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16 October 2012



Dear Friends and Colleagues! We are happy to welcome you to the Fourth Edition of the CentEast Moscow. In 2012 our forum has become part of the Red Square Screenings – the annual international film market held with the support of the Russian Cinema Fund. There could not be a better framework. Our forum, a joint initiative of the Warsaw Film Foundation and TVINDIE Film Production, conceived three years ago to promote new Eastern European films worldwide, has paved the way for a longawaited full-scale international film market in Russia. We hope that our joint effort will do a lot of good to both the Eastern European filmmakers and international buyers and distributors, bringing them closer to each other. This year we are featuring new names, promising titles and a spectacular variety of genres, places and styles. There has never been so much to see in Moscow! Thank you for joining us for CentEast Moscow! We wish you a pleasant stay! Yevgeny Gindilis – Ekaterina Gershenzon CentEast Moscow-Warsaw is supported by MEDIA Mundus programme of the European Union and Russian Cinema Fund. Tel./Fax +7 (495) 623 0432

Dear Participants of Red Square Screenings, I was pleased to learn that our CentEast Moscow-Warsaw, which Warsaw Film Foundation and TVINDIE organise together since 2009, found a spectacular location in the very heart of Moscow. Let me assure you that the selected works-in-progress from Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Ukraine, and Poland, are all worth your attention. As every year, two groups of professionals: sales agents, distributors, TV buyers, festival programmers, and filmmakers will watch the CentEast presentations – in Moscow and in Warsaw. The next step we plan is to invite a Chinese partner to work with us. Together with Beijing-based Film Factory we develop since spring this year a long-term project – China-Europe Film Promotion Project, which we will announce in Warsaw, October 20. I wish that the next year’s dates of RSS will enable me to visit Moscow... Greetings from Warszawa! Stefan Laudyn general manager Warsaw Film Foundation

The organisers would like to thank the following persons and organisations who helped the 4th edition of CentEast MoscowWarsaw: Arthouse Traffic – Igor Savychenko, Denys Ivanov, Volodymyr Tykhyy Corvus Film – Zvonimir Munivrana Film It – Dariusz Pietrykowski, Feliks Pastusiak Hungarian National Film Fund – Viktor Dudás Libra Film – Tudor Giurgiu, Bogdan Craciun MEDIA Mundus, Programme of the European Union New People Film Company – Mila Rozanova Next Production s.r.o. – Katerina Spurova Rock Films – Polina Suprun, Alexey Uchitel Saga Film – Mihaela Popescu VERTOV. Real cinema – Lusine Belyaeva and our Contributors: Belarus – Igor Soukmanov Bulgaria – Mira Staleva Czech Republic – Zuzana Bielikova Hungary – Csaba Zoltán Papp Poland – Agnieszka Dziedzic Romania – Toma Peiu Russia – Konstantin Nafikov Slovakia – Alexandra Strelkova Ukraine – Dennis Ivanov

LIST OF FILMS – in alphabetic order (English title)

BREAKING LOOSE / VOSMERKA, dir. Alexey Uchitel, Russia CHILDREN OF THE FALL / DJECA JESENI, dir. Goran Rukavina, Croatia GREEN JACKET / ZELENA KOFTA, dir. Volodymyr Tykhyy, Ukraine LIZA THE FOX-FAIRY / LIZA, A RÓKATÜNDÉR, dir. Károly Ujj Mészáros, Hungary PIPELINE / TRUBA, dir. Vitaly Manskiy, Russia/Germany THE BLACKSMITH FROM WOODHAM / KOVÁŘ Z PODLESÍ, dir. Pavel Göbl, Czech Rep. THE JAPANESE DOG / CAINELE JAPONEZ, dir. Tudor Cristian Jurgiu, Romania THE LAND OF GOOD KIDS / STRANA KHOROSHIKH DETOCHEK, dir. Olga Kaptur, Russia THE UNSAVED / LA LIMITA DE JOS A CERULUI, dir. Igor Cobileanski, Romania/ Moldova TRAFFIC DEPARTMENT / DROGÓWKA, dir. Wojciech Smarzowski, Poland


Original title: English title: Director: Biography:


Breaking Loose Alexey Uchitel Alexey Uchitel – Film director, producer People’s Artist of Russia (2002).

Country of production: Russia Year of production: 2013 Cast: Alexey Mantsigyn, Artur Smolyaninov, Alexander Novyn, Artem Bystrov, Pavel Vorozhtsov Estimated date of première: 2013 Producer: Alexey Uchitel Production: Rock Films 190068, Russia, St Petersburg, Kryukov canal emb,12 Contact Person: Polina Suprun t.: +74992380859 Synopsis:

Four best friends – Herman, Lykov, Shorokh and Grekh. They’ve been to war, they’ve seen life, but they are still passionate, young and willing to serve their country. They found their place at OMON – Russian Special Police Squad. They can count only on each other, and their real family is themselves. After working hours they become simple guys with ordinary dreams like family and comfort. But life changes when once in a night club the friends incidentally get in a fight with the local mafia. It turns out that they have no fear and they are ready to stand for each other whatever happens. The trivial fight on the dance floor turns into a real war. Meanwhile Herman encounters Aglaya, a girl so irresistible, so magical that even the mafia boss Buts is in love with her. Herman and Aglaya could be together, but Will Herman leave his life and his friends behind to be with her? Will Aglaya escape from Boots’ power?


2005 Dreaming of Space (feature) 2003 The Stroll (feature) 2000 His Wife’s Diary (feature) 1995 Giselle’s Mania (feature) 1993 Butterfly (documentary) 1991 Obvodny Canal (documentary)

Purpose of participation:

Find promotion companies that will be interested in film.

Original title: English title: Director: Biography:

Djeca jeseni

Children of the Fall Goran Rukavina Born on May, 14 1970 in Virovitica. Graduated film and TV directing at Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. Member of the Croatian film directors union. Directed several short and medium length films, and TV dramas (Magla, Ništa za večeru, Višnje u rakiji). Directed TV shows Najbolje godine, Nova TV, and Drama TV series Loza, Rest in peace, HRT. Won Zlatna Arena for VFX at the Pula film festival 2007 (for feature film Živi i mrtvi). Children of the Fall iz his first feature film

Country of production: Croatia Year of production: 2012 Cast: Leon Lučev, Judita Franković, Anamarija Mandić, Ivana Roščić Estimated date of première: November 15, 2012 Producer: Zvonimir Munivrana Production: Corvus film Milana Resetara 5, Zagreb, Croatia Contact Person: Zvonimir Munivrana t.:+385 1 389 3027 Synopsis:

After disappearance of his wife, Marko lives with his 11 year old daughter. A female friend Lidija helps in what seems to be a normal daily routine. However, their ordinary lives soon reveal all of the emotional and personality conflicts that the burden of a missing woman has left on each of them. While Marko is trying to stop the life in the moment his wife was still present, Marija and Lidija invisibly create a new life which he can either accept or run away. In a twist of events only life can arrange, Marko learns both the truth about the fate of his wife, as well as how to move on with his own.

Purpose of participation:

Showcase the film for various audience, including sales agents, distributors, and festival coordinators.

Original title: English title: Director: Biography:

Zelena Kofta Green Jacket

Volodymyr Tykhyy Born in 1970. In 1993 started working as a director and producer of TV commercials. Worked as director of TV programs, TV movies and TV series. During 1990s has shot series of short films. The most successful one, Mermaid, participated in more than 80 international film festivals. In 2000 made his feature film début Auto washermen which participated in the Karlovy Vary Film Festival. In 2008 in limited addition was released Volodymyr’s second feature film Mysterious island. Nowadays Volodymyr Tykhyy is leading Ukrainian director, scriptwriter, and producer of new generation. In particular, Volodymyr Tykhyy is an idea inspirer of the project Assholes/Arabesques.

Country of production: Ukraine Year of production: 2013 Cast: Oleksandra Pet’ko, Yuriy Odynokyy, Lesia Kalyns’ka, Borys Havrylenko Estimated date of première: May, 2013 Producer: Production: Contact Person:

Igor Savychenko, Denys Ivanov, Volodymyr Tykhyy Arthouse Traffic 30/39 Shchekavytska Str., apt. 282, Kyiv 04071, Ukraine, Denys Ivanov t.: +380445037860


A fourteen years old girl goes for a walk with her younger brother to a courtyard. While she flirts with her peer, the brother disappears. A month passes and there is no hope left to find the boy alive. However, the girl meets by chance the stranger, who she saw next to her brother when he disappeared. The girl is sure that it was him, who committed the crime. But the suspect has an alibi and connections, and quite quickly it becomes clear that a punishment is unlikely to happen. The girl feels guilty and powerless. However, she does not lose all hope for justice – she decides to punish the murderer by herself. Having caught the offender by his house, the girl pours lighting liquid for charcoal over him. The frightened pervert runs, and the girl with hunting matches follows him relentlessly. Finally, forgetting about caution, the offender runs out to a pavement and a car that goes at full speed rolls him out on the road.

Filmography (selected):

2010 Sveta, (Assholes/Arabesques), short film, director 2010 Sveta, (Assholes/Arabesques), short film, director 2009 RecreationS, (Assholes/Arabesques), short film, director 2009 In memory of PIter, (Assholes/Arabesques), short film, director 2009 By the road, (Assholes/Arabesques), short film, director 2008 Mysterious IslanD, TV movie, director 2008 Button, TV movie, director 2007 My daughter, TV movie, scriptwriter, director 2005 Mukhtar’s comeback – 2,3 TV series, director 2005 Madcap, TV film, director 2003 Joyful company, TV film, director 2001 Auto washermen, feature film, scriptwriter, director

Original title: English title: Director: Biography:

Liza, a rókatündér Liza The Fox-Fairy

Károly Ujj Mészáros Born in 1968, Károly Ujj Mészáros made 10 short features in over the last 6 years that won 11 prizes on 34 national and international short film festivals. As one of the busiest commercial directors in Hungary he shot over 150 commercials over the last 11 years. He has a university degree of economics. Liza, The Fox Fairy would be his début feature.

Country of production: Hungary Year of production: 2013 Cast: Mónika Balsai, David Sakurai, Piroska Molnár, Ágnes Gubik, Gábor Reviczky, Zoltán Schmidt, Győző Szabó Estimated date of première: Spring, 2013 Producer: Production: World Sales: Contact Person:

István Major Filmteam Ltd.


Liza, a timid nurse takes care of Marta, the widow of a Japanese Ambassador to Hungary for 12 years. On her 30th birthday Liza goes to a McDonald’s to find romance. During her short leave Marta gets killed by Liza’s imaginary friend, Toni Tani, a late Japanese pop singer from the 70’s. Relatives report Liza to the police, for murdering Marta to inherit her apartment. Ensign Zoltan is put on the case. The policeman moves into Liza’s apartment as a lodger to keep an eye on his suspect. Zoltan secretly repairs all the faulty household equipments, suffering close to lethal accidents while falling in love with Liza. Liza gets more confident and really attractive as she begins to read women’s magazines, but all her efforts finding a date fail due to deadly accidents, arranged by Toni Tani. Liza gets convinced that she has turned into a Fox-Fairy, a deadly demon from Japanese fairy-tales. The battle begins for Liza’s life between the mysterious pop singer and Ensign Zoltan.

Purpose of participation:

Introduce the film to the buyers.

Hungarian National Film Fund 1068 Budapest, Városligeti fasor 38, Hungary Viktor Dudas t.:+3613517760

Original title: English title: Director: Biography:


Pipeline Vitaly Manskiy Vitaly Manskiy was born in 1963 in Lvov. He is one of the most interesting and offbeat names of Contemporary Russian documentary. He is known for his 2003 film The Anatomy of Tatu, which follows the pop duo on a tour around the US. His films have been exhibited at over 300 film festivals in various countries, including France, Germany, Holland, Japan, Brazil, etc.

Original title: English title: Director: Biography:

Country of production: Russia, Germany Year of production: 2013 Estimated date of premiere: 2013 Producer: Natalia Manskaya (Russia), Simone Baumann (Germany), Filipp Remunda Production: VERTOV.Real cinema 103051 Moscow, Derbenevskaya st. 14/3, Russia t.: +4956507808 Synopsis:

The story is about people’s life around pipeline

Kovář z Podlesí

The Blacksmith from Woodham Pavel Göbl Pavel Göbl was born in Uherske Hradiste (Czech Republic) in 1967. From 1995 to 2002 he studied feature film direction at the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU) in Prague. There he picked up and number of awards, e.g. the Pavel Juracek Prize for his 2 year practice work TV micro-set Land on the Horizon, a second prize for direction and the Pavel Juracek Prize for his film Spiders Never Sleep at the 1998 FAMU Festival. His film The Open Country of a Lonely Man earned him the Kodak Prize for Best Film and the Pavel Juracek Prize for Best Screenplay. The Open Country of a Lonely Man went into cinema distribution in tandem with the narrative film Radhost. It won the IFCC (International Federation of Film Societies) main prize (the Don Quixote Prize) at the 2002 Finale festival in Pilsen. Selected filmography: Juice (2003 – TV movie, Ota Hoffman Prize); Country Cousins (2004 – TV movie); Rail Yard Blues (2005 – feature film); Veni, Vidi, Vici (2009 – advertising film). Pavel Göbl won the Newcomer of the Year category of the 2009 Magnesia Litera award for his novella Sleeping Partner.

Country of production: Czech Republic, Slovak Republic Year of production: 2013 Cast: Bolek Polivka, Josef Somr, Milan Markovic Estimated date of the premiere: Febuary 2013 Producer: Production: Contact person:

Katerina Spurova Next Production s.r.o. Mirosovicka 79/3A, 100 00 Praha 10 Katerina Spurova t.: +420602411237


Woodham is a small village that got caught up in the war with the Turks a few years ago. Good fairies of the forest were asked for assistance in good faith, but the intervention itself entailed an evil deed this, needless to say, backfired and brought misfortune on the village and now it is time to put things right. The evil is best vanquished by turning it to the good side by finding such a person “a useful job he is suited to” – in our fairytale, for example, the dragon becomes the blacksmith in the end.

ilmography: F

2011 Harila and 4 Punkers 2009 Veni, vidi, vici 2006 Jeste ziju s vesákem, cepicí a plácackou 2002 Radhost (segment „The Open Country of a Lonely Man”) 2000 Otevren krajina svobodného muze (short) 1997 Prízrak svobody (short)

Original title: English title: Director: Biography:

Cainele Japonez The Japanese Dog

Tudor Cristian Jurgiu Born in Medias in 1984. Started studying film directing in 2006 at the National University of Drama and Film in Bucharest and graduated this summer. During school he has directed three short films and a documentary. Oli’s Wedding, his third short film won a couple of awards such as: Best Fiction Short – Leeds international film festival – UK, Best short film – Anonimul International film fest – Romania, Best Romanian film – Next international film fest – Romania, Best Romanian Short at Gopo Awards 2010 (Romanian Film Industry Awards) Ela is his graduating film which was premièred at Cinemaiubit – student film fest – Romania in December 2009.

Country of production: Romania Year of production: 2013 Cast: Victor Rebengiuc, Serban Pavlu, Laurentiu Lazar, Ioana Abur Estimated date of the premiere: May 2013 Producer: Production: Contact person:

Tudor Giurgiu Libra Film Productions 52 Popa Soare, Bucharest 2, Romania Bogdan Craciun t.: +40213266480


An old man, widowed by the recent floods, and his son, who has been living in Japan, see each other again for the first time in twenty years. Both their expectations run high, but they are far from surpassing reality. The brief encounter allows us to hope that the present which the old man receives before the parting, a Japanese Robodog, shall change both their lives for the better.


Ela – short fiction, 2010 Oli’s Wedding – short fiction, 2009 Dan’s brother – short fiction, 2009 Fanel’s Mission – documentary, 2008

Original title: English title: Director: Biography:

Strana Horoshih Detochek The Land Of Good Kids

Olga Kaptur Olga Kaptur is known for her work in advertisement. Her short film Reaching mom received a special prize in Kinotavr Film Festival in 2011. The Land of Good Kids is Olga’s feature début.

Country of production: Russia Year of production: 2013 Cast: Kira Freishman, Andrei Kaikov, Vyacheslav Manucharov, Yvonne Catterfeld Estimated date of première: Spring 2013 Producer: Production: Contact person:

Natasha Mokritskaya New People Film Company Brusov Line 14, Moscow, Russia Mila Rozanova t.: +79262453625


Sasha is a naughty little girl. She loves to play and have fun. One Christmas eve, her parents wish that Sasha becomes a real good girl. The holiday magical wish comes true: the girl is transported to a magical Land of Good Kids. But something smells fishy in that sterile and polished land ruled by a Queen, which strangely reminds of the Evil Minister. Sasha now has a whole country to liberate.

Original title: English title: Director: Biography:

La Limita De Jos A Cerului The Unsaved

Igor Cobileanski Igor Cobileanski is a young Moldavian director who will make his début with this feature film. He has attended the Film and Theatre University in Bucharest, and also was a stagiere FRO Paris in 1994. Igor has proven he is a talented director by writing and directing award winning short films and documentaries that caught the eye of producers and film critics: Boredom and Inspiration (2007), Sasa, Grisa and Ion (2006) and When the lights go out (2005), have collected best film awards at the major Romanian Film Festivals and he was awarded at Trieste Film Festival and Betting on Short Film Festival (first prize in Berlin and second prize in Paris).

Country of production: Romania, Moldova Year of production: 2013 Cast: Igor Babiac, Sergiu Voloc, Ela Ionescu, Igor Caras Romanov Estimated date of première: Autum 2013 Producer: Production: Contact person:

Alexandru Teodorescu Saga Film 8 Dimitrie Racovita Str., 023993 Bucharest, Romania Mihaela Popescu t.: +40743130003


The Unsaved is a bitter-sweet drama about Viorel, a small-time drug dealer living in a little town from forgotten Moldova. His best friend drags him in his insane dream of flying, his mother urges him to start make a living and the woman he loves is about to leave with her lover who will soon be released from custody by a corrupted cop. Viorel decides to straighten his life up, he gets a decent job and tries to save the girl from the destructive relationship she’s having, but he soon realizes that doing the right thing turns into a relative matter.

Purpose of participation:

Finding an international sales representative

Original title: English title:


Traffic Department

Director: Wojtek Smarzowski Biography: Born in 1963. Graduate of the Łódź Film School, Dept. of Cinematography (1990). Started his career with directing music videos. Today widely acclaimed as one of the most outstanding Polish film directors. Country of production: Poland Year of production: 2013 Cast: Bartłomiej Topa, Marcin Dorociński, Eryk Lubos, Arkadiusz Jakubik, Jacek Braciak, Robert Wabich, Julia Kijowska Estimated date of première: February, 2013 Producer: Dariusz Pietrykowski, Andrzej Połeć, Feliks Pastusiak Production: Film it 32 Różana Street, 02-569 Warsaw, Poland Contact person: Feliks Pastusiak t.: +48500240177 Synopsis:

Sergeant Król of Warsaw’s Traffic Police becomes a chief suspect in a murder case of his colleague. As a fugitive, he starts his own investigation slowly uncovering existence of a conspiracy that uses blackmail and illegal practices to achieve vast business profits. Will he succeed to expose the highly placed criminal plot? Besides the criminal story. Director once again offers a deep and acute insight into passions and dreams dwelling in human soul.


2013 Drogówka/Traffic Department – feature – director & screenwriter 2011 Róża/Rose – feature – director 2009 Londynczycy – TV series – Director 2009 Dom Zly/ The Dark House – feature – screenwriter (Co-Author) & director 2008 Brzydula – TV Series – director 2004 Wesele/ The Wedding – feature – screenwriter & director 2003 Na Wspolnej – TV Series – director 2001 Sezon na leszcza/A Season for the Sicker – feature – screenwriter (Co-Author) 1998 Malzowina / The Earlobe – (TV feature) – script writer & director

Purpose of participation:

Presentation of the newest work-in-progress.

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