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Grammar and Vocabulary 3. Read and complete this brochure using there was/were. Nature Trails is a recreational park that is changing for its visitors. There was a swimming pool and houses in the past. These days the park offers a different view. For instance, a tall building some years ago. there is a gym where not any camping sites in the past. Today there are clean waterfalls, safe camping areas and great hiking trails. It is located very close to the small town of Altoona.

4. Listen and match each person with the picture described. Then complete the grammar chart below. Reflect on Grammar

Past Progressive Affirmative:

Sub + was/were + verb + ING Mark

was riding his bike all the time.

His parents

1. Antonio

2. Lucy

3. Mark

4. Jeff



Sub + wasn’t/ weren’t + verb + ING Lucy

wasn’t relaxing in the yacht.

Her brothers Interrogative: Was/were + Sub + verb + ING? Was Antonio


Yes, he was.

Key Expressions I’m kidding you: I’m not being serious

Were Lucy’s parents


Yes, they were.

5. Complete this phone call between Peter and grandma about his family vacation. Peter: Hello, grandma! This is Peter. I am calling you from Orlando. Grandma: Hello, Peter. How was your trip to Disney World? Peter: Great! We arrived at the hotel this morning; there were many attractions. I went straight to the pool. I (swim) was swimming (a) most of the time. Grandma: It is not surprising to me that you decided to swim all the time, you have always loved the pool. What about your parents? were sleeping (b) all morning. Peter: My parents were tired and went to bed. They (sleep) Grandma: I am sure they were exhausted after that long trip. And how is your sister? (c) pictures all Peter: My sister had her new camera with her, so she (take) were touring (d) the hotel, over the place. When you phoned this afternoon, we (tour) (e) the phone in our room at that moment. Mom (pick up) so we (answer) (f) the phone when you hung up. Grandma: Don’t worry. I understand you are full of fun activities to do. I hope you continue to have a great time. Peter: All right! I’ll call you tomorrow and let you know how this trip goes on. Bye, grandma. Grandma: Bye, grandson. Project  Stage 1 • Get into groups. Think of a vacation experience each one of you remembers well. • Tell your story to your classmates and select the most interesting one. E.g. When I was little, once we went to the beach. There was a hut and there were many giant umbrellas.

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