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First and Second Year Athletics Squad Winners of the Tony Ward Trophy in St Gerard’s School, Bray

All Ireland Schools’ Athletic Championships


Back Row: Laura Grant, Hannah-Rose Manning, Ivana Nedic, Jessica Doherty,

Back Row: Hannah McCarthy, Jan Cleary, Jessica Kearns, Emma Ashmore, Emily Murphy

Jessica Scaife-Byrne, Polly Dougan, Ciara O’Reilly, Angela Qiao

Front Row: Hannah Larkin, Sophie Rafter, Lucy O’Brien, Jemina Mulligan, Aleisha Barton

Front Row: Pia Diepman, Caoimhe Hoyne, Aoife Maginn, Michelle Yao, Lauren Wojner, Lauren Hargaden, Sine Wickham, Louise McCallum

Senior Athletics

Junior Athletics

Back Row: Eloise Victory, Maria Marks, Georgia Murphy, Emily Nolan,

Back Row: Louise McPhillips, Millie O’Donnell, Anna Roopnarinesingh, Fifi Heather,

Darcy Dougan, Anna O’Carroll, Alana Menary. Kate Lenehan

Emily Shannon, Clodagh Victory, Emily McKeown, Emily McCollum. Caitriona de Burca

Front Row: Erika Hinkson, Yvonne Clarke, Jenny Rowland, Rachel Healy,

Front Row,: Megan Staunton, Laura Dempsey, Aoife Rowland, Leah O’Meara,

Jenny Mulvin, Ali Gibbons, Joanna Turley

Aideen Cowhey, Hannah Boylan, Aisling Nugent, Olivia McAleese

Congratulations to Pia Diepman who finished a very credible 5th overall, her first time in this arena! Rachel Healy was also involved in the senior long jump in the morning and the senior triple jump in the afternoon.  She was unlucky in the long jump, breaking twice, but jumping well.  However, following a rest time, she jumped well in her triple jumps and only missed out in the medals by 3 cms, finishing in 4th place overall.   It was a very busy day for our athletes, who participated with very sporting attitudes.  Very well done to the girls! Hannah Schwartz


First Year Athletics

Second Year Athletics


he All Ireland Schools’ Athletic Championships took place in Tullamore Stadium on Saturday, June 4th.

Pia Diepman (left)





Basketball Cadets


he highlight of the basketball season this year was, without a doubt, winning the All-Ireland U-19 Cup. The superb Senior A team trained extremely hard all year, and all their work paid off.

Left to right: Caroline Healy, Clodagh Victory, Ashling Kraus, Ailbhe O’Faolin, Ashley Hennessey, Eveline Hall, Megan Staunton, Marina Short, Rachel Slattery, Mr Fitzgerald

After beating Palmerstown, St. Columba’s College and Caritas College, all from Dublin, the girls progressed onto the All-Ireland Semi-Finals where they met Colaiste Ide, Kerry. After showcasing their talent and highly tuned skills, they defeated Colaiste Ide, and progressed onto the final.

The Senior B team also had fun and played well this season, winning their first blitz. Unfortunately they lost in the semi-finals, but the girls enjoyed the season. The Cadettes this year were full of energy and had a good season. They reached the semi-finals of the Cup, where they lost to Colaiste Chiaran, who went on to win the All-Ireland Championship. Marina Short, Tammy Smal, Beulah Lawlor, Pia Diepman and Caroline Healy worked hard in all their matches and did the team proud. The 2nd Year A Team this year were brilliant. They played to a very high standard and reached the semi-finals of their league. There they narrowly lost by one basket to the overall winners Colaiste Chiaran, who won their final comprehensively. The team was co-captained by Caoimhe Hoyne and Louise McCollum, with Pia Diepman, Rachel Slattery and Sophie Gleeson the players of the year. A special congratulations goes to Rachel, who was selected for the Dublin U14 Basketball Team!


During the match the girls played extremely well and did the school proud. Co-Captains Georgia and Jessica McGurk held up the defence, while Caroline Healy, Rebecca O’Byrne-O’Reilly and Tammy Smal shone, and kept up the form they had all season. Georgia Murphy was the star of the day, playing her best and winning MVP of the match. The team defeated Carrick Vocational School and were crowned All Ireland Champions. This is a major honour both for the school and the girls themselves as it is the first time Alex has won an All-Ireland Basketball title!


The much anticipated final was held in the National Basketball Arena in Tallaght. Alex played Carrick Vocational School from Donegal. All the Alex supporters piled into the gym kitted out in their red and white. There was much rivalry between the supporters of the two schools, with even a dance-off between the school mascots!

Senior A Basketball Back Row: Caroline Healy, Maeve Jones-O’Connor, Jessica McGurk, Sinead Swan, Aveen Bradley, Katie Varian, Mr Fitzgerald Front Row: Ms Clay, Róisín Barron, Georgia McGurk, Georgia Murphy, Robin McCartan, Rachel Healy, Marina Short Garreta

The 2nd Year B Team were less lucky, winning their first blitz, but losing their second. The 1st Year Team this year were were very enthusiastic and put in a lot of work. They look forward to competing at a high level in the many years to come. Aleisha Barton and Emily Murphy played consistently for their team as well as playing for the second years. Ms. Clay and Mr. Fitzgerald are exceptionally happy with the basketball season in the school this year. The girls did themselves and their teams proud. Alex has come so far in the past 10 years, from the South Dublin D League to winning the All Ireland Championship! Well done to the girls and we are all hoping for great things in the year to come as they move up to the B League.



Senior B Basketball Left to right: Ms Clay, Aoibhinn Helly, Stephanie Reynolds, Alison Donnellan, Jenny Gilsenan, Jenny Mulvin, Rebecca Schwartz, Mr Fitzgerald



U14 Dublin Basketball Team Rachel Slattery

Basketball Second Year B Left to Right: Laura Spain, Ciara Walshe, Eppie Boyden, Kate Lennon, Ellie McGuiness, Jessica Doherty, Phoebe Ting, Hannah Rose Manning, Mr Fitzgerald

Basketball First Year Back Row: Aleisha Barton, Lexi Mackeown, Sophie Breslin, Emily Murphy, Alice McKiernan, Laura Williams, Mr Fitzgerald Front Row: Lia Rogers, Jane Dooley, Eimear Hickey, Jan Cleary, Emily White, Soraeya Kharaty

Basketball Second Year A Back Row: Ms Clay, Lucy Wolfe, Pia Diepman, Sophie Glesson, Racheal Slattery, Lauren Hargaden, Ivana Nedic, Angela Qiao, Mr Fitzgerald Front Row: Laura McKenna, Laura Grant, Lauren Duffy, Caoimhe Hoyne, Louise McCollum, Ashling Hickey, Aleisha Barton, Emily Murphy.



Cricket First Year A Back left to right: Ms Clay, Emily Murphy, Aleisha Barton, Laura Williams, Lucy O’Brien. Front left to right: Emma Ashmore, Jan Cleary, Maeve McGann, Keelin Cassidy, Keeva Dagg, Julie Ryan

Cricket First Year B1 Back left to right: Ms Clay, Maedbh Fitzgerald, Lexi MacKeown, Sophie Breslin, Siobhan Murray, Ruth Cullen Front left to right: Lara Restan, Ellie Walters, Rosin O’Donnell, Jessica Bagnell,Lucy Haine, Ava Beatty, Ella Coman



Cricket First Year B2 Back left to right: Eleana Skelly, Hannah Garvey, Kate Campbell, Jessica Kearns, Front left to right: Rachel Murphy,Roisin O’Keeffe, Elizabeth Vallely, Hannah Larkin, Ines Cucalon



Cricket Junior A Back left to right: Rosin Lenehan, Rebecca Haine, Sadbh Sheil, Melanie McAleese, Millie O’Donnell, Emily McCollum, Niamh Asher Front left to right: Roisin Doody, Louise McCollum, Lauren Hargaden, Sophie Glesson, Pia Diepman, Ms Clay



Cricket Junior B2 Back left to right: Eimear Hickey, Jodie O’Keeffe, Rhona Barry, Laura Spain, EmilyMacKeown, Ciara O’Reily, Emma Gleeson, Clodagh McNamee, Laura McKenna Front left to right: Rachel Cronin Cusack, Ciara Walshe, Giselle Keenan, EllieMcGuiness, Shannon Deighton, Eppie Boyden, Lauren Duffy

Cricket Junior B1 Back left to right: Aoife Rowland, Cara Dougan, Sine Wickham, Polly Dougan, Erin Dougan, Georgia Power, Laura McKenna. Front left to right: Megan Staunton, Laura Grant, Caoimhe Hoyne, Jessica Sacife Byrne, Mille Cooper, Leonie Bergin



Cricket Senior Back left to right: Enya McVerry, Erica Hinkson, Jenny Gilmour, Darcey Dougan,Georgia Murphy, Grainne Mulkerrin, Niamh Doody, Lucy O’Donoghue, Ingrid Duncan, Amy Ryan Middle left to right: Rebecca Schwartz, Catalina Parga, Joanna Turley, Eloise Victory, Audrey Sheil, Nicola Stokes, Rachel Healy, Rachel Gardiner, Ali Donnellan, Anna O’Carroll, Ms Clay Front left to right: Clodagh Moran, Emily Thornton, Katie Kennedy, LaoiseDennehy, Alana Menary, Ali Gibbons, Grace Twomey, Hazel Conway, Nessa Coman




accepting the award for her sister, Hannah McDermott

Lizzie Scholefield, Kerri Lyons & Grace Tunney




Evening Herald School Sports Awards

Soccer coach Mr Dave Collins, Evening Herald School Sports Coach of the Year, with School Sports Star of the Week recipients, Deirdre Duke and Freya McDermott,


Back Row: Fifi Heather, Anna Roopnarinesingh, Aoife Rowland Sophie Nanetti, Emily Shannon, Middle Row: Leah O’Meara, Tori Lahert O’Reilly, Milly O’Donnell, Louise McPhillips, Ceithleinn Ní Chonluin, Hannah Boylan, Jodie O’Keefe, Rachel Cronin Cusack Front Row: Pia Diepman, Kate McCormack, Aisling Nugent, Caroline Healy, Louise McColom, Keelin O’Mahony, Sophie Gleeson



Soccer Under 16’s

Soccer Senior

Back Row: Amy Ryan, Georgia Murphy, Amber Gleeson, Rebecca Haine & Olivia McAleese Front Row: Catalina Parga, Nicola Stokes, Joanna Turley, Emily McCollum, Rachel Cronin Cusack & Rebacca Millar



Back Row: Grace Conway, Deirdre Duke, Emma Garvey, Alicia Hollywood, Lucy O’Donoghue, Rachel Healy, Sophie Gleeson Front Row: Emily Beatty, Caroline Healy, Catalina Parga, Kate O’Donnell, Robin McCarton, Aisling Nugent, Emily Shannon 171


Soccer First Year

Back Row: Pia Diepman, Ciara Walsh, Katie Walsh, Ceithleinn Ní Chonluain, Aoife Rowland, Tori Lahart O’Reilly, Sophie Gleeson Middle Row: Michelle Yao, Ashlyn O’Neill, Caoimhe Hoyne, Angela Qiao, Clodagh McNamee, Shannon Deighton, Millie Cooper Front Row: Namtip Winter Collier, Eva Kennedy, Lauren Hargaden, Sine Wickham, Aoife McGinn, Anna Roopnarinesingh, Hayley Farrell, Lauren Duffy, Louise McCollum, Kate McCormack



The girls have enjoyed participating in after-school tennis which has been well attended throughout the term. Well done girls! Tennis Minor A

Tennis Minor B

Back Row: M. McAleese, E. McCollum, S. Gleeson

Back Row: Z. Young, E. Murphy, C. Malone (Capt)

Front Row: M. Barton, J. Bagnall, J. Ryan

Front Row: K. Walsh, A Beatty, S. O’Connor

Tennis Minor C Back Row: A. Gibbons, K. O’Donoghue, S. Deighton, L. Wolfe


Soccer Under 14’s


lthough the shortest seson recorded in sport, the tennis teams managed to partake in 37 matches in two and a half weeks. Ten teams participated in their respective Leinster School Girl’s Tennis Leagues, with the Senior B’s, Junior B’s as well as minor C’s and D’s progressing to the play-off stages.


Back Row: Sophie Nugent, Jan Cleary, Emily Mur phy, Lexi Mckeown, Hannah Larkin, Jane Dooley, Muireann Reilly Middle Row: Ella Coman, Ellie Walters, Ava Beatty, Lizzy Vallely, Niamh McDonnell, Eavan O’ Donnell, Lara Restan, Jessica Kearns, Alix Bent Front Row: Jemima Mulligan, Roisin O’Donnell, Sophie Rafter, Jessica Bagnall, Meadhbh Fitzgerald, Lucy O’Brien, Aliyah Rawat, Leah Rodgers

Front Row: A. Hickey; L. Hargaden (Capt), C. McNamee.

Tennis Minor D Back Row: M. McGann; E. Hickey; E. Ashmore (Capt) Front Row: L. O’Brien; E. Coman; H. McCarthy



Tennis Junior A M. O’Donnell, A. Roopnarinesingh, R. Gray, M.Barton(Capt), E. McCollum.

Tennis Senior B

Tennis Junior C Back Row: M. Short, C. Menton, R. Gomez, R. Gomez Front Row: S. Menton, K. Chaloner (Capt), S. Mulvin

Cristina Rodriguez

Rita Mayoral


Tennis Junior B S. Nannetti, R. Doody, A. Nugent(Capt), F.F. Heather


Back Row: H. Conway, A. Gibbons, R. Coman Front Row: N. Stokes, H. Boylan (Capt), N. Coman

Tennis Senior A Back Row: H. Conway, E. Beatty, E. McVerry Front Row: M. Marks, G. Murphy (Capt), A. Ryan

Tennis Junior D Back Row: L. O’Meara, L. Hughes, C. Mulcahy Front Row: J. O’Keeffe, T. O’Reilly (Capt), R. Cronin Cusack





A Year In Hockey (2010/2011)


hat a season for Alex hockey! A year filled with intensity while training and dedication during matches earned each squad the right to look back on their season with pride.

he season gone by has been one of the most successful ever for the Alex Junior A and Senior 1 hockey teams. The girls set a new record, coming away from the season with the ‘quadruple’, each winners of their League and Cup.

With a year of experience under their belts, the Minor Hockey Team’s competed in all the league sections with Minor D’s and Minor A’s progressing to the league semifinals, the Minor A’s also reaching the cup semifinal. The season proved one for the Junior Section to remember! The Junior D Team reached the playoff stage while Junior B’s and C’s attained their place in the quarter finals. The Junior A Squad left nothing on the pitch this year. Defeating Loreto Dalkey in their first league match, the A’s played out the season on a fabulous winning streak and came away fulfilling the double as champions of both the League and the Cup. Not allowing themselves be outshone by the Juniors, the Senior Teams proved just as successful. Senior 3 and 4 competed in their respective leagues, both reaching playoff stages. The Senior 2 Team were regrettably beaten in the League final against Loreto Beaufort after an outstanding run of matches, conceding their first goals of the season in the final. The Senior 1 Team launched into their season with a vengeance after being narrowly defeated by St. Andrews in the Cup Final and League Semifinal the previous year. The squad ended this season as champions of the League and Cup, defeating Andrews in both finals. The team qualified for the All-Ireland Kate Russell Cup and missed out narrowly on the top spot due to goal difference. All the Alex hockey teams should be so proud of themselves. They finished a season with no regrets, playing some of their best hockey yet! Thank you to all the supporters, parents and staff for all their encouragement and help throughout the season. Kate Lenehan


Like all students in Alex, 1st Years quickly established a love for the high-spirited game. Launched into a season filled with league as well as friendly matches, the girls proved to have an innate talent for the sport. All players progressed throughout the season, picking up new skills and getting a thrill out of playing in the red and white jersey. 1st Year B’s proved successful by making it through to the playoffs.

Winning their first league match against Loreto Dalkey began what can only be described as an incredible season for the Junior A hockey team. Loreto Beaufort were one of the only oppositions that phased this Alex side, ending with the even result of 1-1.

Hockey Junior A Back Row: Kirsty Scales Dolan, Roisin Lenehan, Vanessa Winn, Millie O’Donnell, Amber Gleeson, Sophie O’Neill, Aisling Nugent Front Row: Anna Roopnarinesingh, Zikka O’Donoghue, Lia Cowan, Hannah McDermott, Aideen Cowhey, Emily McCollum, Rachel Gray, Louise McPhillips, Juliet Beatty

Progressing out of the group stage, the Juniors were drawn against Mount Anville in their League semifinal. Carrying out a successful half-court press, Alex won the match easily with a 2-0 result.



First XI and Junior A Hockey (2010/2011)

The young side marched onto the pitch against Muckross for the League Final on Wesley’s ground. An exciting match showed that Alex always had the edge, remaining 1 nil up for most of the game. Muckross would not back down, fighting back against the reds and even having a disallowed goal. Millie O’Donnell took the game into her own hands and with a fabulous run into the circle and strike, the match finished 2-0.

The Cup proved to be headed in the same direction with the team beating sides such as Loreto Bray in early rounds.





Having played some of their best hockey of the season, the Cup semi-final was a big test for the girls, being drawn against Mount Anville.

The greatest event of Junior Girl’s Hockey took place on March 14th, The Leinster Cup Final. Both teams fought hard and Alex went 1 nil down early on. The team showed their determination and retaliated with several successive goals. The Alex defense remained strong and the team always had the upper hand. The final whistle blew and a 4-1 score resulted in Alex earning the title as Leinster Champs.

The damage was done in the early phases of each half. Two goals from Deirdre Duke in the first ten minutes proved that the side were on their game. The match ended 3-1 at the final whistle, Alex holding on for their date with St Andrew’s at Grange Road.

*** The First XI team, coached by Mr Warren and captained by Nicola Gray, began their season with friendly matches against both rivals Andrews and Mount Anville. After losing these matches it was expected that the team would not live up to the expectations that had been put on them. However, the girls held their heads high and despite a number of abiding injuries they found themselves coming out of their many league matches on top. The team continued their winning streak against Loreto Beaufort in one of the final group stage matches. Defeating their opponents 3-0 showed the squad’s desire and determination, playing their best hockey all season. A group stage League match against St Andrews would decide who entered the play-offs in the number one seat. Alex fought hard, entering half time 1-0 up on their opponents. The girls played a stormer of a second half but unfortunately Andrew’s came back with a goal and the game ended 1-1, leaving neither team satisfied. Alex found themselves drawn against Wesley College in their League Semifinal. Wesley put up a considerable fight, retaliating with a comeback goal each time the Alex side scored. 3-3 at full time meant that extra time was necessary to split the teams. A nail-biting extra fifteen minutes proved Alex had the edge with the game finishing 5-4 in favour of the Milltown side. With Andrews defeating Mount Anville in their semifinal, Alex found themselves once again preparing for a battle with the ‘blues’ for the top spot. The Final was one of the most exciting hockey events of the season, with Alex finding themselves 3-1 down at half time. The girl’s were determined not to let Andrews get the better of them. They have never worked so hard as they did in the next 30 minutes and scored three successive goals, finishing the game 4-3 in favour of the red side. Meanwhile in the Leinster Cup things were looking good for the Senior squad, defeating Notre Dame in the first round and sailing through the rest.




The Junior A squad came away from their season with the double under their belts. They should be extremely proud of themselves! Many thanks to Shane, Ms Coe, parents and supporters for believing in this team’s potential all year.

On March 4th, in the blue ribbon event of school girls hockey, Alex Senior 1’s faced St Andrews in the Leinster Senior Cup Final, a repeat of the year before, only this time the Milltown side would not give in so easy. With just 45 seconds until half time, Andrews stole a goal. Alex came back on to the pitch determined not to have a repeat of 2010, with Nicola Gray scoring the leveller in the 43rd minute. The Alex girls stayed on top for the remainder of normal time but unfortunately the match would be decided in silver-goal extra-time. Scarcely 45 seconds in, a pass from Rebecca Evans to unmarked Hannah McDermott ended with a goal that the side will never forget. Alex became champions of The Cup for the first time since 2007 and the 6th time ever, denying Andrews their third successive victory. It is the first time EVER that the Senior XI has fulfilled the double, both League and Cup. The girls found themselves bused to Limerick for The All-Ireland Kate Russell Cup 2011.

Senior XI Hockey


The girls were drawn against St Gerards in the Semifinal, a match which proved to be one of the closest all season. As the final whistle blew for full time the score read 2-2, with only a short corner left in the game. A level head and straight strike by Rachel Gray was the winner that divided the two teams. Alex held on to their date with Wesley in the Leinster Cup Final at Grange Road.

Back Row: L. Porter, A. Gleeson, M. O’Donnell, R. Evans, G. Mulkerrin, C. Maginn, E.Hinkson, G. Murphy, A. Ryan. Front Row: E. Mee Hayes, A. Roopnarinesingh, H. McDermott, D. Duke (Vice Capt), N. Gray (Capt), E Beatty, A. Gibbons, J. Turley, K. Lenehan




The Kate Russell took place over two days, allowing each team to battle it out against the Cup winners from each province (the South-East included). The first day’s hockey suggested the tournament was always going down to the wire, all five teams ending the day with a win and a loss from their first two games. Alex beat the Ulster side, Lurgan, 2-0. Unfortunately the accomplished side lost 4-3 to Loreto Kilkenny, the South-East entry.

The following morning Alex moved top of the table after beating the Jes (Chonnacht) side 5-0. Warming up for their second game of the day and final of the competition, the Senior squad were forced to listen from the sidelines as Lurgan rattled in goal after goal against Loreto. Lining up for what was essentially the Cup decider, the girls knew that six goals would earn them the title.

The girls can hold their heads high knowing that they did themselves proud this season. No Senior XI has ever won the double and lost out on the top Ireland spot having beaten the eventual winners. Many thanks to coaches Mr Warren and Ms Coe for helping the girls achieve the impossible. Kate Lenehan

Hockey First A


A rebound from McDermott and a corner from Gray meant the Leinster side had the edge. A goal from the Home side moments before half time brought the momentum to a shuddering halt. The second half required another 5 goals from the determined side. This proved impossible to everyone except the team. A corner from Millie O’Donnell, McDermott’s penalty stroke and two goals from Beatty brought the score to 6-1, leaving the Alex squad distraught after missing out on the title by one goal.

Back Row: J. Cleary (Capt), J Kearns, E. Ashmore, E. Murphy, E. Walters, S. Coman, K. Dagg, A. Beatty. Front Row: R. Cullen, A Barton, J. Ryan, J. Bagnall, L. O’Brien, R. Murphy, J. Mulligan







Back Row: H. Bloom Teskey, S. Mulvin, C. Menton, N. Curtis Crowley, S. Menton Front Row: K. Cullinan, R. Lenehan, R. Doody, K. Scales (Capt), M. Barton, A. Nugent



Hockey Junior B

Hockey Junior C Back Row: S. Coman, M. Marshal, D. White; R. Feehan, N. Curtis Crowley, S. O’Reilly Dempsey, J. Wilson Front Row: C. Cassidy, S. Hade, S. Sheils, A. O’Grady Walsh (Capt), R. Haine, R. Miller, E. Murray

Hockey Junior D Back Row: R. Cronin Cusack, A. Hayden, E. Dougan, S. O’Reilly Dempsey, C. Dougan, S. O’Neill, S. Byrne Front Row: L. Dempsey, S. Stafford Johnson, R. Cosgrave, R. Swanwick, H. Lawrie, E. McKeown



Hockey Minor A

Hockey Senior 2

Back Row: N. Winter Collier, A. Gibbons, M. McAleese, P. Diepman, S. Gleeson, G. Power, L. Hargaden, E. Ainsworth Front Row: L. Wojnar, S. Wickham, A. Maginn, L. Woulfe, L. McCollum, M. Barlow, L. Duffy

Back Row: H. Boylan. M. Marks. S. Connolly. A. O’Carroll. J. Mulvin Front Row: K. Cullinan; G. Murphy (Capt); K. O’Donnell; J. Turley; A. Gibbons

Hockey Senior 3 Back Row: L. Coakley, S. Connolly, N. Kidney, K. Nichols; E. Duffy Front Row: Z. O’Donoghue, N. Stokes, H. McQuillian (Capt), G. Conway



Hockey Minor B Back Row: J. O’Grady Walsh, K. Connolly, P. Dougnan, A. Gibbons, E. Gleeson, K. O’Donoghue Front Row: S. O’Connor, C. Malone, E. Kennedy, G. Keenan, C. O’Reilly, A. Quiao, C. McNamee

Hockey Senior 4 Back Row: R. Coman, K. O’ Mahony, A. Byrne, N. Doody, A. Sheils, R. Gardiner, H. Conway Front Row: R. Wood, R. Ryan, N. Coman, N. Stokes, E. Victory



Hockey Minor C Back Row: R. Barry, L. Grant, A. Kidney, R. Slattery, L. Mohammad, L. McKenna Front Row: R. Brehony (Capt), C. Hoyne, K. O’Reilly, M. McEntee, L. Spain, L. Bergin 185


Hockey First B Back Row: K. Cassidy, J. Dooley (Capt), H. Garvey, M. McGann, S. Murray, M. Fitzgerald Front Row: S. Breslin, H. McCarthy, R. O’Donnell, A. McKiernan, L. McKeown, S. Rafter


Hockey Under 16’s Hannah McDermott, Anna Roopnarinesingh, Amber Gleeson and Millie O’Donnell

Hockey First C&D Back Row: S. Timmins, S. Holmes, M. Berghenti, S. Meagher, S. Nugent, C. O’Neill, A. Bent, N. O’Donnell, L. Rogers Front Row: R. O’Keeffe, A. Lombard, I. Cucalon, L. Haine, E. Malone, L. Knowles, L. Restan, E. Skelly, L. Vallely



section 6 final  

159 THE ALEXANDRAN 2010-2011

section 6 final  

159 THE ALEXANDRAN 2010-2011