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Every minute is precious when you're young. Share your lunchtime with a friend, learn a new topic together, explore science, have fun with maths or be artistic together with share a lunch box. Every box contains a balanced nutritional meal and provides one of your five a day, is packed with vitamins and energy. Share a lunch box is a great way to ensure your child not only enjoys their lunch but also provides an opportunity for them to learn at the same time too through games and social interaction with other children. Our range provides learning opportunities for:

Each lunchbox links the food in it to the learning topic; French cheese for our French topics, counting calories for maths, learn about proteins, carbohydrates and fats with our science share a lunch box or explore the countries where our food comes from with our geography meal. Collect the range of players in our games, Scientific Sally,Geographic George, Maths Malcom, Annita Art, Erkia English, Historical Henry, French Francois, and not forgetting of course Musical Matthew. Children can swap and share characters while they collect the full set. Each share a lunch box folds out to provide a great games board; when you're finished with it then its fully recyclable and guess what, there's a carbon counter to help children learn about the impact of recycling!

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