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february 2011

DISNEYLAND Hong Kong Disneyland is the only Disneyland located in Asia!

the happiest place on earth... With princesses fluttering around and heros out to save the day Disneyland is full of fun and adventure. In 2012 & 2014 three new ‘lands’ will be opening up, increasing Disneyland’s size and doubling its amount of rides. These new lands are called Grizzly Trail (opening in 2012), Mystic Point, and Toy Story Land. Hong Kong  Disneyland  may  be   the  happiest  place  on  Earth  but   it  is  also  one  of  the  most   crowded.    The  long  lines  can  be   quite  obnoxious  especially   during  peak  park  hours.    By   using  relative  location  and   arriving  at  certain  times  your   stay  at  Disneyland  may  be  a   happier  one.    Relative  location   basically  means  Minding  your   destination  in  relation  to  other   places,  landmarks,  or  compass   directions.    Hong  Kong   Disneyland  is  located  in  the   northeastern  tip  of  Lantau   Island.    You  can  arrive  there  via   MTR,  car,  bus,  ferry,  or  taxi.    The   cheapest  and  most  common  way   is  by  the  means  of  the  MTR  line.     Take  the  Tung  Chung  line  to   Sunny  Bay  station  and  transfer  

to the  Disneyland  Resort  line.    It   goes  directly  to  the  Disneyland   Park.    Walk  straight  out  of  the   MTR  station  so  that  you  pass   under  the  Hong  Kong  Disneyland   Resort  sign.    Follow  the  wide   path  and  pass  the  fountain  with   the  statue  of  a  giant  whale  and   mickey  standing  on  top  of  it.    You   will  arrive  at  a  long  row  of  ticket   booths.     The  park  hours  are  from   10:30am  to  8:00pm  so  if  you   want  to  beat  the  afternoon   crowds  then  it  is  best  to  go  early.     Once  you  are  inside  the  park  you   will  arrive  at  bustling  Main   Street.    This  is  where  you  can   purchase  souvenirs  and  shop.     Walk  straight  to  the  street’s  end   and  you  will  see  Disney’s  main   [1]

attraction, Sleeping  Beauty’s   Castle.    Here  characters  will   arrive  every  30  minutes  of  the   hour  so  look  around.    They  start   at  10:30  am  and  end  at  5:30  pm.       If  you  would  prefer  to  visit   Disneyland  at  night  then  grab   some  dinner  at  the  Royal   Banquet  Hall  in  Fantasyland,  

the rides

which is  straight  through  the   castle  gates,  and  head  back  to   Main  Street  to  get  a  full  view  of   the  dazzling  Mireworks  and   marvelous  parade. To  the  right  of  the  magniMicent   castle  is  Tomorrowland  and  to   the  left  is  Adventureland.    Head   over  to  Space  Mountain  in   Tomorrowland  Mirst  while  the   lines  are  shorter.    There  is  a   separate  line  for  people  who   don’t  mind  riding  the  attraction   alone  which  is  much  faster  than   the  queue  for  groups.    If  roller   coasters  are  not  for  you  then   walk  straight  from  the  Space   Mountain  exit  across  the   pathway  to  Fantasyland  where   it  is  sure  to  be  sweeter.    Spin  in   some  teacups  in  front  of  the  “It’s   a  small  world”  ride  and  then   head  over  to  Adventureland  to   travel  along  on  the  perilous   jungle  river  cruise.    To  do  so   walk  straight  passed  the   brightly  colored  Cinderella   Carousel  and  the  Dumbo  the   Flying  Elephant  rides.    Proceed  

What’s your favorite ‘land’?

Buzz LightYear in Tomorrowland Adventureland Tomorrowland

Fantasyland Main Street


along the  path  with  the  Liki  Tikis   and  you  will  soon  see  a  large  sign   proclaiming  that  you  have   arrived  at  the  Jungle  River  Cruise.     By  the  time  you  have  Minished   playing  on  these  three  rides  the   park  will  have  started  to  become   more  crowded.    Enjoy  the  rest  of   the  entertainment  until  you  tire   out.    If  you  are  inside  Fantasyland   then  go  to  the  Fantasy  Train   Station  behind  the  Cinderella   Carousel,  which  will  take  you   directly  to  the  front  of  Main   Street,  USA.    Head  back  to  the   MTR  station  and  board  the  train.     For  those  who  are  staying  in  one   of  the  Disneyland  hotels  walk   past  the  MTR  station  and  take  a   left.    Walk  straight  to  the  bus   station  where  busses  leave  every   15  to  20  minutes  to  the  hotels.     Overall  Disneyland  is  a  small   park  in  comparison  to  Disney   World  and  other  Disneylands  but   it  can  still  be  a  fun  day  trip  as   long  as  you  plan  ahead.      

absolute location

Got a GPS? Go on an adventure using absolute location to find Disneyland. Absolute location  is  one   way   of  identifying  where   The   difference   between   absolute   and   relative   a   place   is.   As   deMined   by,   absolute   location: location   is   “a   point   on   the   earth’s   surface   Absolute   location   is   where   a   place   is   expressed   by   a   coordinate   system   such   as   located   through   a   coordinate   system   latitude   and   longitude.”  Absolute   location   whereas   relative   location   is   where   a   can   also   be   written   as   a   precise   address.   place   is   located   relative   to   other   It’s Absolute! Road   maps,   atlases  and  Global  Positioning   landmarks.   Systems  (GPS)  all  use  absolute  location.   It   is   a   description   of  a   place   independent   of   Alphanumeric   location   is   a   method   of   other   places.   There   are   four   identiMiers   of   Minding   absolute   location.   It   is   a   system   absolute   location:   longitude   and   latitude,   Prime   t h a t   u s e s   a n   a l p h a n u m e r i c   g r i d .   A n   Meridian,   Tropic   of   Capricorn/Cancer,   and   the   alphanumeric   grid   consists   of   lines   that   split   a   International  Dateline.   map   into   squares   with   letter   along   the   side   and   numbers  across  the  top  and  bottom. CAN YOU FIND YOUR WAY THROUGH THE MAZE?





Absolute location is split into four sections: Direction (NESW)- HoursMinutes- Seconds. Below are the absolute locations of—

Disneyland— E114º02’26.88”

Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel— N22º18’33.12”

Space Mountain— N22º18’59.04”


Learn about scales, alphanumeric location, symbols, and compasses. A map  is  used  to  Mind  and  locate  a  simpliMied  view   Point  symbols.  Area  colours:  used  for  larger  areas   of  the  Earth.    It  consists  of  four  parts,  an   s  natural  features,  lakes,  parks  and  cities.   alphanumeric  grid,  scale,  compass  and  the   legends.  These  are  the  four  key  components  of  the   Line  symbols:  May  connect  place  (roads,  railroads,   map  and  each  has  it’s  own  certain  speciMics  of  the   rivers)  or  divide  them  (Boundaries).  Point   symbols:  Uses  small  design  for  towns,   map.Normally  a  map  would  usually  have  an   campgrounds,  and  other  human  activities.   alphanumeric  grid  but  since  Disneyland’s   Disneyland  map  shows  four  sections  of  each   map  is  a  theme  park  there  is  no  need   theme,  Main  Street  U.S.A,  Tomorrowland,   for  one.                 Fantasyland  and  Adventureland.  These   What makes a Scales  are  used  in  most  maps  to   four  sections  in  the  map  show  the   map a map? determine  the  distance  of  that   boundaries  between  the  parks.  Also  each   particular  view,  of  place  or  land.  You   section  has  point  symbols;  showing   will  notice  that  it  might  be  shown  as  a   restaurants,  rides  and  toilets.               statement  scale;  for  example  1  cm=  1  km.   The   difference   between   absolute   and   relative   Meaning  that  each  centimetre  is  equivalent  to  1   Kilometre.  However,  the  map  that  is  shown  above   location: Absolute   location   is   where   a   place   is   located   doesn’t  have  a  statement  scale.  Compasses  are   through   a   coordinate   system   whereas   relative   used  to  show  the  direction  of  the  area  you  are   location   is   where   a   place   is   located   relative   to   heading  to.  At  the  top  right  edge  of  the  map  is  a   other   landmarks.   Alphanumeric   location   is   a   compass.  Normally  it’s  a  simply  arrow  or  a   method  of  Minding  absolute  location.   It  is   a   system   compass  rose,  often  but  not  always.     that  uses  an  alphanumeric   grid.   An  alphanumeric   There  are  three  types  of  symbols  to  understand  in   grid   consists  of  lines  that  split  a  map  into   squares   using  the  legend;  Area  colours,  Line  symbols,   with  letter  along   the  side   and  numbers  across  the   top  and  bottom.


building disneyland With a total of 39 attractions and entertainment sites, the construction of Disneyland was not an easy task. Reclaimed Land Disneyland’s  construction  began   in  January  2003.  The  theme  park   was  built  on  reclaimed  land   causing  many  controversies   along  the  way.  Environmental   activists  had  warned  that   reclamation  would  disrupt  sea   life,  pollute  waters  by  releasing   toxins  into  the  sea  and  that  air   pollution  would  be  a  serious   issue  both  during  construction   and  after-­‐  daily  Mirework  display.   Many  Mish  in  Ma  Wan  have  died   as  a  result  of  Disneyland’s   reclamation.  The  construction  of   the  theme  park  resort  required:   2  million  cubic  meters  of  top  soil   to  support  the  site,  57  km  worth   of  pipelines,  11km  of  cables,  and   a  thousand  manholes.  According   to  a  HKSAR  government  press   release  the  project  was   estimated  to  cost  $14.1  billion  to   build,  net  economic  beneMits   reach  “$148  billion  over  40   years”.  The  land  premium  for   phase  I  of  Disneyland  was  $4   billion.  Thus  the  projected   beneMits  outweigh  the   environmental  costs  of  the  man-­‐ made  land. Space  Mountain “The  theme  park’s  only  roller   coaster  was  hard  to  build.”  Said   Wan  Yu  Man,  a  construction   manager.  Designed  by  Vekoma,  

Space Mountain  is  an   indoor  roller-­‐coaster   located  in   Tommorowland  and   has  a  total  track   length  of  1052   Space meters.  The  track  is   Mountain in 22.7m  high  with  its   Tomorrowland largest  drop  of   5.15m  high.  Slanted   steel  beams  were   as  machines  and  repeatedly   attached  to  form  a  cone   do  certain  movements  to  mimic   shaped  roof  for  the  cylindrical   real  animals.  Though  some  argue   structure,  in  which  the  roller   using  fake  animals  deMies  the   coaster  lies  in.  This  site  is  the   purpose  of  the  safari  tour,  the   tallest  structure  within  Hong   most  signiMicant  beneMits  such   Kong  Disneyland.  Its  unusual   animals  present  is  that  they  do   shape  resembles  a  crater  from   not  pose  as  any  form  of  danger   outer  space.   for  visitors  and  do  not  require   extensive  care.   Visual  Enhancements In  order  to  avoid  as  many  visual   Queuing  Up obstructions  as  possible,   Hong  Kong  Disneyland  is  the   Disneyland  has  adopted  a   world’s  smallest  Disney  style   method  of  using  natural   theme  park  and  being  the  only   resources,  like  trees  to  shield  the   one  in  China,    is  extremely   publics  view  of  less  aesthetically   crowded.  Each  ride  or  show  has   pleasing  man-­‐made  sites  such  as   a  speciMic  area  cut  off  for  lining   CLP  power  stations  and  service   up.  The  area  for  all  these   areas.   sections  takes  up  a  signiMicant   proportion  of  Disneyland’s   Safety space.  Mickey’s  Philhar  Magic  for   Another  manmade  feature  of   instance  has  a  portion  of  its  line   Disneyland  is  its  ‘wild  animals’.   covered  by  a  roof,  which  can  be   Those  who  visit  Adventureland   very  useful  during  days  with  bad   can  see  many  safari  animals  all   weather.  Many  visitors  complain   of  which  have  been  built  by   about  long  lines.  Anna,  a  mother   humans.  These  animals  function   of  3  Disney  fans,  said:  “(when  it  


is crowded)  We  often  reach  the   line  and  see  a  sign  saying  we   must  wait  for  2  or  more  hours.   My  children  are  young,  they   cannot  wait  patiently  for  that   long.”  A  Fastpass  option  is  also   available  for  visitors  who  opt  to   take  shorter  lines  by  retrieving   tickets  from  man-­‐made   machines  that  allocate  a  time  in   which  they  can  come  back  to   enjoy  the  ride.  To  further   address  this  issue,  Disneyland   should  open  more  single  rider   lines  for  visitors,  so  they  can   enjoy  shorter  waits.  This  can  be   done  by  using  metal  railings  to   mark  a  separate  area  for  those   who  wish  to  visit  attractions  on   their  own,  or  would  not  like  to   line  up  for  so  long.  

buy anything  must  pass  through.   In  addition  there  are  many   mobile  stands  that  sell  various   snacks,  positioned  throughout   the  theme  park.  For  the  majority   these  booths  are  considered  to   be  a  convenience,  however  a   number  of  visitors  feel  that  they   block  pathways.


Hotel Construction Disneyland  currently  has  two   hotels:  Disneyland  Hotel  and   Disneyland  Hollywood  Hotel.   The  hotels  contain  400  and  600   rooms,  and  are  6  stories  and  8   stories  high  respectively.   Disneyland  Hotel  was   constructed  based  on  a  20th   century  theme,  whereas  the   Hollywood  Hotel  has  a  more   entertainment-­‐based  theme.    At   Shops the  peak  of  construction,   At  the  end  of  almost  every   Disneyland  had  approximately   attraction  there  is  a  themed  shop   4000  construction  workers   for  people  to  stop  by.  These   working  at  various  sites  with   shops  are  indoor  and  air-­‐ some  located  at  both  hotels.   conditioned,  however  they  are   often  the  only  exit  from  rides,   thus  those  who  do  not  wish  to  

“$148 billion  over   40  years”

What are these photos of? Top photo - The last part of the Sleeping beauty castle is being attached. Middle photo - Space mountain during the construction of Tomorrowland. Bottom photo - Laying out Adventureland. Bottom Left side photo The fountain along the pathway to the park. It is used as a way to trap luck using Feng Shui.


disney’s culture

tinfoil.  The  children  can  be  very  cute,  as  they  all   believe  us  to  be  real.    Most  of  them  are  quite  shy   while  of  few  of  them  are  extraordinarily  bold.     They  love  to  ask  us  questions  but  being  Minnie   mouse  I’m  not  supposed  to  be  able  to  talk  so   instead  I  have  to  mime  out  the  answers.    

Minnie Mouse

What’s one  word  that  sums  up  Disneyland?    I   believe  that  I’ll  need  two.    Crowded  and  magical,   in  that  exact  order.    I’ve  worked  at  Disneyland  for   4  years  now  and  the  magic  of  this  environment  is   starting  to  wear  off.    The  majority  of  the  visitors   are  from  Mainland  China  making  the   We  are  required  to  be  able  to  speak   atmosphere  crowded  and  noisy.    Most  of   Cantonese  and  English  so  that  we  can   them  come  on  tours  in  large  groups,   An interview communicate  with  the  visitors.    All  of   which  add  to  the  lengthy  queues.    On  a   with Minnie the  attractions  are  quite  innocent  and   good  day  visitors  will  take  multitudes  of   Mouse are  built  on  the  theme  of  childish  fun   photos  and  shop  for  all  the  souvenirs   along   with  masses  of  heroic  characters   that  they  can  hold.    Families  are  the  main   from  Disney’s  stories  that  roam  the  park.     sightseers  but  couples  and  friends  like  to   The   y ounger   girls  tend  to  be  quite  exited  when   come  as  well. they  discover  a  princess  at  the  castle  while  the   All  of  us  actors  must  don  our  costumes  and  smiles   young  boys  are  overjoyed  at  the  sight  of  Buzz   Light-­Year.    Everything  here  is  G-­‐rated  so  all   no  matter  the  day.    The  summer  weather  can  be   quite  hot  and  the  characters  with  full  body  suits,   audiences  can  enjoy  the  rides,  entertainment,   facilities,  and  characters.     such  as  myself,  feel  as  though  we’re  roasting  in   MINNIE MOUSE’S ANNUAL COSTUMING






her eXperience

A little girl (Suri Cruise, age 6) let us interview her about her experience at Disneyland. See first hand what it is like inside a child’s mind when the characters appear. Suri I love  going  to  Disneyland   because  I  can  see  all  of  the   fairytales  come  to  life.     Fantasyland  is  my  favorite  part   of  Disneyland  because  I  can   meet  all  the  princesses  and   characters.    I  wore  my  own   princess  dress  and  was  so   excited  when  I  spotted  a   princess  wearing  the  exact  same   one  as  me!    She  was  really  sweet   and  her  name  was  Aurora.    Mom   took  loads  of  photos  and  gave   me  my  own  tiara!    It  is  so   exciting  coming  here  with  all  of   these  rides,  princesses,  and   sweets.    When  I  met  Minnie   Mouse  she  was  really  kind  to  me   and  smiled  the  entire  time.    I   asked  her  lots  of  questions  about   what  it  was  like  to  live  in   Disneyland  and  how  Mickey  was  

Meeting the Characters Suri’s Mother This was our first time visiting Disneyland with Suri and we are sure to be visiting again soon! Suri had such a wonderful time with the characters who were all very sweet and kind to her. Although it was quite crowded we had purchased Fast Passes making the queues shorter for us and mineralize Suri’s impatience.

“Minnie Mouse is my favorite character!”


doing and  she  acted  out  all  of  the   answers.     Everything  at  Disneyland  seems   so  magical  and  surreal.    The   rides  are  super-­‐cute  and  my   favorite  is  Cinderella’s  Carousel.     Last  time  I  went  to  Disneyland,   Princess  Aurora  stole  me  from   my  parents  and  handed  me  over   to  Cinderella.    She  then  walked   to  the  castle  with  Prince   Charming  and  told  him  that  she   needed  to  change  her  shoes.    I   was  going  to  go  inside  the  castle   with  her  to  the  rows  of  glass   slippers  but  then  my  Dad  found   me  and  took  me  away.    I  wish  I   could  of  stayed  with  Cinderella   because  she  was  so  caring.    Next   time  that  I  visit  Disneyland  I   can’t  wait  to  see  her!

physical characteristics

Disneyland has  some  unique  land  features    however  most  of   One  of  the  good  advantages  of  Hong  Kong’s  Disneyland   those  land  features  are  reclaimed  lands.     resort  was  that  it  is  near  the  ocean,  which  a  dock  was   constructed.   Before  constructing  Disneyland’s  5th  resort  in  Penny  Bay,   Hong  Kong’s  Lantau  Island,  the  SAR  Government  undertook   Hong  Kong  has  a  subtropical  climate  with  four  distinct   a  massive  land  reclamation  project.  Because  Lantau  Island   seasons,  with  temperatures  ranging  from  10°C  to  33°C.   has  somewhat  high  elevations  of  land,  making  it  difHicult  to   While  summer  bringing  typhoon  season  from  May  to   construct  rides.  The  project  has  an  expandable  land  of  310   September,  the  Hong  Kong  Disneyland  resort  has  some   acres,  which  to  place  the  park  with  hotels  and  recreation   regulations  of  inclement  weather.  To  insure  the  guests   centre  and  Inspiration  Lake.   safety,  from  red  to  black  rainstorm  and  typhoon  signal  1  to  9   or  10.  Each  has  it’s  own  regulations  for  different   circumstances.    


human environmental interaction Is Disneyland a positive addition to Lantau?

What is Hong Kong Disneyland’s view and contribution to the local environment? Working with the Community Hong Kong  Disneyland  is  well  aware  of  its   growing  waste  production.    In  order  to  prove  to   the  public  that  it  cares  about  the  community  and   the  environment  Disneyland  has  hosted  many   ‘green’  activities.    There  is  a  nature  walk  where   students  can  hike  around  Disneyland  Resort  and   are  given  a  choice  between  5  different  trails.    Each   hiking  group  is  provided  with  an  Eco-­‐guide  who   will  discuss  why  it  is  important  to  protect  the   environment  and  bring  awareness  towards   different  plants  and  trees.    They’ve  also  created   the  Disney’s  environmental  challenge  where  it   visits  schools  to  educate  children  about  waste   reduction,  saving  energy,  saving  water,  and   helping  to  keep  the  air  clean.    So  far  350,000   students  have  participated  in  this  activity.   Furthermore,  Disneyland  Hong  Kong  is  a  Mirm   supporter  of  Earth  Day.    Volunteers  visit  young   children  and  teach  them  about  the  importance  of   conserving  resources  through  games  and   activities.    In  2007  Disneyland  created  the  Go  Out   to  the    Wild  activity  where  volunteers  and  their   families  can  plant  trees.    Overall  Hong  Kong   Disneyland  is  mindful  of  their  environmental  

contribution and  wishes  to  improve  on  their   environmental  action  and  public  image.

Environmental Management Disneyland’s method  of  maintaining  an   appropriate  level  of  is  to: •  Comply  with  local  laws  and  regulations •  Raising  awareness  on  environmental  actions •  Seeking  and  driving  environmental  initiatives   above  local  requirements. One  of  the  theme  park’s  environmental  initiatives   is  energy  conservation  whereby  they  have  used   various  alternative  technologies  in  order  to  cut   down  electricity  costs  and  save  energy.    For   instance,  Disneyland  uses  water-­‐cooled  air   conditioning  systems  instead  of  air-­‐cooled-­‐air   conditioning  systems  as  they  are  much  more   energy  efMicient.  In  addition,  guest  and  back  of   house  areas  use  energy  saving  lights  instead  of   regular  inefMicient  incandescent  light  bulbs.  There   are  also  motion  sensors  in  guest  rooms  to  detect   when  the  rooms  are  empty  and  turn  off  air   conditioning.  


hong kong disneyland to be eXpanded! Hong King  Disneyland  is  the   world’s  smallest  Disneyland   which  is  one  of  the  main  reasons   why  most  people  don’t  enjoy   visiting.    Over  crowded,  long   lines,  and  annoyed  visitors  have   contributed  to  Disneyland’s   losses.    Throughout  the  years   since  its  opening  in  2005   Disneyland  has  continuously  lost   money  and  in  2010  Disneyland   lost  $718  million  HKD,  their  best   year  since  they  opened!    Hong   Kong  Disneyland  is  aware  of  its   losses  and  has  constructed  a   plan  to  make  the  park  better  for   the  visitors  and  their  wallets.    

new attractions  will  draw  new   visitors  and  increase  Disney’s   annual  income.    By  doing  so   Disneyland  will  be  able  to   improve  Disneyland  in  the   future.      Having  a  range  of  new   rides  will  also  make  the  park   more  interesting,  driving   previous  visitors  to  come   explore.      These  three  lands  were   chosen  based  on  feedback  from   visitors,  proving  that  Disneyland   cares  about  its  guests  opinions   and  takes  them  seriously.    The   main  feedback  that  they  received   was  that  there  were  not  enough   rides  for  young  adults  (people   aged  18-­‐25).    So  guess  what?     They’re  building  them!    Two  of   the  three  lands  are  directed  at   young  adults,  Frontierland  and   Mystic  Point.

upcoming lands

Hong Kong  Disneyland   expansion  will  include  3  new     ‘land’s;  Toy  Story  Land,   Frontierland  (also  known  as   Grizzly  Trail),  and  Mystic  Point.   These  lands  will  be  to  the  left  of   Adventureland  and  increase  the   Toy Story Land size  of  the  park  by  23%,  helping        Toy  Story  Land  is  aimed  at   to  spread  out  the  crowds.    These   younger  children.    The  idea  for  

The new roller-coaster

The new lands... Top: Toy Story land. Here oversized toys become exciting rides. Middle: Mystic Point. A haunted house, garden, and restaurant are its main attractions. Bottom: Grizzly Trail.



Sketches from the Main Attractions Top: The single cars for the trackless ride system inside Mystic Manor. Middle: Inside the roller coaster in Frontierland before it shoots out into the outdoor section. Bottom: A booby trap inside Mystic Manor where arrows are shot across unexpecting guests.

this park  came  from  the  movie   Toy  Story  and  the  toys  coming  to   life  when  their  owner,  Andy,  is   away.    Oversized  toys  have  been   transformed  into  kid  friendly   rides  so  that  the  kids  can  have   fun  while  still  feeling  safe.    New   rides  include  a  shuttle  coaster   and  a  drop-­‐style  parachute.     Another  great  quality  about  this   ‘land’  is  that  it  changes  people’s   scale.    By  surrounding  visitors   with  life  size  toys  visitors  will   feel  as  though  they  truly  are  the   size  of  a  toy!    This  will  provide   guests  with  multiple  photo   opportunities  for  their   memorable  visit.

runs through  an  abandoned  mine   shaft!    This  roller  coaster’s  track   rides  around  the  entire  ‘land’   with  inside  and  outside  areas.  It   will  include  an  area  where  it  will   ride  backwards  and  animated   bears  will  pop  out  from  random   areas.    Guests  can  visit  the  town   Grizzly  Gluch  which  is  being  been   being  tormented  by  bears.       Water  geysers  and  leaking   structures  around  distributed   around  the  town  adding  to  the   number  of  attractions.    An  old   time  jail  house  is  also  included  to   boost  guest’s  interest  along  with   an  Old  Saloon  and  shop  at  the   Bear  Necessities  stand  for   souvenirs  and  mining  supplies.     The  train  circulating  Disneyland    Mystic Point is  connected  to  these  three  new   Mystic  Point  is  one  of  the  two   lands  and  has  a  station  at  each  of   new  lands  aimed  at  young  adults.     them. Located  in  a  supernatural   rainforest  where  dark  events   occur,  Mystic  Manor  can  be    Arguments for Expansion found.    Inside  the  manor  a   Disneyland’s  expansions  will   trackless  ride  system  takes   almost  double  the  number  of   visitors  through  each  room   workers  at  the  theme  park.  There   inside  the  mysterious  house.     are  currently  approximately   There  are  booby  traps  and   18,000  workers  within   magical  tikis  spread  throughout   Disneyland  that  have  been   the  Manor  to  make  the  ride  a   allocated  amongst  3  different   more  exciting  one.    Mystic  Point   lands,  the  addition  of  3  extra   is  also  home  to  a  bewitching   lands:  Mystic  Mountain,  Big   garden  Milled  with  illusions  and   Thunder  Mountain,  and  Toy   mythological  Migures.    An  Archive   Story  Land,  can  therefore  be   Shop  Milled  with  souvenirs  and   estimated  to  add  another  18,000   Adventure’s  Club  diner  is  also   workers  to  the  park. being  built.    With  a  haunted   theme  Mystic  Point  is  sure  to   Disneyland’s  jobs  are  divided   attract  more  teenagers  then   into  three  sectors:  operations,   before. entertainment  and  professional   positions.  New  jobs  will  include:   cleaners,  chefs,  waiters,   Frontierland gardeners,  costuming  cast        Frontierland  is  the  second  of   members,  duty  managers   the  two  new  ‘lands’  aimed  at   operations  team,  attraction   young  adults.    Also  known  as   operators,  characters,  dancers,   Grizzly  Trail  it  will  be  home  to   musicians,  vocalists,   the  parks  new  roller  coaster  (Big   entertainment  technical   Grizzly  Mountain  Coaster)  that   operators,  and  staff  in  areas  like:  


Financial Management,  Human  Resources,   Business  Technology,  Legal,  Marketing,  Sales,  and   Public  Affairs.    An  increase  in  jobs  will  help  the   Hong  Kong  economy  as  more  people  will  have   jobs  meaning  that  less  will  be  dependent  on   government  aid  and  those  who  get  jobs  at   Disneyland  will  have  more  disposable  income,   enabling  them  to  spend  more. The  Hong  Kong  Government  owns  57%  of   Disneyland.  An  expansion  of  the  theme  park  will   help  generate  more  revenue  for  Disney  as  they   can  have  a  higher  total  capacity  and  more  people   will  be  spending  money  once  they  arrive  at   Disneyland.  Therefore  the  Government  will  have  

increasing Minancial  beneMits  after  the  three  new   lands  are  open  for  visitors. Disneyland  is  one  of  the  main  attractions  in  Hong   Kong,  bringing  more  tourists  into  the  city.  "The   hotel  district  in  Disneyland  may  well  develop  into   a  sort  of  trendy  nightlife  area,  similar  to  Lai  Kwai   Fong  and  Soho,"  Mr  Lu  said.  This  means  that  not   only  will  the  theme  park  attract  family  tourists   but  it  will  also  attract  tourist  that  are  in  their   mid-­‐20s.  Compared  to  family  tourists,  young   adults  have  more  freedom  in  spending  money,   which  will  give  Hong  Kong  a  bigger  economic   boost.  

Money Spent on the Hong Kong Disneyland project in Billions


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