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CONTACT: Katelyn Lilly Public Relations Department Head (708) 305-2679


Honda EdVenture Internship This Spring, the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign was one of twenty schools to be chosen for participation in an EdVenture internship. This semester, the campaign is the Honda Civic Marketing Challenge. Students formed an agency on campus, Output, and worked diligently to create a campaign for the 2013 Honda Civic. By breaking off into six departments— Public Relations, Advertising, Research, Reports & Presentation, Strategy & Implementation, and Finance—students were able to experience the structure of an agency. Each department was lead by a department head, who served as a liaison between the individual departments and the entire agency. The stakes for this challenge are high; the top three schools will have the opportunity to send a handful of students to California to present their agency’s campaign to Honda professionals. The entire Output team is thankful to have been selected to be a part of this invaluable experience, and hopes to be selected to travel to the west coast for the final leg of the challenge.