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Online Shopping  Mall   Made  for  your  desires  

Objectives Ê  Consumerism  on  the  Internet   Ê  Concept     Ê  Design   Ê  Personalized  Shoppingmall   Ê  Interactions   Ê  Example   Ê  Conclusion  

Consumerism on the Internet

74% of  the   population  uses   the  Internet  

We live  in  a  world  full  of   Networking,  Connection,   Multiculturalism    

66% of  online   users  have   purchased  a   product  online  

Clothes are  the   best-­‐selling   items  on  the   Internet  

Statistics from  2010    

Concept Ê  Virtual  Shopping  Mall   Ê  You  can  purchase  everything  (books,  flights,  clothes,…)  but  

also relax  in  coffee  shops  to  buy  different  sorts  of  tea,  coffees   or  see  special  recipes  on  blogs  

Ê  It will  be  tailored  on  what  you  like  and  what  you  are  looking  


Ê  Search –  engine   Ê  “Secret”  Online  Shops  –  consumers  can  also  recommend  

shops they  like/  they  have  seen    

Design Ê  Like  a  real  existing  shopping  mall     Ê  Shops,  e.g.  Christmas  decorations,  benches,  coffee  shops,…   Ê  Go  over  a  shop  with  your  mouse:  Short  description,  reviews  

of other  consumers,  website     Award  winning  winery   A  better  way  to  buy  wine  

Personalized Shopping  Mall   Ê  Questionnaire  about  your  preferences  is  part  of  the  


Ê  Fill in  characteristics  (age,  work,  children,  activities,…)   Ê  Pop-­‐Up  Questions   Ê  Pop-­‐Up  Shop  Tips   Ê  Fun-­‐Factor:  Create  your  own  character,  decorate  your  

“Shopping World”    

Interaction Ê  Connect  over  the  actual  Website  or  Facebook,  Twitter,..   Ê  Find  and  add  friends   Ê  If  allowed:  follow  the  walk  of  your  friend     Ê  See  what  your  friend  checks  out     Ê  Go  shopping  together     Ê  Give  suggestions  to  your  friends   Ê  (Video)Chat-­‐Function  

Example Â

•  Anna, 45,  has  3  children,  likes  wool  clothes  and  tries  to  do  most  of   her  shopping  from  home   •  •  •  •  • http://www.beautiful-­‐  

Conclusion Ê  Personalized  Shopping  Mall   Ê  Shop  with  your  friends  online   Ê  Have  your  own  Online  Shopping  platform     Ê  Everything  combined  on  one  side    

Thank you  for  your  attention!  

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