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Junho de 2017

LOVE STORIES… and… others… and… Sintra

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Quase a terminar este ano letivo de 2016/ 2017, publicamos, neste número de Jornalsemnome, pequenas narrativas dos alunos de Inglês de oitavo ano, da professora Elisabete Anástácio, que nos transportam para um imaginário cheio de encanto e humor. Para as ilustrar, recorremos, como sempre, aos trabalhos dos nossos alunos de Artes, publicados pelos professores Miguel Boullosa e Maria José Miguel. Por fim, damos também a conhecer apreciações de uma visita de estudo a Sintra, da autoria de alunos de 11º ano da professora Josete Perdigão, que nos cederam também fotografias que testemunham este novo percurso no âmbito da disciplina de Português.

Sintra—11º H

Equipa responsável Alexandra Cabral Miguel Teixeira

Coordenação Alexandra Cabral

Logotipos André e Joana

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Alunos de Artes Visuais Afonso Salazar Alexandra Lucena Ana Beatriz André Simplício Andreia Peixoto Beatriz Crispim Beatriz Madeira Beatriz Passeira Beatriz Sobralinho Camila Cruz Carlos S. Pedro Carolina Carranca Carolina Furtado Daniela Mendes David Rodrigues Elisabete Anastácio Filipa Valente Francisca Coelho Francisco Moura Francisco Ribeiro Guilherme Pereira Gonçalo Bento Gonçalo Carrega Gonçalo Oliveira Gustavo Sousa Henrique Sousa Inês Grácio Inês Romão Joana Carvalho João Brighton Silva João Canteiro João Conde João Nanni João Silva José Oliveira Josete Perdigão Margarida Henriques Maria Encarnação Maria Inês Machado Maria José Miguel Mariana Campino Mariana Feio Mariana Santos Mariana Tareco Mariana Vale Marlon Pereira Matilde Paquete Matil de Pereira Miguel Afonso Miguel Boullosa Miguel Ferreira Miguel Santos Miguel Santos Miriam Silva Pedro Cachochas Pedro Carvalho Pedro Gonçalves Pedro Lopes Pedro Matos Pedro Mendonça Raquel Carrilho Raquel Peixoto Raul Carvalho Ricardo Carvalho Ricardo Patacho Simone Serpa Tomás Leonardo Tiago Martins Tomás Trindade Vladimira Plugaru Weza Pires 11º H

Love stories

Love Stories, by class 8th C Beauty and the Beast Once upon a time, there was an ugly monster and nobody liked him. He lived in a big, lonely castle in the mountains. One day, when he was in the forest, he saw a pretty princess, called Bella, who asked him: - Hi! I’m lost. Can you help me to find my sister’s house? She is little red riding hood… - Hi! Of course! I´m impressed… Nobody had ever talked to me before! Aren´t you afraid of me? - No, you look really nice. - Thanks, but you are very far from your sister´s house, it takes one week to get there. You can stay at my castle. On their way to the castle, they met Mickey, Minnie Mouse and Pluto who were having a picnic. Then, they also saw Snow White, Prince Charming and the seven dwarfs. When they finally arrived to the castle, the monster went to prepare an amazing and romantic dinner for Bella. At dinner, they got to know each other well and they fell in love. Since Bella was in love with the monster, she decided to live with the monster forever and they got married and lived happily ever after.

Beatriz Passeira, Daniela Mendes, Filipa Valente

Just a love story This is a story about a girl and a boy who were enemies, because she thought he was too sure of himself, and he thought she was very stupid. One day, she was crying, because her boyfriend had left her. Then, the boy took care of her, and invited her to eat an ice cream. That was when she understood that he was a cool guy, and they became good friends. Some months later, they started thinking there was something else that made them get closer to each other and they became boyfriend and girlfriend. People didn´t like that they loved each other, but their love kept growing stronger, and in the end they lived very happy ever after.

Alexandra Lucena, Guilherme Pereira, Ricardo Patacho, Mariana Campino

The banana and the donut Once upon a time, a donut was walking in the street when he suddenly saw a banana, and it immediately fell in love. The donut went home and could not help thinking of the banana. The next day, while the banana was searching for a new skin, the donut saw her. Then, the donut got closer and asked the banana if it wanted to be its girlfriend. Two months later, they were married and had a baby. The baby’s name was Banut and they lived together forever.

Gonçalo Bento, Tiago Martins


Love stories

The bread, the butter and the ham They made the pinky promise with their little fingers, and the bread and the butter promised that they would be best friends in secret. … They kept meeting in secret, every day, for two weeks, near the river. They became best friends. But one day, in the evening, the bread and the butter met like they used to do every day, but they didn´t know that they were being chased by the ham. While they were talking, the ham appeared from behind a tree and screamed: - ‘I KNOW IT! I have been chasing you for one week, and now I have a proof to show to the king of my kingdom.’ The ham was holding a camera in one of its hand, and added: - ‘I have recorded everything, and now, I’m going to show it to everyone!’, the ham laughed with an evil look, and started running while it was holding the camera, but then the ham fell into the river. - ‘Please! Please, help me!’, the ham screamed. The butter and the bread saved the ham. The ham was so grateful, that he didn´t tell anyone about the bread&butter friendship, and the butter and the bread forgave the ham. … Until today, those 3 creatures (the butter, the bread and the ham) keep being best friends… And they live happily!!!

Once upon a time, there was a little ham that lived in a lovely bakery. In the same bakery lived a sweet bread and a butter that was a bit plump. They hated each other, but they had to see each other every single day. They had a bad relationship, just because their kingdoms started the worst war ever, so that meant they had to hate each other, even if they didn´t know each other.… But one day, the butter found the bread crying, he was worried, so, even though it wasn´t allowed, he approached and asked: - ‘Hey, what’s wrong with you?’, the butter asked. And the bread answered, ‘I just hate this war! I just want us all to be friends!’ - ‘Me too…’- said the butter, a little sad. They remained in silence for some time. -‘ You´re pretty nice, actually.’, said the bread. - ‘You too! Do you want to be my friend?’, asked the butter. - ‘I really want, but… it isn´t allowed…’, said the bread. - ‘I know, but if you want, we will be friends secretly. Nobody will know, so…’, said the butter. - ‘ Nobody can be angry with us!’, the bread added and he looked happy. - ‘Yeap! So… Friends?!’, the butter asked excitedly. - ‘Secret friends.’, the bread added and smiled.

Camila Cruz, Miguel Santos, Weza Pires

The orange and the lemon This is the story of an unexpected love between an orange and a lemon that met by the hand of an old Canadian lady. It was a very sunny day at the backyard where several oranges lived. Suddenly, a hand appeared and caught all the oranges in the backyard. Miss Orange and her friends were taken to a distribution center. In the meantime, Mr. Lemon was very sad, because no one liked him. He was all alone in his lemon tree, and there weren’t any other trees around. A few days went by. One day, the old lady’s grandson caught the lemon, which had fallen, to the ground, and took it to his grandmother’s house. The following day, the old lady, who needed some fruit, as she only had her grandson’s lemon, went to the supermarket and saw the orange. She thought it looked so great that she took it home. When the old lady put the orange in the fruit bowl, Mr. Lemon and Miss Orange looked at each other’s eyes and immediately… fell in love! Pedro Santos


Love stories

The love triangle This is a story about this love triangle: Beyoncé, Barack Obama and Donald Trump. It all started when Barack Obama finished his marriage with Michele Obama and met Beyoncé in a nightclub. The friend of Obama, Donald Trump, found out that he was gay. A few months later, Beyoncé proposed to Obama and he said ‘yes’. Trump got very disappointed and frustrated, because he had a crush on Obama. In church, it was all going very well until Donald Trump arrived and said: -‘This is not happening! I want Barack Obama! Obama, I love you.’ Barack began to love Trump and forgot Beyoncé. The marriage ended with a concert of Maria Leal.

André Simplício, João Conde, Mariana Tareco

Best friends On a rainy day, Sofia got a sad news: her father had to leave and work for a year in another country. Sofia was very sad because she was alone with her mother. But her dad made her a surprise, he offered her a puppy to keep her company. When her father returned, the dog was already big, and he was Sofia's best friend. Sofia is very happy now, she has her father and her best friend, too.

Simone Serpa

The unexpected love between a horse and an ant Once upon a time, at Mr. Joaquim’s farm, there were a horse and an ant.

Unexpectedly, when Amy, the ant, was trying to find some food, the horse decided to pee. Then, the ant argued with him, because the horse was contaminating its food. The horse finally agreed to help Amy. They immediately felt a “connection”. While they were trying to know each other better, the horse and the ant went for a walk together: the ant was on top of the horse, because he was much bigger than her. After that meeting, they made love and created a new species, the “FORMIHORSE”. The horse, the ant and the formihorse lived happily forever.

Francisca Coelho, Miguel Afonso, Pedro Carvalho

The banana and the donut Once upon a time, a donut was walking in the street when he suddenly saw a banana, and it immediately fell in love. The donut went home and could not help thinking of the banana. The next day, while the banana was searching for a new skin, the donut saw her. Then, the donut got closer and asked the banana if it wanted to be its girlfriend. Two months later, they were married and had a baby. The baby’s name was Banut and they lived together forever.

Gonçalo Bento, Tiago Martins


8th D Stories

THE 8TH D STORIES The magic book There once was a girl named Thalia who loved reading. She was sixteen at the time, and she was studying Literature at Oxford University. One day, while she was reading, she started to feel dizzy and she fainted. When she woke up, the book opened a magic portal which was inviting her to come in. She went through the portal, and as she did that, she also entered the story that she was reading, which was Romeo and Juliet. Thalia played an important part in the story and she actually acted very well. It was an amazing experience! Then, she came back to reality, specifically her room. One night, she felt like days had passed since the last time she had been there. The girl was so confused that she went straight to bed. In the next morning, Thalia was doing her exam about Romeo and Juliet and she was worried, because she found it very easy compared to her colleagues. Later on, when she received her exam result, and she couldn't believe her luck: she got 100%. Nowadays, she is still confused about all that, but she must thank the magic portal and the book... Who says books aren't helpful? Afonso Salazar, Andreia Peixoto, Beatriz Crispim

The Story of the Kid and the Dog This is the story of a kid, whose mother gave him a dog. The dog didn’t have one of his legs.

The kid liked videogames very much, and he didn’t pay attention to the dog, but the dog loved him the same way. One day, while he was going for a walk, he had an accident and went to the hospital. His father and mother went to the hospital to see him, but the dog hid in the car. When they arrived at the hospital, the dog ran to the kid and they were both really happy to meet again.

Gonçalo Carrega, Gonçalo Oliveira, Mariana Vale

Oh, dear Doc! One day, I was at the hospital, and while I was watching TV, I saw a nurse crying. I went near her and asked her what had happened. She looked at me and told me the story of her day. ‘I arrived at the hospital, and supposedly it was going to be a normal day, until I saw the super sexy doctor Jorge. I wanted to impress him and the only way to do it was to show him my reanimation skills. Then, all of a sudden, I saw an unconscious patient and I had to do it, in front of the mega sexy doctor Jorge. I tried to reanimate the patient, but she didn`t open her eyes. Then, out of the blue, I just heard the super mega sexy doctor Jorge saying: She is dead! When I heard him, I could only but run away. And this was the end.’

Ana Beatriz, Carolina Furtado, João Brighton Silva, Vladimira Plugaru


8th D Stories

Once upon a time‌ a story for the audience/reader to complete Once upon a time, there was a boy called ( 1 ). He had this dream of becoming a(n) ( A- policeman; B- fireman; C -Astronaut). He decided that he had to move to a big city in order to conquer his dream, so he moved to ( A-Rome; BChicago; C-Beijing). He met a very enthusiastic person named ‌ A- Mario, who owned a pizzeria and they became friends. B- Michael, who worked at the Chicago P.D and they became friends. C- Wangnomijo, who was a traditional Chinese chef and they became friends. A- ( 1 ) started to work in Mario’s pizzeria and MaMa mia they sure worked well together. At first, he wanted to be a policeman, but he realized that he loved cooking with Mario so he stayed. B- ( 1 ) and Michael worked together at the Chicago P.D for many years and they were both happy. C- ( 1 ) and Wangnomijo started to worked together. A year later Wangnomijo said to ( 1 ): - You remind me of Young Me who used to work here. - Oh, thank you so much. - No, I said Yung Mi, but he got fired. ( 1 ) realized he loved cooking more than anything and stayed with Wangnomijo and lived happily. One day, he met a beautiful girl and they became friends, actually more than friends. - Will you marry me?, he asked. - No!, she replied. David Rodrigues, Francisco Moura, Madalena Feio, Miguel Santos

The girl and the gipsy Once upon a time, a girl decided to walk through the forest. That was when she saw a gipsy boy.

The girl was very curious about him. So, she started talking to him. Then, he asked her what she was doing there. She said she was very worried about him, and she wanted to give him money for him to survive. He thanked her for her action. And that was when they started to feel something else for each other. Today, they are married and very happy. The gipsy won a new life and the girl won a new love.

Mariana Santos, Raquel Peixoto

The dreamer Once upon a time, there was a boy who spent his time watching the birds. Everyday, he looked at them and questioned himself if he could fly like them. So, he dreamt that one day he would make a flying machine. He loved Physics, and ten years later, at school, he believed that he would make a flying machine with what he had learned in his lessons. Some years later, he graduated and he finally did it. He had finally made his dream come true. Pedro Matos


8th D Stories

The Scouts’ Weekend This is a story about a Scouts’ weekend.

On a full moon night, all the scouts were together around the fire pit. Among them were Marcus, Jessie and Monica. Marcus, Jessie and Monica lived in Lisbon and they used to spend their weekends at a Scouts’ camp. They loved to play pranks to each other and have fun with all their friends, especially Marcus, who had a terrible black humour. Shortly before coming back home, as they were returning to their tents from a walk in the forest, they heard a scary noise coming from the wood. One of them, went to try and find out where that noise was coming from, while the others were waiting for him. The clock pointers kept ticking, and there was no news about Marcus, who was taking too long in the wood. But suddenly, Monica and Jessie heard a strong scream from his friend. As soon as they heard that scream, they immediately started running to the wood to find him. As they arrived there, they saw Marcus running away from a completely mad and fool man. They grabbed stones and wooden sticks, and started to fight. They won the fight, but his friend had run away so fast, that he had disappeared. They went back to their tents feeling tired and confused with all the things that had happened and did not suspect of Marcus’s behaviour. When they arrived to their tents to get some rest, their friends were all there staring at them and laughing at all that story. Marcus had played a prank to scare his best friends Jessie and Monica. The girls did not like it, and asked a lot of questions about who that fool was, and Marcus told the girls, that the fool was the Scouts’ Instructor, who was wearing a mask. The girls accepted Marcus’s apologies, and everything ended well. It had been an unforgettable Scouts’ Weekend for Marcus, Jessie and Monica. João Canteiro, Inês Grácio, Beatriz Madeira, João Silva

The Life of Evan Evan McGreggor was a 21-year-old man, he was Australian and lived in Sidney. His apartment was on the 18th

floor and it was very big. He had financial issues though. The day was 3.5.2017. While he was walking down the street, he heard a man calling him from the back of a dark alley. When he entered the alley, he saw a creepy old man with a greyish beard.I heard you have some financial problems. I wonder if I can help you out… Who told you that? – Evan replied. It doesn’t matter! Here’s what you must do: go to the Sidney Cemetery, and then ask Old Man Jones where THE grave is and unearth the money. When Evan arrived at the cemetery, an elderly man was waiting for him near a grave. Are you Old Man Jones? – he asked. Indeed. I’m looking for THE grave. Oh, yes, THE grave, is right over there. Evan went up to THE grave and swept the dust off it. Rest in Peace (R.I.P.), Evan McGreggor… 1996-2017 - He read. He unearthed the coffin and opened it, realizing it was full of money. Evan lived a happy life until 10.23.2017 when he died in a car accident.

Miguel Ferreira, Pedro Gonçalves


The power of imagination

THE POWER OF IMAGINATION, by the 8th E students A different kind of ‘movie’ One day, 4 friends, Julio, Mara, Helena and Alex planned to go to the cinema to watch “La La Land” and eat at

the shpping center. They met at 7 pm, and ate at McDonald’s. After dinner, they went to the movie theater. Everything was fine, but in the middle of the movie there was a robbery. Everyone there was scared except them. Julio and Helena distracted two of the robbers and Mara and Alex kicked the third one in the guts. But when the oder one saw it, he shot Alex on his shoulder. Alex started screaming. When the other robbers heard him, they ran away. Now, there were one robber who was unconcious and three left standing, but one of them had a gun. The four friends were stil standing. However, Alex was almost down because of the unbearable pain. Then, Mara received the information that someone had called the cops, and she warned Julio and Helena. The pollice were on their way, but that was when the robber who had the gun shot Helena on the leg. Mara and Julio panicked. The shopping center was empty. Finally, the pollice came there. The robbers tried to find an escape, but they forgot that Mara and Julio were still there, so they had a problem to solve. The robbers could not find an escape. So, one of them used Julio as a hostage. It was at that moment, that Alex stood up and shot the other two robbers with the gun that he had taken from the robber who was unconcious. The cops entered the movie theater and arrested the robbers and everything ended up fine. Alex and Helena started dating and Julio and Mara … well, nobody knows where they are or what they are doing. Some people say they are in London, some people say they are working for the Chicago pollice, but no one really knows where they are ….. Well, this is the end !!!! Joana Carvalho, Margarida Henriques, Raul Carvalho, Tomás Trindade

The Magic Turkey I

got a magic lamp for my birthday, like the one of Aladdin. One night, I rubbed the lamp and a magic turkey appeared. He said with his big neck: - Glu, glu, glu what do you want for yourself? - I want a t-shirt from the brand new store Pesadão Life Style!- I said amazed. - Glu, glu, glu, there you have it. Now, you have two more wishes. - Soooo... I want to be a bodybuilder and have large and strong muscles like Bambam. - Glu, glu, glu, and…? - My final wish is to be the richest man in the world. - Glu, glu, glu, ok. On the next day, when I woke up, I was using my Pesadão t-shirt, I had lots of muscles, but I wasn't feeling anything different for being the richest man in the world. I left home and for my surprise I was alone. I couldn't see anybody just some homeless in a street near my home and then I realised... I was the richest man in the world.

Henrique Sousa, Pedro Mendonça, José Oliveira

Strange happenings I walked into my house and everything was completely different – furniture, décor, all had changed. I searched

my house. All my money was gone. I went to the police and they told me that it was going to take some time, until they found the thief. I stayed at a hotel, because the police was searching for evidence at my apartment, and two days later, when I finally managed to go back to my apartment, the law agents told me that my money was under my television set, and that nothing was missing. After hearing that, I was very surprised, curious and relieved. A few days later, a policeman came to my house and told me that some kids had vandalized my furniture. After counting my money, I found out that some of it was missing. I asked the kids that had vandalized my place about it, but they said they didn´t know anything about it. Until today, I still don´t know where my money is. And I may never know what really happened.

Carlos S. Pedro, Francisco Ribeiro, Pedro Cachochas, Ricardo Carvalho


The power of imagination

The Dragon's Pajama Party He turned the key in the lock and opened the door. To his horror, he saw a ghost, a fairy and a monster having a tea party. He screamed and said: - I can't believe my eyes!! How'd you get here?? - Well, it's a long story... - said the fairy. - I have time... - So, we wanted to go to the dragon's party, but our unicorns ran out of magic dust. Because of that, the fairy, who found us on the way there, gave us a ride here. - said the ghost. - OK, makes sense! So, do you want a ride to the next stop? - Sure! - OK, let´s go, then! So, there they went and had a lot of fun at a dragon's pajama party. Beatriz Sobralinho, Maria Encarnação, Inês Romão, Matilde Paquete

My own magic lamp I got a magic lamp for my birthday, like the one of Aladdin. One night, I rubbed the lamp, and a little fairy appeared. I just couldn´t believe it! Then, the fairy said to me: - Hi, little girl! What´s your name? - Catherine, and you are… - Oriane. Nice to meet you! I´m here to concede you three wishes! What do you want, Catherine? I thought about it for a little while, but I had no idea. - I want to be happy with someone…- that was the first wish. - OK. What else? - And… I want to be healthy, too. - So… You have one wish left! I didn´t know what to say… I didn´t want to be selfish and make another wish for myself. So, I realized that the happiness of my family was more important than our own. - I want my family to be happy! - OK, your wishes are going to come true! - Oh, thank you so much! Today, I have a great family and I´m a happy person, with love and health! And I´m very thankful to the fairy Oriane!

Carolina Carranca, Maria Inês Machado, Miriam Silva, Raquel Carrilho

The wave He was digging in his garden when he found a bunker. He got in and he saw it was completely empty. He was so

disappointed that he went home. He went to the living room, turned on the TV set and saw that there was a tsunami alert. He ran to get everything he could find that would help him survive and went to the bunker he had found earlier. Some time passed until he found a secret button in the wall, and when he clicked it, a small hatch opened from the floor and from it rose a pillar with a small red button. He clicked it and then noticed that the sound of the alarms was gone. He went outside and saw a giant wave completely still. After a moment looking at that completely amazing and impossible view, he started running to his car, and, like everyone else, he drove to the mountains and watched the wave as it slowly continued falling.

Marlon Pereira, Pedro Lopes, Matilde Pereira


The power of imagination

The Memes City The little girl was playing in the garden. She walked through the bushes and entered another dimension. Suddenly, she realized that she wasn't in the garden where she was playing at anymore. All she could see was a city with some people, but they were not ordinary people. They were acting strangely, as if they were crazy. She started to walk in the streets. She was very scared. Without knowing what to do, she started to cry in the middle of the street. An old man, with old and poor clothes and wearing no shoes, saw the girl crying and went in her direction. He got closer and asked her what was going on . She said that she didn't know where she was. The man, a little worried about the situation, asked her how she had got there. The girl told him what had happened, and the man took her quickly from the middle of the street, because he realized that she wasn't one of them; that she wasn't a meme!. She wasn't supposed to be there. She asked him why he had done that. Very scared said, the old man said where they were: it was the Meme's City and humans, who were of course no memes, couldn't be there. He also said that memes had a certificate with their names and their picture, and why they were memes. He also said that, at night, the Meme's Police went to check all around the city for the certificates of each meme and those who didn't have one, or who did have it, but didn't match with the people who had it, were going to jail! The girl already knew what was a meme, because she had seen some videos on Youtube at home of the persons that she admired and who had become memes for things that they had done. She asked him how she could get out of there. He said that the only way to do it was to lie down on a magic bed, but that magic bed, called "The bed", was on the other side of the city and it took a whole day’s walk to get there. So, they started to walk as soon as they could to get there as soon as possible. While they were walking, the little girl was watching the memes. She noticed a guy who was selling "Pesadão Life Style" t-shits, screaming "Pesadããããão, Pesadããããão" to sell his t-shirts easliy and fast. She noticed a very big guy too, who was doing push-ups that was always screaming "Rrraaawww , aqui é bodybuilder" or "Birlll, mais uma". She laughed a lot with the 11

things that they were doing and the old man was smiling, too, because of her laughter. They weren't just watching the memes, they were talking to each other, too. With their conversations, they got to know each other better, like their lives, their thoughts, their names and all that stuff. The old man got to know her name, that was Quitada, and Quitada got to know his name too, that was Digo. Night came. The Meme's Police were coming, so, Digo had to hide Quitada in a safe place, where the Meme's Police couldn't find her. The Meme's Police arrived and asked Digo for his certificate. It was all going right, when the dog of the Meme's Police started to bark. Digo, very scared, didn't know what to say and suddenly, without thinking, Digo said that it was his smell, because he hadn't taken a shower for about a week. The Meme's Police asked if he was sure about that. He said he was, and they believed his word, so, they left. Digo and Quitada were safe, so, Quitada left her hiding place and they continued their journey to get to "The bed". Finally, they arrived to the place where "The bed" was, but they noticed that Quitada would need a certificate to lie down on " The bed". Quitada began to cry, because she hadn't no certificate, but Digo had an idea. He gave her his clothes and his certificate for Quitada to come back home. Quitada refused, because she knew that Digo would be arrested and Digo knew that too. Digo insisted and Quitada finally accepted it, but she was very worried and sad about Digo's future. Quitada showed the certificate to the Guardian of "The bed" (called Rebelão Parceiro) and right before she lied on the bed, she said to Digo with a smile: - Bye, my only friend... And she lied on the bed. Suddenly, she opened her eyes. She was on her bed. It had all been a dream. She could not believe it. It had all seemed so real to her. She started to cry, because she realized that Digo had never existed, that Digo was all in her head, that the only friend that she had was nothing more, nothing less than her own imagination, and Digo, who lived in the Meme's City. Gustavo Sousa, João Nanni e Tomás Leonardo

Sintra 2017

No nosso ponto de vista, a visita de estudo a Sintra, no dia 8 de maio, organizada pelos professores de Português, para cinco turmas do 11.º ano, foi menos interessante da parte da manhã, porque o roteiro queirosiano se tornou repetitivo, em relação à leitura e estudo da obra, feita nas aulas, com alguns pormenores desnecessários e um resumo cansativo feito por uma guia pouco cativante. No entanto, a parte da tarde, com a visita guiada ao deslumbrante Palácio de Monserrate, outrora casa de férias da família Thomas Cook, parque e jardins com espécies exóticas, revelou-se muito mais aprazível e enriquecedora. Apreciámos a construção arquitetónica, os espaços interiores com vários estilos (árabe, neo-gótico e indiano), embora com alguma falta de mobiliário. Gostamos especialmente dos jardins, com vegetação rara, fontes, lagos e jardins de gosto romântico. O percurso pedestre revelou-se um pouco cansativo, dado o movimento e o número de turistas existentes no centro histórico. Para concluir, consideramos que este tipo de visitas contribuem imenso para aprofundar conhecimentos, mas também para melhorar as relações professores-alunos. 11ºH


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