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We would like to know what you think about Alexandra Square, give us a clue by answering these questions. If Alexandra Square was a famous person who would they be?

Alexandra Square

Landscape Design Competition

Who do you want the Square to be? If you could change one thing about the Square what would it be?

What is the best thing about the space?

What is missing?

Do you cross the Square at night? Do you avoid the underpass? How do you use the space?

your name: position: contact:

If the University is your house, is Alexandra Square your garden, dining room or sitting room?


Have a go, draw what you would like to see new learning centre

university house


If you have anymore suggestions, you can leave feedback on our facebook group. Just search ‘Alexandra Square’. You can also download this questionnaire from our facebook page.

Consultation Leaflet  

Alexandra Square Consultation Leaflet