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Once upon a time... MARCHESA s/s 2013

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MARCHESA s/s 2013

corporate profile


archesa is an American-based brand that focuses a lot on femininity. Inspired by aristocrat Marchesa Casati, it was founded in 2004 by Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig. Because of the aristocrat roots, the brand is very focused on classiness, stylishness and elegance, while at the same time being very feminine, with signature garments such as flowy dresses and silky, pastel skirts. It’s a high-end brand and the exclusivity of the products is always in focus.

market position Establishing themselves as very “girlish”, Marchesa basically go with that romantic and soft voice of the brand with every collection, more or less - depending on the current trends in the business. With the current world-wide fairytale trend that are spreading from movies to books and fashion, the brand voice is very up-to-date. Competitors include Alberta Ferretti, Elie Saab and Moschino, as they too include a very feminine style to their collections, and focus on conveying a female touch to the brand.

current situation As mentioned before, one big current trend involves around the fairytale idea. This fits perfectly well with Marchesa’s brand values as they can focus their next collection and communication campaign on the fairytale princess with all that comes with it. When 2012 ended, the rumor that the world was going to end circulated around the globe, and when the rumor failed to come true it left people in general a little senseless. This could be another incentive of creating a collection with a connected communication campaign to enhance the little more crazy feeling, and add a fairytale feeling with dragons, princesses and other creatures.

communication background Marchesa is a relatively new brand, and although they haven’t quite developed a traditional communication strategy, they are very active on social networks. With a popular Facebook page, Pinterest page and Twitter account they keep their followers regularly updated in the news of the brand, and provides inspiration with their collections and celebrity wearings. The Marchesa house launched their first perfume in September 2012. For this there was a photo shoot advertisement that ran across various magazines during the fall.

T he message

a The message to convey is the story of being a princess in a faraway land, with the way Marchesa already speaks; their flowy dresses and feminine style, with the new ways of portraying a fairytale story of this season. The princess fairytale will be combined with a darker side of the fantasy world, and dragons and dark lips will play a large part as well.

target market Having quite a narrow market, Marchesa’s target can be quite well-defined. The target are young females, with an age range of 25-35. As their garment prices tend to run quite high the general income for the target is high as well. The lifestyle of the target is middleto upper class, and she enjoys general “feminine” activities such as shopping and certain types of exercising. This collection will not part a lot from their standard target market, but will more likely follow that path, with the exception of maybe targeting towards a bit younger age range. Although the idea of being a fairytale princess could appeal to an older crowd as well, the idea will most likely be more wellreceived a younger market.

finding information I want to achieve a look of magical forests and fairytale scenery, to sell the magical and mysterious idea of the brand. I will focus on the dresses set out to be very feminine, to keep the brand’s core of femininity and festivity. The scenery will consists of princess-like creations and models, fantasy setting with rainbows and waterfalls and magical creatures such as dragons and unicorns. The models should be featured with light pink hair for both the editorial and runway shows, along with the brand’s characteristic gown creations.

what not to do There will be a fine line between what we want to achieve, and make the collection editorial look cheesy and childish. While maintaining a magical feeling to it, with creatures to fit in that image, we don’t want to “over do” it. We don’t want to have a Disney feeling to it, but rather convey a story of an old faraway land, where the target could be the princess and the clothing something as beautiful as a Marchesa gown. We will also avoid using models too familiar, and focus on finding a photographer who fits our cause, and not one just because they are a big name.

Objectives The objectives of having a collection like this is basically to improve and enhance the brand image the brand already has, by conveying it in a slightly different way but with the core being the same. Stating a fantasy version of the brand’s collection, the main objective is to sell the idea of the brand being fairytale and something magical.

Editorial brief

once upon a time...

Brief outline The main message to convey in this editorial and through this season’s collection is the one where the viewer is transported and placed directly in a fairytale world. Where creatures like unicorns and dragons are not rarely seen, and topographic points include castles and magical forests. The princess feeling will be combined with a darker twist, to keep the subject stimulating and appealing. This season, every woman will wish for pink hair, flowy pale dresses, and an array of hazardous creatues lurking in a mysterious way around them.

The scenery in this editorial is meant to look to be taken directly from an old fairy tale book, with magical forests, sunny meadows and big castles in the far. Unicorns and other creatures are not rarely seen, and the models are meant to be princesses of ancient times, with modern twists to them.

hair & makeup To achieve the princess look we strive for in this editorial, the model’s will primarily obtain a shade of pink hair to them, to enhance the feminine side of the collection. To oppose this, the makeup will mostly consist of darker shades, with grey eyeshadows, dark red lips and fantasy. This to convey the darker side of our fairytale.


• feminine • white • dreamy • pastel colors • glitter • gowns • flowers • chic • lace • tulle • ruffles • fairytale • dragons • magic •



Nastya Kusakina


This Russian 20-year old has been voted newcomer of the year, and is the perfect blonde Cinderella look-a-like that our fairytale story needs. Her beauty and attitude have made her a new favorite among the model world and her innocent look, and together with her light skin and big green eyes she is the Marchesa princess of this editorial.

Gorgeous Caitlin Ricketts have not been in the spotlight for long, but this 19-year old brunette resembles our version of the Snow White we want for this editorial. This princess has the exact right attitude and appearance to be featured in our Marchesa gowns.

Caitlin Ricketts

photographer Tim Walker is a story teller of great caliber. His photographs stand on their own level, and his experience with creating a fairytale feeling makes him the ultimate first choice for shooting this editorial.


Page 1: Gown, nr. 2215 Page 2: (left) Gown, nr. 2465, (right) Dress, nr. 2553, Satin shoes, nr. 3422 Page 3: (left) Dress, nr. 2278, Clutch, nr. 4398, T-strap pumps, nr. 3374, (right) Gown, nr. 2977, T-strap pumps, nr. 3374 Page 4: Embellished dress, nr. 2766


sources Ida Sjรถstedt Facebook page. Lily+Cole+Tim+Walker+12-735575.jpg

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CWK 4 Final Project for Computer Tools II BA Fashion Marketing & Communication level 5 Module: Representation Techniques II 22/3 2013 by Alexandra Dahlgren

Marchesa 2013 project  

A project for Computer Tools II.

Marchesa 2013 project  

A project for Computer Tools II.