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SPAN’S 2013 ANNUAL REPORT From the Director’s Desk 2014 is a big milestone for SPAN. Thanks to a passionate group of community members in the City of Boulder, most of them women who were part of the feminist movement at the time, SPAN was founded in the fall of 1979, making this our 35th Anniversary! Originally named Boulder County Safehouse, SPAN was founded when attitudes about domestic violence were just beginning to change. The first battered women’s shelters, as they were referred to then, were just starting to open. And, until mandatory arrest laws were passed in mid/late 1980’s, police were reluctant to make arrests in what was still commonly considered a private family matter, not a crime. SPAN began with just four staff and in a shelter that could house only 12 people. Strong support from the City of Boulder allowed SPAN to expand services to address the growing needs of the community. Today, SPAN shelters nearly 350 adults and children, provides outreach counseling and advocacy services to more than 1,800 individuals, and responds to 8,500 crisis calls annually. In 2013 alone, SPAN provided 9,100 shelter nights to 326 adults and children (that’s

more nights of shelter than ever before in our 35 year history). We have come a long way since our early beginnings. From expanding programs to include transitional housing, opening one of the first public Outreach Centers for domestic violence survivors in Colorado, implementing trauma-informed culturally competent counseling services for adults and children, establishing legal advocacy programs to assist victims with issues ranging from Protection Orders to immigration concerns; developing services specific for older survivors, establishing shelter and support services for LGBTQ survivors of abuse; and, engaging youth in evidence-based violence prevention initiatives through our Peers Building Justice collaboration with Moving to End Sexual Assault. While we have accomplished much in the past 35 years, there is still so much more work to do to end domestic violence in our community. I hope that our 2013 Annual Report informs and inspires you as it highlights both the impact that SPAN is having in our community, and the challenges we continue to face. Thank you for your support of SPAN! Sincerely,

SPAN’s Programs • The SPAN Emergency Shelter Program is a 27-bed residential facility and 24-hour crisis line service providing crisis intervention, safe shelter, food, and clothing to survivors and their children seeking refuge from an abusive relationship. • The Advocacy Program provides crisis intervention and ongoing advocacy for survivors of interpersonal violence involved with law enforcement and the justice system. • The Outreach Counseling Program addresses a broad continuum of needs, from early intervention to long-term support toward self-sufficiency. Individual and group counseling are offered in English and Spanish in Boulder, Lafayette, and Broomfield. • The Transitional Services Program provides long-term, comprehensive support for women and their children as they work toward emotional and economic self-sufficiency. Services include access to affordable housing, long-term case management, and skill-building classes. • The Training and Community Education Program focuses on early intervention, prevention, and social change. Students in grades K through 12 are prepared to recognize signs and causes of violence and to integrate violence-prevention strategies into their peer relationships, families, and community. Community trainings inform area residents about abuse, challenge personal and organizational beliefs that perpetuate interpersonal violence, and promote equity and social justice.


“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Mahatma Gandhi

2013 Innovations & Collaborations • Domestic violence is present in 40% of the nearly 300 substantiated cases of child abuse and neglect referred to Child Protective Services each year. In 2013, SPAN’s Outreach Counseling Program staff met with Child Protective Services staff in both Boulder and Broomfield Counties to evaluate specific cases where domestic violence is either suspected or confirmed, strategizing on ways to keep children safe and families intact. • Fourteen adults who identified as either transgender or gender non-conforming received Emergency Shelter from SPAN in 2013, twice the number of transgender individuals who received shelter from SPAN in 2012. In 2013 SPAN received a grant from The Open Door Fund to organize trainings by the Colorado Anti-Violence Project (CAVP) for program staff from SPAN, Safe Shelter of St. Vrain Valley, Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, Attention Homes, Bridge House, and Out Boulder focusing on initiating policies of respect for transgender people as well as generating practical recommendations that will help make shelter safer and more accessible for transgender people. • In addition to monthly Immigration Law Clinics, in 2013 the Advocacy Program hosted a series of Divorce & Legal Custody Clinics. Clinics provided a one-on-one consultation with a local family law attorney at no cost to the client. The attorney addressed specific questions and concerns about divorce, separation, custody and parenting processes, as well as providing information on protection orders and other legal resources.

SPAN Board of Directors Judy Knapp, Board Chair Lockheed Martin

Sara Horn Attention Homes

Lisa Darby, Vice Chair National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

Robbin Moore Marie Walton, P.C.

Colleen Ostlund, Treasurer Home Healthcare Provider Kinsey Hasstedt, Secretary Guttmacher Institute

Shyamlee Pringle Alfalfa’s Market Joan Riggins Blue Parrot Restaurant Willa Williford Boulder County

Honorary Board Members Linda Damon Charlotte Grojean Reggie Schmidt Lydia M. Tate

SPAN staff getting silly at the 2013 SPAN-ger Games

SPAN’s Board of Directors: (left to right) Willa Williford, Lisa Darby, Judy Knapp, Sara Horn, Colleen Ostlund and Robbin Moore. Not shown: Shyamlee Pringle, Kinsey Hasstedt, Joan Riggins

SPAN Staff Anne Tapp, Executive Director • Tsunemi Maehara Rooney, Counseling Program Director • Veronica Horn, Advocacy Program Director • Nora Hartmann, Shelter Program Director • Nancy Chavez-Porter, Training/ Community Education Director • Alexandra Lynch, Development Director • Suzzanne Painter, Marketing/Donor Development • Mary Pierce, Events Coordinator • Rollie Butler, Office Manager • Leonor Toro-Bolet, Spanish Bilingual Administrative Assistant • Katie Dobbins, Volunteer Coordinator • Renee Roberts, Youth Violence Prevention Educator • John Diaz Cortes, Spanish Bilingual Nonviolence Elementary Educator • Lindsey Rawson, Legal Advocate • Ana Silvia Avendano-Curiel, Spanish Bilingual Outreach Counselor • Shannon Bauer, Outreach Children’s Counselor • Amanda Nicholas, Spanish Bilingual Transitional Housing/Services Advocate • Laura Yonamine, Spanish Bilingual Tri-City Counselor • Becky Camacho-Frank, Tri City Community Advocate • Robyn Mourning, Part-Time Tri-City Counselor • Melissa Hunt, Part Time Children’s Counselor • Bylo Jane Farmer, Facilities/Donations Manager • Ilse Olivia Flores, Spanish Bilingual Crisis Line Advocate • Avery McKenzie, Shelter Children’s Counselor • Lindsay Christopher, Community Resources Advocate • Milay Lemos, Spanish Bilingual Shelter Advocate • BeitAni Gorski, Shelter Advocate/Counselor • Holly Wells, Overnight Shelter Advocate • Veronica Cepak, Saturday Overnight Shelter Advocate 3

2013 Financial Review

SPAN’s 2013 Audited Financial Statements will be available upon request in June 2014.

Support and Revenue

Donations Government Support Grants & Trusts Workplace Giving Client fees Special Events Other income Total:

$437,238.27* $892,859.57** $143,534.40 $60,282.74 $2,681.00 $89,833.00 $84,776.00 $1,711,204.98

* Includes house donation asset value of $306,532 - non cash. ** Includes $85,000 capital repair project from Boulder County Worthy Cause funds.




Communications Occupancy Other Professional Services Salaries/Benefits/ Payroll Taxes Special Assistance to individuals

$41,343.39 $126,172.90 $23,952.33 $43,396.39

Supplies & Materials Total:


$1,166,448.79 $23,670.76


In 2013 326 people donated a total of 36,918 hours to SPAN! These wonderful people support SPAN in a variety of ways. Program volunteers complete a month long 44-hour training and commit to a year of volunteering in ways that directly impact clients, including staffing the 24/7 Crisis & Information Hotline, working with children’s groups, and providing support at the Boulder or Broomfield County Courts. Other volunteers help SPAN’s Events team organize our fundraising special events, provide administrative support or do yard work and maintenance tasks around SPAN’s facilities. SPAN also offers great team-building opportunities for companies looking for volunteer projects for their employees. Shown at left are employees from Verizon Wireless lending SPAN a hand at the 2013 Day of Caring volunteer event.

Major Donors Government

Foundations & Trusts

City of Louisville


The Sam S. Bloom Foundation


City of Lafayette


The Highest Image Foundation




Broomfield Community Foundation


City and County of Broomfield



VALE Grant 17th Judicial District


CARHOF Colorado Association of Realtors

VALE Grant 20th Judicial District


Colorado Bar Foundation


DOJ - OVW (Transitional Housing)


Lefkovitz Foundation





City of Boulder


The Community Foundation Serving Boulder County



El Pomar Foundation


Colorado Dept. of Health & Environment - SVPP


MacKay Family Foundation


L & N Andreas Foundation


State of Colorado - TGYS


The 1040 Foundation





Boulder County Commissioners


The Community Foundation for Northern Virginia

Boulder County DHHS (1A Funds)


Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund


Boulder County Worthy Cause (capital repairs)


The Jumping Mouse Foundation


PeyBack Foundation


Christie Cadwell Foundation


The Louis and Harold Price Foundation


The Denver Foundation


United Way Foothills United Way


Businesses Peets Coffee


Cardinal Peak LLC


Big Red F Restaurant Group


Black Roofing, Inc.


Individual Donors

In 2013 SPAN received 684 individual donations, in amounts from $2 to $12,000. Out of respect for our supporters’ privacy we do not publish individual donors’ names. We are so grateful to our wonderful community of donors and thank each and every one of you!

Why We Support SPAN - A Donor’s Story

“Supporting SPAN is important to us because SPAN’s work touches the lives of so many people in our community, from infants to older adults, across all genders, socioeconomic lines and religious beliefs. Domestic violence victims suffer in silence, hoping they can ‘fix’ the problem, because after all, this is with someone they love, or it involves the children. The cycle continues and the violence increases. SPAN is a place of hope, new beginnings, love, acceptance and non-judgement. We are blessed that in our home, we live these truths. Every person deserves that. We support all the good works of SPAN in making those truths a reality for so many in our community.” Joe & Heather DiIorio, SPAN supporters since 2002


Who do we serve?

Every year more than 10,000 people turn to Safehouse Progressive Alliance for help, support, resources and information. More than 2,000 people in our community receive direct in-person services. Who are these people and what do their experiences tell us about our community? “My ex-husband kept threatening that if I left he would take our son away and I would never see him again. I figured that just taking the abuse was the only way I had to keep my family together but when he started hurting my older daughter, I had to get out. I took the kids and we entered SPAN’s Shelter. Right away, things got better. The kids started school, made new friends, and I found a job at a bank and started saving money up for an apartment. Before I left, I never thought I could make it on my own. But with the support I got from SPAN I realized I am strong enough to make a home for me and my kids.” Betty G.

Hear My Voice: One Client’s Experience

Visit SPAN’s website to view more stories from SPAN’s clients:

Client Demographics: Race & Ethnicity

Survivors of domestic violence often feel the burden of shame and isolation, and for Latina abuse victims, and especially for immigrant women, these feelings can be compounded by language and cultural barriers, racism, anti-immigrant sentiment, high rates of poverty, and community isolation. 40% of SPAN’s clients identify as Latina/o. SPAN’s Latina Outreach Program supports Latinas who have experienced domestic violence with culturally competent counseling and advocacy. Perhaps most importantly, the Latina Outreach Program organizes weekly Spanish bilingual support groups, providing the women with opportunities to share their experiences, gain strength from each other and create a real sense of community.

Client Demographics: Ages

In 2013 27% of direct service clients were between the ages of 30 and 39, with the average age for a SPAN client being 33. 19% of SPAN’s direct service clients in 2013 were children, with an average age of 7. SPAN continues to see a sharp increase in the number of older adults seeking services, with services to adults age 50+ increasing by more than 300% in the past six years, from 66 individuals in 2009 to 294 in 2013. SPAN has taken a leadership role in developing resources for older adults who are experiencing abuse, acting as one of the key partners in the Boulder County Elder Justice Project since 2009. Outreach Counseling staff provide support and training for law enforcement and social services staff, and SPAN holds regular support groups for older adults in Lafayette and Boulder.

Emerging Trends: Primary Prevention Programming for Youth


Violence among youth and teens in our community is a real concern, with 8% of all Boulder Valley School District high school students reporting being forced to have sexual intercourse, and 9% reporting being hit, slapped or hurt by a boyfriend or girlfriend. In 2013 SPAN’s Community Education Program received funding from the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE) Sexual Violence Prevention Program that supports the exciting and innovative work of the Peers Building Justice Program (PBJ), a collaboration with Moving to End Sexual Assault. PBJ works with teens as they explore how dating/sexual violence are sustained by systems of power and control. Teens participating in PBJ uses art and community organizing to build youth power and create transformative discussions in a social justice framework. Visit to learn more about PBJ.

Where do we serve?

SPAN was founded in Boulder 35 years ago and more than half the people we support are residents of Boulder. But over the years SPAN’s programs have become regional in their impact. In 2013 residents of Boulder accounted for 55% of SPAN’s clients. 85% of SPAN’s clients reside in some part of Boulder County, including mountain towns and unincorporated BOCO.

SPAN’s work in East Boulder County continues to expand, with a 24% increase in services provided at SPAN’s Lafayette based Tri City Program in 2013.

7% of the people SPAN supported in 2013 were residents of the City/County of Broomfield. Another 5% were residents of other Colorado counties, primarily Denver, Adams or Weld Counties.

2013 Program Outcomes & Client Evaluations

Emergency Shelter Program • SPAN provided 9,100 bednights in 2013 -- more than ever before in SPAN’s 35-year history • 90% of shelter residents reported feeling safer after their time at SPAN’s Emergency Shelter and Resource Center Outreach Counseling Program • 96% of clients report their individual counseling sessions have helped them develop better strategies for their personal safety • 93% of SPAN’s children’s counseling clients engaged in activities proven to reduce the trauma of violence, like facilitated play groups, art therapy and SPAN’s summer day camp program Advocacy Program • 92% of Advocacy clients reported having an increase in knowledge of their legal rights/options after engaging in SPAN Advocacy services • 93% of individuals who received support and information from the Advocacy Program while seeking a Temporary Protection Order were successful in their application to the court. Transitional Services/Housing Program • 30 adults exited SPAN’s transitional housing in 2013. 97% found permanent housing by the time they exited SPAN’s transitional housing • 83% gained or maintained stable employment • 23% completed their GED’s or enrolled in higher education Training & Community Education Program • More than 3,800 individuals attended a SPAN presentation in 2013 and received information on the causes, consequences and prevalence of domestic and dating violence, plus information on how to offer support • 115 people accessed other SPAN services because of the information they received at a presentation • 728 students in K-12 schools engaged in age-appropriate SPAN programming, on subjects ranging from the impact of bullying to cyberstalking and healthy relationship boundaries • 75 children and teens sought support from SPAN’s other services after attending one of these presentation. The historic rains and flooding that ravaged parts of Boulder County in September 2013 impacted SPAN in a variety of ways. The Boulder Outreach Center was not flooded but unfortunately sustained some damage from the rain itself that insurance will not cover. More significantly, some SPAN clients were directly impacted, mainly through loss of income because their work had shut down during the deluge, and SPAN’s Emergency Shelter provided shelter for some families displaced by flood damage. Long term the greatest impact of the 2013 flooding on SPAN’s clients is to further limit the affordable housing options available in the area. Rental vacancy rates at every price point are at historic lows in Boulder County and average monthly rents have risen as a result. Access to affordable housing is a key component to a survivor of domestic violence being able to achieve and sustain stability and self sufficiency. In the wake of the 2013 floods, this is more challenging than ever. This stark reality is reflected in the fact that shelter stays increased from an overall average of 26 days in the first half of the year to 31 days in the second half of 2013, with 7 fewer affordable post-shelter housing options inevitably leading to longer stays at shelter.

What About the Floods?

835 North Street Boulder, CO 80304

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Be An Agent of Change: Donate, Volunteer & Take Action!

SPAN is 35 Years Strong in 2014! The work SPAN is doing is changing lives, it is quite literally saving lives, and we depend on the generosity of supporters like you. SPAN is a registered 501 (c) 3 public charity and donations are tax deductible. We are also committed to keeping our administrative and fundraising costs low, so .87 cents of every dollar donated goes to supporting client services. We need your help! • $10,000 will provide 3 meals a day, 365 days a year for shelter residents -- that’s a total of 29,000 meals a year! • $5,000 will cover the cost of a mother and her two children staying at the Emergency Shelter for six weeks. • $2,500 will pay for SPAN’s summer day camp program for children impacted by violence. • $1,000 provides twelve weeks of group and individual counseling for a domestic violence survivor. • $500 will subsidize one month’s rent for a survivor and her children in the Transitional Housing Program. • $100 keeps SPAN’s Protection Order clinics at Boulder or Broomfield Courts open for a day.

DONATE Make a donation online at Make a gift of real estate or stock. Make a bequest to SPAN in your will. SUPPORT Support SPAN through your workplace giving program. Donate your used vehicle at Ask your church, synagogue or other place of worship to consider supporting SPAN. IN-KIND Make an in-kind donation. We always need both perishable and non-perishable food (proteins and fresh produce especially!), household cleaning supplies, RTD bus tickets, and gift cards to King Soopers, Safeway and Home Depot. Visit support-span/wish-list/ to find out more. VOLUNTEER We love our volunteers! Send an email to info@ to find out more about volunteer opportunities at SPAN.

Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence - 2013 Annual Report  
Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence - 2013 Annual Report  

Annual Report for domestic violence intervention & prevention non-profit in Boulder County, Colorado