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Alexandra Morton

Hansel and Gretel Set and Costume Unity Theatre, Liverpool Director: Nina Hajiyianni

White card model

Ground plan

Sketches and costume designs for The Witch, Hansel, and The Bird

Pre-­set Woodcutter’s cottage

Summer of ‘42 Set Sennheiser Studio, LIPA Director: Sally Rapier

White card model

Ground plan

Model box


Working drawings

Dorothy and Hermie at Dorothy’s house

Eurydice Set and Costume Hypothetical design project Director: Chris Meads

Eurydice and Father in the Underworld

The Stones

Lord of the Underworld

Father’s writing desk in the Underworld

Eurydice’s house of string

The Maids Set and Costume Hypothetical design project Director: Graeme Phillips

Costume designs for Solange and Claire

Storyboard images

Costume Props Brief: Design three animal / human hybrids and choose one to make

Flash; the fastest fish in the river

Mr Tortoise

Mrs Badger; sketches and final design

Miss Moth Chosen design for construction

Initial sketches and final design


Miss Moth completed costume

Alexandra Morton Portfolio  

Set and Costume Design

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