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SUMMARY Young people under 25 make up half the global population. Despite this burgeoning demographic, too often young people are excluded from decision-making and their voices go unheard. We are developing a Big Idea to address this problem by creating an effective mechanism for young people to engage constructively with their political leaders and additional key stakeholders. Through this process, young people will make a stand out contribution to social accountability at a local, national and ultimately global level. Policy-makers are calling for a global data revolution. We want to harness the potential of young people to access existing data about the issues that are most important to them such as education, health or employment, mobilise others and use it to drive progress against local and national development priorities. We’ll also support them to critically analyse the data and sense-check it against the realities they find in their own communities. We will then support young people to take their evidence to local, national and global platforms, and to work with the big influencers and champions to hold both local and national decision-makers accountable to their commitments and advocate for the changes they want to see.


Provide structured learning for civil society stakeholders on big data landscape, the dynamics of the open data movement and most effective means to engage young people in open development.

2 Proving it works: Demonstrate how data - in the hands of technical, talented and driven young people, backed up by research and enquiry - can make a stand-out contribution to accountability mechanisms and lead to specific positive changes in policy and decision-making.

3 Build Collaboration: Bring experts from different specialist sectors together (e.g. youth, open data, big data, participatory researchers, decision-makers) to test a dynamic model of partnership.


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Project design and set-up (September 2013 - May 2014)

Phase 2

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Phase 3

Project analysis and evaluation (January 2015 - June 2015)

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