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KEY CLUB February Newsletter

Division 39, Hope everyone has hit their last semester of school this year with the force of a raging river and all the strength of a great typhoon! Where there are four month left for you to succeed in school, there are only TWO MONTHS left of this Key Club year. Keep turning in your reports and don’t fall off the ball on service. You still have time to serve, serve, serve! Your new club officers should be starting to get elected in February or March so that they can have time to shadow the old officers for about a month before they take office. You don’t want to throw someone into a position without a little training! I am always willing to come out and train your new officers if you would like, just give me a little heads up, por favor. Since it is nearing the end of the year though, you DO need to start planning for District Convention! DCON will be at the Dallas Sheraton Hotel, where it always is, April 12th-15th. One of our very own, Martin High School, will be presenting the “Breaking the Ice” Forum this year! On your DCON CDs, you will have everything you need for registration, scholarships, contests and awards and so much more!

In this issue! LTG Letter......................... 1 Upcoming Events ........... 1 Mighty Fine Division 39 2 Officer Reminders! ......... 3 DEC Winners................... 4 Extra! Extra! Don’t forget5 District Contact Info ...... 6

Keep on Keepin’ On,

Alexandra Yauch 2011-2012 Lt. Governor Division 39N Texas-Oklahoma District Key Club

During my AP Español Cinco class, we celebrated one of our classmate’s birthdays by bashing open a Dora the Explorer


February PCM/SOCIAL  look for more emails about this within the week!

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February 15th postmark deadline for DCON Ad Sales for the convention booklet February 24th scholarship postmark deadline for senior scholarships given out at DCON March 1st early registration deadline for District Convention March 12th Governor’s Project Completion Form postmark deadline! DCON: April 12th-15th at the Dallas Sheraton Hotel

April 21st Kiwanis One Day! Ask your Kiwanis how to get involved.


Mighty Fine


Jennifer Roca from Venus High School is crocheting a birthing mat for women in Uganda using plastic grocery bags! For more info, email

Colleyville Heritage Key Club is currently running a Teens for Jeans Campaign until February 10th. If your club collects any gently used pairs of jeans, they will pick them up to donate them to homeless teenagers in the local area! Contact Alexandra Yauch for more information at:

Sam Houston Key Club donates their time every Friday to mentoring local elementary school children. These high school students are great role models for the young kids. Maybe those elementary schoolers will want to follow in their footsteps and join Key Club later when they’re in high school?

Sam Houston High School volunteered their time and their energy on MLK Day to help do some “serious yard work,” according to Secretary Jesica Rios. They raked leaves, picked up trash, and even cut some tree branches! Want to get involved in service like this? They did this through an organization called Mission Arlington. More information can be found here: 2


DCON CDs: PLEASE schedule a time for me to deliver yours to your club! I can meet you at a Kiwanis meeting, a Key Club meeting, or some other time that is convenient for YOU! Club Visits: Just send me an email/text/or call me if you would like me to come visit you! I can speak about DCON, projects, or anything else that you would like. Officer Training: Want me to train your newly elected officers? Shoot me an email.


Keep sending in your reports! The February report is due by March 5th to Ryan Nava, District Secretary. Don’t forget you can always submit reports late from past months!

TREASURERS  UNPAID clubs: Krum High School and Summit International Prep.


Find the December/January Tex-O-Key on by searching “tex o key january december” Write articles and submit them to Kaitlyn Levett; you’ll get points for doing this! February Theme: “All We Need is Love”  write about very personal projects with lots of interaction(soup kitchens, reading to kids, etc.) March Theme: “The Gold at the End of the Rainbow”  write about wrapping up the Key Club year and a call to convention 3

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Plays varsity tennis LOVES Key Club!![She’s a current club president] Involved in NHS, 3-4 Academic Competitions Loves computer science Does abstract art, skis, and sails(on a boat)

Wants to focus on bettering our communities(school, home, and city)

DEC Winners! [a.k.a your LTG next year] Hi, I’m Christina Koo! It’s an honor to be the Lt. Governor-elect for Division 39 South. I’ll be a senior next year at Mansfield Summit High School, making the upcoming year my 4th year as a member of Key Club. This year, I had the opportunity to serve as the Vice-President of my Key Club. I’ve gained priceless assets of knowledge from this office, and I hope to use it as well as what I will learn in the future to empower this division. For the upcoming year, I aspire to make my division an enjoyable, productive, and family-like place, overall making an influential impact on our community and individually grow as leaders. I will hold myself to the upmost dedication to keep this division functioning properly. Outside of Key Club, I involve myself in activities such as band, National Honor Society, Academic Decathlon, and UIL Academics. I absolutely adore learning new things, especially anything related to science. I am quite the nerd; I love to play video games and embrace my natural Asian tendencies. When I’m not being a studious bookworm, practicing my bassoon, or spending time with my family, I go out with my friends and meet wonderful, beautiful Key Clubbers like you. I’m very excited that I have the privilege serve as Lt. Governor for next year. Of course, I’ll gladly assist anyone and keep my mind and ears open; I believe that there is always something to learn and improve on.


If you haven’t ever been to Weekend of a Lifetime, it is a must do! Learn about leadership abilities, fun icebreakers, and how to be a better friend, Key Clubber, and person. It is well worth your time (and money) and you will make friendships that will last a lifetime! Be sure to lookout for the dates for next January 2013 when they come out.

T-67 days! I cover this much, much more in my e-mails so make sure you read those. Don’t forget to tell your seniors about the scholarship opportunities!

Please reference the attachments to this email! Depending on club size, your club will need to raise between $25-$100 for KIVA: Microloans in order to get a patch this year.

Keep raising money to contribute to our divisional well! Colleyville Heritage is trying to see if there is interest in having a Divisional Banquet with the proceeds going to charity: water. Contact for more information.

Completion forms are due March 12th in order to receive a patch! To “complete” this project you must do TWO PROJECTS relation to the troops and their families (writing letters, greeting the troops, care packages, etc.)

The District Website is now up and running! 5


Contact Information

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“You only


once, but if you do it right…

…once is enough.” -Mae West


February Newsletter- Division 39  

The February Newsletter for Division 39 in the Texas-Oklahoma District of Key Club International.