secretary- Ryan Nava Join “Texas-Oklahoma Key Club Division 39N” on Facebook! 14819 Chetland Place Drive (713) 206-4766 Houston, TX 77095

District Treasurer- Morgan Hah (409) 779-8048

District Editor- Kaitlyn Levett (325) 646-0965

Convention Liaison- Colten Meisner Visit for some great club resources. (325) 203-0168

Lt. Governor- Alexandra Yauch (817) 422-4848

Regional Advisor- Donna Newsham (817) 475-0870 Visit to learn more and discover new ideas.

“You can’t make

District Administrator- Patrick Schibi (580) 351-7389

footprints in the sands of time by sitting on your butt.

And who wants to leave buttprints in the sands of time?” -Bob Moawad 7

October Newsletter  

The Monthly Newsletter for Division 39N of the Texas-Oklahoma District Key Club for October 2011

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