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Beyond Buckskin Jessica Metcalfe

BEYOND BUCKSKIN Native American Blog For Art and Fashion //Jessica Metcalfe

//mission statement

I am Turtle Mountain Chippewa from North Dakota, I have a Ph.D., and I write about Native American art, fashion, and design. I also own and operate the Beyond Buckskin Boutique, which sells Native American fashion, and I recently launched a new site, Red Willow Poetry.

Beyond Buckskin empowers Native American artists and designers, advancing the quality of Native American fashion through education while providing an in depth podium for societal participation. Inspired by relevant historical and contemporary Native American clothing design and art, Beyond Buckskin promotes cultural appreciation, social relationships, authenticity and creativity.

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Topics: Native Artist profiles Appropriations, mostly fashion Events attended Company news

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Steps - Apologize

This is the easiest thing that a company can do. Not all companies will do it. For example Urban Outfitters has yet to issue an apology for their illegal use of the word ‘Navajo’ to label and sell their products. Yet, it is a fairly easy thing to do. Many companies already have a template in place for apologizing, so it maybe insincere, but it is a gesture, and that gesture does matter.

- Remove

This act can also be thought of in terms of easiest to hardest, depending on the ‘crime,’ so to speak. Easiest: You can request that the company/person remove images (ex. in the case of a racist poster, online photo, etc).

- Commit

Make a commitment to move forward in a positive way. Again, this can be thought of from easiest to hardest to do.

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In conclusion The language is very easy to follow, enjoyable, informative, mostly error-free. The target audience would be for Indians who have an interest in art and fashion, but also non-Indians who either are interested in native fashion or Indian culture. I think this site sets itself apart to because it gives Indians current role models.

There is a bias towards Indians, but nothing that would make anyone who wasn’t an Indian feel uncomfortable.

Hidden agenda - Probably the promotion of her online boutique and other Indian designers.

Beyond buckskin presentation  
Beyond buckskin presentation