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Christina Custode multi-talented musician and award winning vocalist, recently released her first original recording. The project, which consists of eight songs (all music and lyrics written and arranged by Christina Custode) has put Custode on the singer/songwriter map and has been heralded as an excellent start to a long and promising career. ***

A graduate from the prestigious Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York, Custode’s music is current, honest, and soaked with the musical integrity the artist upholds in all of her musical endeavors. She has shared the stage with Marvin Hamlisch and the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra (2005), Chuck Mangione, Lew Soloff, and Pat LaBarbera (Jerry Neiwood Tribute Concert, 2009) and currently performs with numerous jazz groups on piano and vibraphone, as well as a cocktail piano soloist, and as a sideman with numerous blues and commercial bands. Most recently, her original music has gained notice not only for pristine instrumental and vocal performance quality, but also for its compositional value. Custode was twice named "Buffalo’s Best Female Vocalist" (Artvoice "2010 Best of Buffalo" and “2011 Best of Buffalo”) and currently fronts a poprock trio. “Christina Custode and Rerun”

were recognized as “Buffalo’s Best Original Music Act” (Artvoice “2011 Best of Buffalo”), Christina being the sole writer for the group. Christina is an avid supporter of collaboration in the arts, and in December 2010 participated in the production of “The Mistletoe Song” as a gift to the US Military. The project gained immediate local notoriety as her heartfelt vocal performance captured the emotion of the Holiday Season. Her beautiful tone quality and sensitive phrasing helped garner local and national airplay, as well as international exposure on thousands of internet radio stations.

Custode is currently working on a second album of original music set to record Fall 2012. Listeners can expect the same heartfelt, honest lyrics and high quality musical performance that Christina Custode has delivered in the past, and intends on upholding throughout her career.

LATEST ALBUM RELEASE… Christina Custode (Cus-tō-dē), has delivered an outstanding blend of eclectic originals in her debut full-length CD. “I” contains eight original songs written by the Eastman School of Music graduate, each performed to perfection with rich vocals, and “Dylanesque” lyrics.

Christina Custode is no stranger to the Western New York music scene. As a classically trained pianist and a multi-talented musician and vocalist, she has shared the stage with Marvin Hamlisch and the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra (2005 Holiday Pops Concert), performed with numerous jazz groups on piano and vibraphone, performed as a cocktail piano soloist, as well as, a sideman with numerous blues and commercial bands.

While attending The Eastman School of Music, Christina performed in the “Jerry Neiwood Tribute Concert” (October 2009) along with Chuck Mangione, Lew Soloff and Pat LaBarbera. Additionally, she was twice named "Buffalo’s Best Female Vocalist", (Artvoice "2010 and 2011 Best of Buffalo") and was recognized as "Buffalo's Best Original Music" (Artvoice 2011 Best of Buffalo).

The December 2010 commercial release of “The Mistletoe Song” gave Christina immediate notoriety as her heart-felt vocal performance captured the emotion of the Holiday Season. Her beautiful tone quality and sensitive phrasing help garner local and national airplay, as well as, international exposure on thousands of internet radio stations.

“Ahhhh a breath of fresh air. Amongst a number of predictable tracks I have been critiquing, finally a track with true emotion, serious talent and major commercial potential. Beautiful lyrics that have been very well constructed and perfectly delivered by a fantastic voice oozing with passion, emotion and charm. You are hugely able and I would love to hear more. I think you would give many of the female vocalists in the UK a run for their money and think you should try and push this here as much as you can. It is very current and given the commercial success of other current female vocalists (Adele, Ellie and so on) with similar work, I'm sure you would get a good following. …A note about the fantastic delivery of keys and cello must be made too. You are obviously a talented all-rounder. The keys are played as passionately as the lyrics are sung. The three instruments ebb and flow interlinking and complimenting each other. More, more, more we say!” Martyn Ellis, Managing Director - Alemar Music Limited, UK

"A little Sara Bareilles at times, some Lisa Loeb at others, even a bit of Basia at one point. Christina Custode has a little of everything for you here. Nothing & Crush are the big power ballads surrounded by pop songs like The One Thing and The LaLa Song. There's an excellent chance her first big hit will come from this album."

John Anthony / Buffalo, NY Radio Personality

TGIF Review : Christina Custode @ Bar Louie/Cheektowaga, NY “Sometimes finding a parking space around Galleria Mall is a challenge and yesterday was no exception. Let me tell you that it was well worth the trip in the end enjoy a comfortable place and hear Custode perform live for the first time. People in Western New York do enjoy cover the bands so much. Its understandable, because they want to hear songs that they know when they go out for the night. That being said, its sometimes difficult to be open to original material, but that isn't the case with her music. If you would like to hear some amazing material from someone local that has a dynamic vocal range and lyrics from the heart, then give an honest try of Ms. Custode. In doing some internet music research, from time to time, I seek to review something different. Well, I came across a breath of fresh air and then some! In fact , this Niagara Falls, N.Y. native went to the Eastman School Of Music in Rochester. Check out her Mozart Concerto No. 25 in C Major which you can find on YouTube. But lets go back to last night. The Bar Louie - bar area was full and almost every table was taken. I was lucky to get one up close and able to take in her angel-like voice. It is one without a strain, that sounds well beyond her years. Her originals are very listenable and I can hear this singer/songwriter get some pop airplay in due time. She treated everyone as she did cover "Someone Like You" (Adele) and "Give Me One Reason" (Tracy Chapman). If you closed your eyes you would think it was live versions by both singers. Yes..that good. She even ventured with the song "I Want To Hold Your Hand" (Beatles) and gave it an amazing almost dreamlike sound to the 60's classic. She has a website and facebook pages where you can find her bio and information on her all original CD. Bar none...Bar Louie with Christina Custode was more than fun!� Wayne Mack / News Personality/ Buffalo, NY

"Nothing" is just beautiful. A wonderful composition, strong vocals Yucca Rose


RECORD MANAGEMENT Alemar Music Ltd members of the BPI and AIM (The Association of Independent Music) Martyn - 07903 423520 Al - 07500 808907

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CHRISTINA CUSTODE 7000 Deidre Court • Niagara Falls, NY 14304 716-731-2898

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