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Your personalized Shopping Mall

Design of the Mall !   Should look like a real Shopping Mall !   Stores on YOUR mall are tailored to your customer behavior !   Bright colors, open street !   Decorations (Trees, benches, Christmas/Easter,…) !   Logos of Stores have to be big & visible !   Go over a shop with your mouse: Short description, reviews of other consumers & website

Personal Avatar !   Choose Gender, Skin & Hair color, clothes !   Digit in your body measures à easier to look for the right size !   See your avatar while walking !   If you want to be visible à walk with your added friends

Friends !   Connect over the actual Website and Facebook, Twitter,.. !   Find and add friends !   If allowed: follow the walk of your friend !   See what your friend checks out !   Go shopping together !   Give suggestions to your friends !   (Video)Chat-Function

Technology !   Search – engine !   Shopping List !   Pop-Up Questions !   Pop-Up Shops !   Personal Shopping assistant (e.g. shows recent shopping list)

Money/Discounts !   Our Profit: Google clicks, contracts with companies/stores !   Discounts: !   Write reviews !   Recommend new shops Review ****/5 Fast delivery Really good and special wine Bad website

Communication !   Good presentation and Press release for… !   contracts with diverse Shops (Zara, Benetton, Media World,, …) !   Creating Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest pages !   Trying to get published in Fashion Magazines !   Communicating-Video of an example (Avatar walking around in his Shopping Mall)

Motivation !   Combines benefits of Online and Offline Shopping !   Already huge sales number in online shopping !   Customer has more satisfaction à buys more !   Every shop of your interest is on YOUR mall !   Faster because everything is on one/your website



Your personalized online mall – tailored for your desires

Thanks for your attention !

360 mall pdf without sound  
360 mall pdf without sound